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22-05-2008, 14:27
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Dear Players,

After listening to feedback from players, and monitoring the development of software, PokerStars has decided to prohibit the use of ICM Calculators during play.

We believe that this is the best decision to make, as part of on our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards of game integrity.

Previously, our policy permitted the use of ICM calculators during play. We have changed our policy on this issue because the facts have changed. Increasingly, ICM calculators are able to automate many judgments about the correct play with little or no input from the player, and are able to do this faster and more efficiently than ever before.

We do recognize however, that ICM calculators can be valuable learning tools. Consequently, you are welcome to continue to use them to study when you do not have the PokerStars client software open. However, using such a program while PokerStars is running will no longer be permitted.

To implement these rules, we will:

1.In the short-term, educate the community via forums like this and our website, and educate individual players who use ICM tools by emailing them directly

2.After this brief period, issue warnings to players who use ICM tools (which may include temporary suspension of their PokerStars accounts until they acknowledge the warning)

3.Take further action as needed against repeat offenders

This is a significant change in policy. In the spirit of fairness, no player will be penalised for past use of an ICM calculator, and there will be a brief ‘grace’ period for all players who currently use ICM calculators.

Please feel free to email us anytime at support@pokerstars.com if you have any queries about this or anything else.


PokerStars Game Security Team