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06-08-2010, 11:50
Stanno ripartendo i vari campionati di calcio in Europa ed ho pensato di raccogliere in questo 3d alcune preview e/o i trasferimenti riguardanti le varie squadre.
Non avendo nessuna voglia di tradurre il tutto lascio in Inglese.

let's go...

06-08-2010, 11:56
Primo colpo chelsea: preso Ramirez dal benfica per 22mln €.

Non avrà il piedino caldo di ballack ma è un discreto giocatore

Chissà se domenica giocherà contro il manchester united?

06-08-2010, 11:56
Francia Ligue 2 by meatman (Part 1)

Le Mans

Le Mans finished 3rd bottom in ligue 1 last season so were relegated for the first time in quite a few years. Usually, a relegated team will lose a lot of players and undergo a major period of transition during the summer, but Le Mans have definitely remained stable, lost few major players and not been in the transfer market too much. I think this could be a real advantage and this is a side which will believe in themselves to bounce back at the first available attempt. A lot of these players have been used to ligue 1 for many years and I think they’ll have too much for this level. On paper, Le Mans have the strongest squad out of anyone with excellent depth in all areas. Unless things somehow don’t gel properly, then I’d be really surprised if they weren’t in the top 3 come the end of the campaign.

In between the sticks, Didier Ovono is probably the best goalkeeper in ligue 2 with major international experience playing for Gabon. He performed pretty well last season and will be difficult to get past easily. The backline has players like Cerdan, Corchia and Baal, with plenty of other decent back up options. There is a lot of depth here and plenty of quality needed at ligue 2 level. The only worry is that players might be negative following a poor defensive display last season, but this is a completely new campaign so I doubt it.

In midfield, again they have a wealth of options and key man Frederic Thomas will be at the centre of things. They have strong defensive minded players such as Goulon, Narry and Loriot in addition to more creative minds such as Dossevi and Lamah. Le Mans also have big depth here too so are well covered in the event of injuries and suspensions. They seem to have all bases covered and I can see them overpowering a lot of teams this year. Attack is the area where they’ve reinforced most during the summer, trying to replace Anthony Le Tallec. But they’ve mostly only captured young talent from lower ligues, players who are unlikely to be first team regulars, at least initially. They will hope that Helstad, Cisse and Ouali do a good job upfront and score the goals. At ligue 1 level it was a struggle, but now it could be different. I think Le Mans are at their weakest upfront, and they need to buy a quality proven striker who can get them goals. Nevertheless, there is talent here, and its quite possible that some of the younger guys will step up and have a good campaign.

Overall, I really see them wining the ligue, potentially fairly easily. On paper, they definitely have the best defence and midfield in ligue 2, and whilst the attack force isn’t quite as strong, goalscoring shouldn’t be too much of a problem at ligue 2 level. Le Mans have a lot of strength in depth and a big squad. Unless internal problems develop, or they suffer a ‘hangover’ from their relegation, then they should comfortably achieve promotion. I am pretty confident they’ll prove to be the best team this year and deliver the goods.

Key players - Didier Ovono (goalkeeper), Frederic Thomas (midfielder)


Defence 10/10 - best keeper in the ligue, loads of quality and depth, will be very strong.
Midfield 10/10 - plenty of options and it should dominate many teams at this level
Attack 7/10 - could do with adding another proven striker, but has enough goalscoring potential

Overall - 1st Should easily be promoted and probably win the division


Despite promising much potential in the first few months of the season, Nantes pretty much capitulated and only ended up a couple of points clear of the relegation zone last campaign. It was an awful experience for a club that demands much much more, and nothing went right for them. On paper, they had a very good squad at the start of the season, but a range of internal matters and managerial changes contributed towards their downfall. Things can only get better, and I think they can definitely get back to where they belong. They are a big club and once again appear to have a good looking squad with plenty of depth. If they can gel together as a team, show more spirit and togetherness, in addition to fans not being overly expectant, then they might well find themselves right in the promotion mixer come May 2011.

The defence conceded a massive 54 goals last season, the joint worse in the division. Once again, they do look at their weakest in this area although should certainly be stronger than the nightmare of the previous campaign. Wing backs, Jarjat and Mareval have departed along with Tall, maybe a good thing. Nantes have reinforced with left back Damien Tixier, who should be solid, and also Benzerga from Lille who I know nothing about. A key man at the back could also be fellow new man Matheus Vivian from Metz. Hopefully for Nantes’ sake, summer changes in the backline will make it solid. On paper, there is enough quality for it to be tough to break down and there is also decent depth. But this does look like their weakest department and there are question marks.

