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  1. NL 1K: Top set 400x
  2. NL 2000,200x!
  3. spot nl500 FR
  4. NL400 - QTs hits flush turn vs calling station, action on sick river?
  5. NL2k HU: AA 230x in trouble
  6. NL600 flopped 2pair bad turn
  7. NL400 c/r BD FD on flop e TP al turn
  8. NL400 OP vs aggrodonk on scary turn
  9. Monster draw on turn
  10. 1-2 , trip sul turn
  11. nl200 ,bottomset flop vs c/r reg,not happy about my line
  12. NL 200 AA set to flop on scary board
  13. NL 1k :4betted pot 3way deep OOP
  14. Nl1000: 99 facing 4 bet
  15. $2/$4 Full Tilt 9Max...Cooler???
  16. tris al flop vs in four way
  17. NL200 150x OP action on the Turn
  18. 2nd NutFlush 230x on river paired board
  19. [Railing]Learn from the best 1/2 2/4 3/6 6max
  20. NL200 - 2p su board drawy, river decision
  21. NL200 - 2p su board drawy, river decision (lol)
  22. 1-2 A10 sb
  23. A9 sul button contro miniraise
  24. 1-2 blind war
  25. 1-2 JJ utg+1
  26. High stakes gambler che frigge le frittelle al mc
  27. nl 200 JJ strong action preflop
  28. 1-2 6 max, 120x
  29. tavolo 10-20 6max
  30. Nl400 Gutter + over spew line?
  31. Cash Live 5-5 Estrarre il massimo valore
  32. NL 200 - Bottom set su drawy board
  33. NL600 trips vs donkbet turn deep
  34. Cash 5-5 Live. Turn problem
  35. NL200 TT very sick spot
  36. NL400 150x bottom set on flop, scary turn
  37. Nl200 Push blank river
  38. NL1000 - rivered TPTK in multiway pot facing crai
  39. NL600 small pp vs reg on dry board
  40. NL2k 185x range di push
  41. Nl400 Aks su board con A vs oppo con history
  42. NL400 3betted pot 3way
  43. NL1k Call a push con A high 150x
  44. NL1000 150x QQ sick 4bet-size di Villain
  45. NL600 2P su flop iperdrawy
  46. [cash 6max] 25/50$ 3bet from btn
  47. nl1K - missed draw in limped pot, river action
  48. NL400 - 3rd nut flush facing sick river, is it time to bluffcatch?
  49. NL4K: TPTK+NFD 3way pot, action turn
  50. [HU]NL600-99 3bettato
  51. [HU]NL600- QQ 3bettato drawy board
  52. [PAD] Che cacchio...???
  53. NL400 - JJ oop preflop vs. OR ultrapassive + flatter
  54. NL1000 HU call/push decision
  55. 5/10, KK preflop deep
  56. nl2K river decision call o push?
  57. Nl400 possibile foldare?
  58. NL2000: action on flop + turn
  59. NL2K: TT in 3bet pot deep soulread river?
  60. NL LIVE 5/10 deception..ma troppi rischi?
  61. 5/10 FT spot singolare
  62. NL600 - JJ deep 200x in 3betted vs. aggrodonk
  63. NL400 - QQ 200x deep
  64. 2+2 top 2 paire 3 barrel?