The midfield could maybe do with one more new addition, just to add real strength in depth, but it looks pretty good at the moment. Ba, Abdoun, Darbion, Vainqueur and Capoue are joined by new signing Bruno Cheyrou, who should go extremely well in ligue 2. This looks like a really formidable midfield with reasonable cover if injuries and suspensions kick in. I can certainly see Nantes dominating quite a lot of teams in the middle of the park this year, there are some good ball winners especially. Upfront, there is potential for many goals to be scored, although perhaps they lack a ‘star’ striker. Nevertheless,, N’Diaye, Beckamenga and Zerka, Les Canaris should be a force going forward. Overall I think Nantes will be a major team this year and should obtain promotion. It looks as though only Le Mans will be able to match their strength and the Bretons should have a great chance of making it back to the top flight.

Key players - Stephane Darbion (left winger), Bruno Cheyrou (central midfielder)


Defence 7/10 - this is their most dodgy area with some question marks, but it should be solid
Midfield 8/10 - strong and will be formidable
Attack 8/10 - maybe they could do with one more quality signing, but goals should still flow

Overall - 2nd Should have too much strength for most teams and obtain promotion


Sedan finished 13th last season, not really what fans wanted, although at times they did play some decent football. This year, again there will be some fairly high expectations but how well they can do remains to be seen. In the last few years, Les Sangliers have been extremely difficult to predict and results varied each week with no reliability. On paper, the squad is good, with especially some strong strength in midfield and attack. But they could do with reinforcing the defence and just generally bringing in a few more players for depth.

It’s the defence that I’m worried about, mostly because there aren’t enough quality options. Goalkeeper, Benoit Costil is alright and fairly agile, but the backline needs some more players. It must be said, Traore, Gharzoul and Baysse are decent, but there aren’t too many others. If Sedan can add to this department then they will be quite solid, but at the moment it looks as though midfielders will be covering spots at the back. Its in the middle of the park when Laundry Chauvin’s men do look pretty strong. The likes of Eudeline, Tiberi, Valdivia and Lemoigne are all proven at this level and there is decent cover should injuries and suspensions kick in. A new signing is Yoann Court from Lyon, a player I know little about. Personally I see this midfield being very competitive this season and it will dominate quite a few teams.

Upfront, they look pretty good too with potentially four quality strikers all scoring plenty of goals. Mokake and Allart both filled their boots last season and you know that new signing Nicolas Fauvergue will hit the back of the net a few times. An interesting one is fellow new signing, Smrekar from Croatia. If he proves to be good, then Sedan will have a very good attack capable of scoring numerous goals this season.

Its important to be able to score in this division and the northerners look in good condition. For this reason, along with having a strong midfield, I have a feeling that they can launch a promotion bid. Yes, they are maybe a few players short in defence, but if they can reinforce before the end of August then they’ll look in good touch. I personally think they’ll be a top 6 team with the ability to launch an attack on the podium positions.

Key players - Jerome Lemoigne (central midfielder), Alexis Allart (striker)


Defence 5/10 - what they have is good, it just needs to be reinforced
Midfield 8/10 - fairly reliable and strong
Attack 9/10 - they should have plenty of goalscoring capability

Overall - 3rd Strong midfield and attack the key giving them a decent chance of promotion

06-08-2010, 11:58
Francia Ligue 2 by meatman (Part 2)

Le Havre

Despite higher aspirations, Le Havre only finished 7th last season, and promotion never materialised. What let them down was a poor away record and a defence which was the 4th worst in the division. As always, fans will hope they can launch a bid for ligue 1 again, but how close they come remains to be seen. They have the foundations of a good squad and some quality in all areas. But I feel they are 3-4 players short of a major promotion bid.

The defence is where most of the changes have taken place during the summer. They have lost the duo of Henin and Gillet to Angers, whilst Kana Biyik has moved up a level with Rennes. As replacements, Mody Traore from Valenciennes should be quite good, whilst there are question marks about Rivierez and Dikamona. There is quality here though, Abasse Ba, Le Marchand and Nestor. Benjamin Genton on loan from Lorient could prove to be an excellent addiiton, but they could do with one more reinforcement. The midfield has lost Jerome Ait Ben Idir to Arles, and his replacement is the experienced Julien Francois. This is possibly Le Havre’s best area with the likes of Mesloub, Bonnet, Fofana, Noro and Alla. Again, I think it would be useful for them to reinforce, maybe just one more right sided player. However, It looks to be fairly formidable and is a strong part of the team for HAC.

Diallo and Jovial will lead the attack force, ands both of these guys are capable of scoring at least 10 goals in a season. The only other main striker is Ryan Mendes de Garcia who failed to net last season. Again, just like in other areas of the squad, they could do with signing some more players. It’s a theme which continues throughout the whole team and who knows, by the end of August they could look formidable. Le Havre have every chance of being a top 6 team and launching a promotion bid, but they need some more quality players to reinforce this ambition.

Key players - Alexandre Bonnet (attacking midfielder), Mamadou Diallo (striker)


Defence 8/10 - had lost players, but should be strong
Midfield 8/10 - looks pretty good with quality players
Attack 5/10 - they have two good strikers, but need more options

Overall - 4th Will be a good team, but maybe lack some depth for promotion


Boulogne’s stay in ligue 1 was very short, lasting just a season and they have immediately returned to the 2nd tier. For sure, they simply weren’t ready for the top flight, the big question is whether or not its done them any good or not. Compared to where the club was a few years ago, things have certainly improved so there are plenty of positives to be taken. As is usual with most relegated teams, plenty of players have left, but what remains of the nucleus doesn’t look too bad, and they should generally hold their own pretty well.

Coach, Laurent Guyot is retained, so there’s at least some continuity at the helm. The first decision he must make is who to install as first choice keeper - Bague, Kone or new man Peron. The defence has lost a number of personal and the only new addition is left wing back, Cedric Fabien from Brest. The likes of Borne, Lecointe, Rabuel and Soumarre will have all gained ligue 1 experience so should be equipped for life in the 2nd tier fairly well. Boulogne could do with adding a couple more defenders for extra strength and back up, but their current backline should be reasonably solid. It will however, have its bad days too facing quality attack forces.

The midfield perhaps lacks many quality solid options, but there is plenty of attacking talent who will be positive and try to create goals. New wingers, Atik and Bessat should be useful and provide decent pace, whilst the likes of , Ducatel and Agouazi are players who I rate quite highly. They will miss the departing defensive midfielder Damien Marque, and apart from Toure and new man Pajot, they haven’t replaced him. Left winger, Alexandre Cuvillier will also be missed. I expect to see Boulogne line up with a creative midfield in most games, as this is their strength in the area. Upfront they only have four main strikers, but all have some potential. Thil and Blayac will score goals, along with Yatabare, and if Daniel Moreira can regain full fitness again, he might be a force too. Goalscoring shouldn’t really be a problem for Boulogne, especially with a midfield which should create chances.

Overall, I think the northerners should have a decent season and there’s every possibility that they could be a top 6 team. Whether or not they’ll have enough to obtain promotion remains to be seen, especially as its often difficult for a relegated team to regain momentum. They could do with reinforcing more in the backline and defensive side of midfield, this will be their weakest area. But in attack there is plenty of potential and I see them scoring a few goals. Their noisy and compact Stade de La Liberation could be an advantage too, often teams struggle against them here and it can be an awkward venue to visit.

Key players - Laurent Agouazi (midfielder), Gregory Thil (striker)


Defence 6/10 - their weakest area, but it should do a reasonable solid job
Midfield 7/10 - good creative strength, but does lack some solid players
Attack 7/10 - there are proven goalscorers here, one more quality addition would make it a very good force.

Overall - 4th The year of experience in ligue 1 will do them good and they'll be a top 6 team


Clermont did very well to finish 6th last season considering the resources they had available. I didn’t expect them to be so strong, but some excellent team spirit, hard work, mixed in with a bit of quality proved to be a key factor. Coach, Michel de Zakarian also did himself many favours and showed his astute tactful mind many times. My opinion of him certainly went up last year, but whether or not they can maintain their position in the top 10 remains to be seen. Defensively they look quite good, but perhaps a lack of depth in other areas might cost them.