  65. sick spot cash live
  66. NL400 - turn decision w/ JJ 180x deep
  67. NL300 KK pre
  68. NL 2/4 LIVE - TPGK vs BTN e BB
  69. 5/10 bottom set 370bb's deep super sick spot
  70. nl1k top set in 3bet pot sick turn
  71. NL8k full tilt - sick hand deep 420x in blinds' war
  72. NL600 - straight non nuts vs. retard, river decision
  73. alexb's spot 600 qq in 3b
  74. Live 1-2-4 middle set 4 way pot lol
  75. nl2k
  76. NL1k fr 250x middle set on 3betted pot on turn and strong action
  77. E' questo un facile Fold???
  78. NL400 - River decision in limpato with 3rd nut.
  79. NL1k spot interessante, quale scelta +EV?
  80. NL400 150x
  81. domanda superniubbo di playmony
  82. nl2k
  83. NL400: Analisi EV di un bluff
  84. NL400 - QQ opinione linea generale! (We Want You!)
  85. NL200 monsterdraw vs raise e push
  86. NL 400. Decisione al river (parere di esperti plz)
  87. [NL8k] Decisione sulla river bet di oppo
  88. Tt nl200
  89. nl200 fr rush set al flop ip action donkbet e raise
  90. Nl400 33
  91. NL200 JJ vs SQZ
  92. TPTK vs limp/call di reg
  93. NL200 - QQ vs push pre 174x effettivi
  94. Nl200 - 2Pair vs bet + 1 call river
  95. 1-2 cash live Flop flushdraw con overpair
  96. Nl400 qq
  97. NL 200 TP2pair on draw board
  98. NL200 JJ 3way strong action
  99. Nl 60k with Ante(tv show):Justin Smith vs Ivey river Spot
  100. NL200 - JJ sick river
  101. NL 400 - Trips river vs overbet
  102. NL 200 QJs
  103. cash game live 2/5 AA action su turn scared
  104. NL 600 bottom set on scary board
  105. NL 400 dubbio linea AKs vs back 4B di SB 180x
  106. NL200 44 settato flop monocolore
  107. NL 600 HU Cash
  108. nl 400 call 3bet oop
  109. NL400 OP su paired board in un raisato
  110. nl 5/10 live 300x potcontrol o raise?
  111. NL400 Random player flat 2 streets - trips OOP River decision
  112. nl 1000 bottom set flop
  113. NL400 - 185x - Kings on bad board - river play
  114. NLH400 7handed Plan Turn+River
  115. NL600-AQ 3bettato
  116. nl600 TPGK in war blind vs aggro fish
  117. NL400 3handed AK OOP TPTK 3bettato
  118. [Live cash game] 1000 BB pot vs maniac
  119. Dubbio cheating al 3/6
  120. NL400 6handed ultradeep vs LAG JJ IP River Decision
  121. nl2000 300x vs solid reg
  122. NL 400 trips vs ck push river bluffcatcher?
  123. PLHE400 7handed River Decision
  124. Nl600 river decicsion BvB 3betted pot
  125. nl1000 AK oop vs skilled reg 150X
  126. nl600 - flush on paired board BvB 160x deep
  127. NL600 set vs pushriver 150x
  128. NL400 6handed Wheel Straight on the river, quale valuebet
  129. nl 600 bvb X300
  130. NL600 100x 4bet to squeeze
  131. nl600 fd missed
  132. PLHE400 HU Live Nut quale valuebet sul river?
  133. NL400 KQo vs donkbet flop
  134. [ HSP] NL80K - Str8 vs sick river
  135. Nl400 hu QQ vs reg
  136. nl600 flat 3bet ip decisione al turn
  137. nl600 set flop river decision 350x
  138. nl600 river decision vs aggro reg
  139. NL600 6handed overpair+3rdNFD 3way, Turn decision
  140. nl600 full turn and overbet river
  141. NL600 - KK BTN vs BB 200x deep
  142. NL600 HU AA su paired board
  143. nl600 hu turn/river decision vs reg
  144. nl600 trips in 3betted vs strong action 175x
  145. (from 2p2) nl600 - spew bet/call on the river with 1 pair ?
  146. nl600 nut flush draw e gutshot
  147. NL600 HU Nut Flop vs. Maniac commento linea.
  148. nl600 QQ vs reg ipertight
  149. NL600 6handed Missed Draw River Decision
  150. 25/50 live dubbi su action postflop
  151. nlk1 trips flop river decision vs reg in 3betted pot
  152. NL600 T2P OOP on strong action on flop and ..... scary turn
  153. NL400 deep LIVE con ante - TT vs strong action sul river
  154. NL600 6max Superdeep T2P Turn Decision
  155. 5-10, AA in 5bet pot, 400x
  156. NL600 HU 2pair sick sick sick river decision / NL600 HU paired board River decision
  157. nl 600 ak vs raise flop
  158. [NL1000] HU, top player VS unknow
  159. 500nl, set in 3betted 170bb deep
  160. NL 400 2Pair in 3bettato vs mini c/r di fish
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  163. NL600 3handed Monster Draw Turn vs c/r nitty
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  165. NL1k 2P on c/push river villain 70x
  166. ***Official Ongame regs thread***
  167. nl400 c/r flop with bottom pair on drawy board, 2nd barrel turn, river decision
  168. nl1k top pair no kiker + mano diciamo strana 100x set
  169. NL600:Vbet tptk on 5th street
  170. NL400 TV Show Marculet vs. Pastura Full vs. Full
  171. lol fold al river?