The backline has lost Benatia and Madouni, both solid players, but this still looks to be their strongest department. A couple of reinforcements, Esor and Perinelle could be useful, whilst they already have reliable players at the heart of defence. Abdoulaye, Bockhorni, Ekobo, Cellier and Salze have all proven themselves to be good players at this level and there are no problems regarding lack of depth. We know that Clermont will be organised at the back and should be pretty difficult to break down. I think this will be one of the better defences in ligue 2 this season.

The midfield will be good when at full strength but I think there is a general lack of depth. Franck Chaussidiere wasn’t as influential last season compared to normal but I expect he’ll be strong again this season. A couple of new wingers have been brought in, Alessandrini, a supposedly talented left sided player from national side Gueugnon, whilst Nicolas Bayod comes in from Nimes. But they have lost key man from last year, Brahimi who returns back to Rennes after a loan spell. Eugene Ekobo often plays in the midfield as a defensive minded player but I personally think Clermont could do with adding some more guys in this area. Nevertheless, when at full strength it’ll be fairly good. The same can be said about the attack, they simply lack enough options, although what they do have might be useful. Haquin stays on and will spearhead the attack, whilst Sloan Privat is on loan from Sochaux. Cedric Lubasa arrives from National side Frejus and only time will tell whether or not he can adapt to this level.

I think if Clermont reinforce their squad in the attacking areas of midfield and add a couple more strikers then they would become a pretty good side, capable of maintaining as top 6 position. As it stands, I’d say they should be top 10 and avoid the relegation battle, but no better. They wont be a spectacular side and their strength will be in defence, playing slow tactical games. Not a side to be underestimated, but their potential lack of depth could see them in trouble at some stages of the season.

Key players - Cedric Bokhorni (defender), Eugene Ekobo (defender/midfielder)


Defence 8/10 - solid, reliable and had plenty of depth
Midfield 6/10 - lacks some depth and more attacking options
Attack 5/10 - there is potential, but a couple more striker reinforcements are needed

Overall - 6th Should be a very solid if not spectacular team who work very hard

06-08-2010, 12:00
Francia Ligue 2 by meatman (Part 3)


Laval did well to finish 7th last season and they lost the fewest amount of games out of any team in the division. The thing that prevented them from launching a promotion campaign was an astonishing amount of draws (18 in total), and a lack of victories at home. Les Tangos were certainly an efficient team though, difficult to break down and always working well together as a team. They have lost a few key players during the summer, but also recruited, and I see Laval being fairly similar again. I doubt they’ll have enough to launch a promotion bid, but should be a solid midtable side who will be inside the top 10.

Balijon is a solid keeper and the only defender that has departed over the summer is Ichane to Reims. The likes of Puig, Coue, Chapuis, Talmont and Stinat are all pretty reliable and did a good job last season. However, there is a lack of depth and they could do with reinforcing a bit by bringing in a couple of players. When at full strength, its not a problem, but when injuries and suspensions kick in then it’s a different matter. The midfield has lost a few key players, the impressive right winger Hamouma, Didier Neumann and Steven Haguy. But Laval have replaced them, although there are one or two question marks. Graton and Losilla both come in from lower ligues, although left winger Mendy should do a decent job. There are already a number of quality players in the middle of the park for Laval, Goncalves and Levrat probably the most important. Overall, the midfield wont perhaps be quite as strong as last season, but it should be alright and there is decent depth here.

At times last year, a lack of goals cost Laval in certain matches, but they look stronger upfront now. The arrival of Ghislain Gimbert from Vannes is useful, whilst already Fabrice de Marcelinho and Ludovic Ganest are decent players. There are other back up options and I can see them scoring more times this season. Of course, in an ideal world you’d want to add another proven quality striker, but for Laval, their line up looks pretty good. Overall, I see them having a solid season and I doubt Les Tangos will get sucked into the relegation battle. Often underestimated a bit, they will be capable of beating anyone on their day. However, over the course of the season, perhaps a lack of depth will prevent them from being a top 5 team so they will probably end up around the upper part of midtable.