  172. NL1k , Blind WAR VS Reg (djackmpkr)
  173. NL600 HU raisato OOP 3barrell bluffcatching
  174. 4Bettato oop contro oppo tricky, pair+fd al turn
  175. AA vs fish 170x, "strana" action al flop
  176. NL400: QQ against raise BvB on flop rb
  177. Non showdown winnings
  178. NL400 - AA River Decision
  179. NL 400 - 2Pair su Flop drawy
  180. nl400 KJ oop contro semisconosciuto
  181. NL 400 AK vs sconosciuto
  182. NL600 Flush 150x vs strong action turn
  183. NL400 ci stava oppure ho spewato?
  184. NL500 set pescato su turn scary vs regtard 160x
  185. NL400: Qual è il bottom range di call qui?
  186. utilizzo HH converter
  187. NL400 - river oop vs 3rd barrel
  188. NL2K - top pair in 3bettato vs fish
  189. nl400 TPTK AK 3bettato vs reg
  190. NL400 Live, set su drawy 150x, action turn&river
  191. NL400 250x TPGK Vs superaggrofish
  192. NL400:light 3bet spot CO vs BTN on Kc6c4s
  193. nl400 poker in 3way 60x
  194. NL400 150x push river
  195. NL400 6max 3B pot IP, river bluff
  196. AQ nlk1 vs raise turn and bet river di reg
  197. NL400 KJs combodraw raised turn oop vs fish
  198. NL1k 4bettato 170x vs reg, river decision
  199. NL400 6handed pair turned in bluff river commenti linea
  200. TP in 3handed river decision
  201. 5/10 live 250x c-bet o delayed c-bet in 3bettato?
  202. live 5/10 200x squeeze vs resqueeze?
  203. NL3k live flush 140x (teorici)
  204. NL500 Live - Set al Turn..giusto andare rotti 250x?
  205. [live] 2-5 foldare quads
  206. [nl400 ps.it] BVB ip vs Somfranz, overbet river
  207. NL600 6max JJ IP in 3betted pot 200x
  208. [NL100 HU] Push al flop è brutto?
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  210. Nl1k check-call 3 street con nut straight??
  211. [2+2]NL1k - 250bb deep with AA
  212. nl500 live 9max - 2 mani in casino USA
  213. nl1000 live 170x flop con small pair e flush draw
  214. nl1000 live 150x trips su limped pot
  215. live 5/10 300x aks oop board paired
  216. NL1000 Live 150x - set sul river su board wet
  217. NL1000 Live 80x - TP contro oppo LAG
  218. [NL400] AJ raised oop, steal pot vs reg
  219. NL400 flop + turn line
  220. [NL400] T2P in 3bettet oop YEAH ...but turn is...a thriller !!
  221. NL400 OP vs action atipica Turn decision
  222. [NL400 People] 77 in 3bettato
  223. [nl400] spot 230x
  224. Nl600 QQ 200x, fold preflop?
  225. oesd +2oc in 3way
  226. [NL500] 4betted pot , scary turn vs strong action from fish
  227. [NL400 People] AJo 4bettato pre 190x
  228. interessante calldown BU vs SB
  229. NL400 oppi che callano 4bet..
  230. NL600 donk bluff monotone squeeze
  231. NL600 A3s FD vs fish
  232. NL400 3bet pot overbet river and hero call
  233. Nlh400 3betted c\'ush river
  234. 380x HU bottom 2 inpos nel 3bettato, linea?
  235. AA vs set al river
  236. aa 3bettato 3way wet
  237. Nl1k AA 3bettato bel turn obv
  238. NL600 3bet KT board Q high bet 3 street bluff
  239. NL400 AA in 3bet pot vs donk push monotone K high
  240. NL1k 3bet A3s IP FD flop vs donkpush
  241. NL600 AToff opne utg vs baby paired 3 street bluff
  242. NL600 KQ vs board monotone con FD K high
  243. Live 2/4 Deep Nuts al turn
  244. [NL400] OESD ip in 3betted vs OR
  245. [NL400] TT in 3betted oop with baby wet board
  246. [NL400] Q high vs c/r on flop wet
  247. Nl 5/10 live 130x top two su board drawy
  248. 220x, nutz on river facing bet, raise size?
  249. NL200 6max 250x Trips IP, sick river action
  250. Nl 200 live deep - pareri su spot