Key players - Johan Chapuis (centre back), Fabrice Levrat (midfielder)


Defence 6/10 - when at full strength it’ll be solid, but there is a lack of depth
Midfield 6/10 - has lost players, but should still be decent
Attack 7/10 - improved on last season and should score more goals

Overall - 7th Good all round strength should see them in the top 10


Nimes finished 10th last season in what was generally a solid campaign. They weren’t spectacular and struggled to score goals, but did a decent enough job to easily avoid the relegation battle. This summer there have been few major changes, and despite a lot of ‘dead wood’ having departed, the actual mechanics of the team shouldn’t be too much different. They look to have a decent team in all areas of the pitch, but are perhaps a few players short of becoming a quality team who can challenge in the top 6 positions

There is a change in between the sticks where Ludovic Butelle comes in on loan from Lille to replace Nicolas Puydebois. This is a good thing and they should have a better goalkeeper now to rely upon. The defence when at full strength should do a reasonable job, but its nothing ‘special’ and does lack a bit of depth. No new signings have been made in this department, and despite the loss of a few fringe guys, fundamentally this is the same backline as last season. The likes of Poulain, Sbai, Stosic and Zarabi are all experienced and will be solid, but they’ll also have off days.

The midfield has lost right winger Nicolas Bayod to Clermont and as a replacement, Steven Haguy comes in from Laval. Komlan Amewou also arrives from Norway, a player I know little about except that he plays centrally. Mostefa and Cavalli are the two most important players for Nimes in midfield, but I do think they could do with a couple more quality players here. There are a range of options and some decent depth, but in order to progress they need more genuine quality. Upfront though, I do like the look of things, and they should have strikers to score goals. To be honest, in many ways, the reasons why they struggled to find the net last season was because of incredibly negative tactics away from home, not because of poor strikers. Mandrichi, Ayite, Moukandjo, and the newly arriving David Gigliotti are all decent players and I’m confident they should be a force upfront. Another new addition, Madimousssa Traore, from GFCO Ajaccio might also be useful. They have good depth in this department too, although often the coach employs negative tactics so will only go with one man upfront.

Nimes look like a solid team who should hover around the midtable vicinity. Usually they are pretty good at home in front of their passionate fans and are just very negative away from home. The defence and midfield is nothing special but I think in attack they have good potential. If things start to go badly then they might get sucked into the relegation battle, but overall I think they should be pretty safe. The coach, Jean Michel Cavalli is fairly astute tactically and I rate him fairly highly, under his guidance they’ll be alright.

Key players - Jonathan Ayite (striker), Jean Jacques Mandrichi (striker)


Defence 6/10 - effectively the same as last season, lacks a bit of depth
Midfield 6/10 - some decent options, could do with a bit more extra quality
Attack 7/10 - like it, there are goalscorers here

Overall - 8th Nice all round strength, especially in attack should see them to the comfort of midtable


There have been plenty of changes at Angers during the summer with many transfers both in and out of the club. One thing that has remained constant is coach Jean Louis Garcia who continues to do a decent job with the westerners. Last season they finished in a very respectable 5th position, and whilst those sort of heights might be a step too far this season, I have a general feeling that they should be a stable team who wont get sucked into the relegation battle. A lot will depend on how the new players blend together tougher because the mechanics of the team will definitely be different compared to last year.

The defence has lost Thomas Mienniel and Bruno Ecuele Manga, but has reinforced well and looks to be in better condition. The Le Havre central duo of Henin and Gillet should be strong, whilst right back Yves Deroff form Guingamp adds plenty of experience. Lamy, from National side Louhans is the final addition, someone I know little about, but he could prove to be useful. Already they have the likes of Djellabi, Couturier and Fall in this backline, along with a couple of others. I think Angers will have a solid defence this season and there is plenty of depth should injuries and suspensions kick in. it must also be noted that Garcia’s men have three new goalkeepers, with veteran Gregory Malicki as number one choice.

Them midfield has lost Oniague and important old man Phillipe Brunel, but he was no spring chicken and had certainly lost plenty of pace last season. A couple of new signings look decent in this department - David De Freitas, who had a couple of poorer years with Nantes, and Nicolas Florentin from Caen. Both of these guys have plenty of quality and we might see them regain their best form this season. Angers have a good mix of defensive and attack minded players in this midfield, with the likes of Auriac, Diers and Stephen. Its not a spectacular line up, but is certainly better than average too, I expect things to go alright for them in the middle of the park. Attack is where I have my big concerns surrounding Angers this season. They have lost key striker, 20 goal man Anthony Modeste, who scored nearly half their goals last year. He’ll be extremely difficult to replace, and as yet they haven’t done so. Claudio Keseru will lead the line upfront, but apart from him, they have virtually nothing.

If Angers can bring in a couple more decent strikers, then they could be a decent force this season, but at the moment I think lack of goals could be a problem. On the positive side, they could be pretty hard to break down and should be relatively solid with strong foundations. An influx and exodus of players is also a slight worry and it might take some time for the squad to gel properly. But overall, I see the westerners having a solid season and they should survive fairly easily. If the strikeforce is reinforced then its possible Garcia’s men could become a dark horse for promotion, and challenge their 5th place finish of the last campaign.

Key players - Nicolas Gillet (defender), Karim Djellabi (left back)


Defence 7/10 - with some good new signings, this looks to be solid
Midfield 6/10 - has a good mix and blend
Attack 3/10 - the loss of Modeste is a big blow and they look really short upfront

Overall - 9th Solid defence and midfield keeps them out of relegation battle

06-08-2010, 12:02
Francia Ligue 2 by meatman (Part 4)


Metz finished 4th last season, and for the 2nd consecutive year they cracked towards the end of the campaign. Promotion was really there for the taking, but they failed to deliver the goods and fans were left frustrated. Once again, they’ll have high expectations this coming year, and hope to challenge in the upper reaches, but I personally don’t think Metz will be as good and could struggle to fulfil ambition.

The defence has lost key man Mathias Vivian and failed to recruit anyone new as yet. On paper, it looks a bit thin on the ground, and despite some good quality, I think they lack in this department. Borbiconi, Mutch, Bregrie and Gueye are all good players, but what happens when injuries and suspensions kick in? They need to buy a couple more decent quality players at the back if they are serious about challenging for promotion. but it’s the midfield where the loss of players is felt hardest. Cardy, Rocchi, Pied and Johansen have all departed, and currently I certainly don’t think they’ve been replaced by sufficient calibre. Gurriero from Ajaccio is decent and Fleurival from is alright, but these aren’t the sort of top quality players Metz need if they want to be in the promotion mixer. Left winger, Diaz on loan from Monaco is the other arrival.When at full strength then this midfield will be competent, but nothing more, and they also lack a bit of depth.

The attack force lost Papiss Cisse in the 2010 January transfer window, and since he departed, then a lot of their problems started. Now the other pat of what was a deadly duo, Frederic Mendy has also left, so Metz will have a completely different line up this year upfront. But who is really going to step up to the plate and score loads of goals?. The strikers, Gestede, Sakho and Bourgeois have always had talent, but on a consistent basis can they deliver? I definitely think Metz need to buy a couple more quality proven strikers, otherwise the lack of goals (which let them down in the 2nd half of last season too) will be a problem once again.

Metz are amongst one of the favourites to be promoted this season, but at the moment I definitely think they could be a major flop. The squad needed to be reinforced compared to last years line up in order to become a promotion force, but instead they look to have gone backwards. Too many decent players have left, and not enough high quality ones have arrived. Unless things change before the end of the transfer window then I can only see them being a midtable mediocre team who will go downhill this year.

Key players - Stephane Borbiconi (centre back), Mario Mutch (left wing back)


Defence 6/10 - will be alright, but has lost Vivian and lacks depth
Midfield 6/10 - has lost some key players and wont be as good as last season
Attack 5/10 - lack proven goalscorers and they need to buy more strikers

Overall - 10th Will be disssappointing and slide down the table


Grenoble’s two year stint in the top flight is over and they suffered a very poor season last campaign. The Alpine club finished on just 23 points and lost a massive 25 games. They were always doomed after losing their first 11 fixtures and things just kept going wrong. I think this’ll be a testing season for them and a campaign which will surely just be a rebuilding one. Too many bad things have happened to Grenoble for them to bounce back immediately and at the moment the squad is looking very thin on the ground. I expect them to be dealing in the transfer market quite a lot before the end of August, but it could be a stuttering start which they make.

The defence has lost Cesar, Suaget and Calve all of whom would’ve been ideal at ligue 2 level. At the moment, they only have 3 recognisable defenders, Mainfroi, Robin and Paillot, so its inevitable they’ll add to this department soon. That is, unless the coach is relying upon young talent to step up and produce the goods, at the moment though, they are far too short in this department and we could see midfielders filling in at the back in the early stages of the season. Its that midfield where they look strongest at the moment and where they have managed to recruit attack minded Pascal Johansen from Metz who should be useful. The likes of Courteois, Matsui and Dieuze should perform strongly in ligue 2 and there does seem to be some decent back up. Nevertheless, they could do with adding to the squad even more by bringing in some extra proven quality. It must be noted they have lost the key duo of Romao and Battles, who would’ve been ideal.

Upfront, they will hope to keep key man Danijel Ljuboja, but he might move before the end of the transfer window. Josep Tadic was disappointing last season in the top flight, whilst the signing of Lasimant will hardly put much fear into opposition defences Dos Reis from St Etienne might be useful, but there are question marks too. Quite simply, they need to reinforce by signing at least another decent striker and possibly more for back up.

Overall, I think that Grenoble have some work to do before the end of the transfer window, otherwise they’ll have a struggling season. I’m surprised they have kept Mecha Bazdarevic as coach, I think it would’ve done them good to have a change at the helm. He needs to reinforce in all areas, especially defence and attack. They could be vulnerable in the early stages of the campaign and despite having a decent looking midfield, things seem a little bit of a mess at the moment.

Key players - Nicolas Dieuze (midfielder), Danijel Ljuboja (striker)


Defence 4/10 - just no depth to it, they need more players
Midfield 7/10 - should perform quite well and they look to have a decent mix of players
Attack 6/10 - they need to buy another striker, especially if Ljuboja departs

Overall -11th - Need to reinforce before the end of the transfer window


Evian romped to the National division title last season, scoring a massive 85 points, the biggest tally I’ve seen down there for a long time. With the best attack, defence, home and away record in the ligue, you could say they were head and shoulders above their rivals. It seems they haven’t been too active in the transfer market, which might be a good thing. There will certainly be a sense of continuity amongst the squad and they shouldn’t have any problems gelling. The only question is adapting to ligue 2 level, but they’ll take so much momentum into the season and be so motivated, that I’d expect them to survive overall.

Evian have decided to get rid of the defensive duo of Rambier and Ponray and replacing them with a couple of new guys. Felipe Saad from Guingamp should be a good signing, he is experienced at Ligue 2 level and done a decent job over the years. Sasa Cilinsik from Serbia I have no idea about, so he’s one to keep an eye on. Other recognisable faces in defence are Angoula, Cambon and Rippert, all of whom know what its like at ligue 2 level sand should go well. They could perhaps do with one more outright defender for cover, but generally I expect this backline to be pretty solid.

The midfield has a few more question marks about it and does contain players who are unproven higher than the National division. The signing of Guillaume Lacour from Strasbourg could be a good one and he’ll add some strong experience to the middle of the park. The likes of Barbosa and Farina will need to step up too and give guidance to other players. On paper, there’s no reason why the midfield shouldn’t perform well. They have a good mix of defensive and creative minded players with reasonable depth. But until we have seen it in action for a few weeks, then some question marks will always remain. The same can also be said about the attack force, because their two highest scorers from last season might not be able to cut the mustard in ligue 2. Adnane has never managed to hit the back of the net regularly in his past attempts whilst Berigaud is unproved higher than the national. Herve Bugnet and Nicolas Gousse could be useful though and overall I have a feeling that Evian will be alright upfront. But they could ideally do with bringing in a real proven goalscorer at this level.

I think Evian will give a good account of themselves this season and although they could be in the mixer, they should ultimately avoid relegation. The squad looks settled and has managed to add in a bit of decent experience. Yes, there are question marks too but I feel that the players will equip themselves fairly well at this level. How high they can go? I’m not sure, but I would say a likely finishing position for them will be around midtable.

Key players - Kevin Berigaud (striker), Pierre Bouby (midfielder)


Defence 6/10 - looks like their best area with some decent experience and quality
Midfield 6/10 some question marks about proven players at this level, but should be alight
Attack 5/10 - has potential, but lack of enough proven scorers at ligue 2 level

Overall - 12th Should be able to hold their own

06-08-2010, 12:04
Francia Ligue 2 by meatman (Part 5)


Dijon finished 9th last season, aided largely by an away record which was one of the best in the ligue, in addition to the 3rd highest scoring attack. Too many times they were inconsistent, especially at home, but a top 10 placing was a good outcome for the Burgundians. As usual, Les Rouges have brought in a number of players from lower ligues, hoping to unearth some really good talent. In addition to a few other more established arrivals, they have some potential, but will lack the consistent quality needed to challenge in the upper reaches of the table.

In between the sticks, Jean Padovani replaces the aging Gregory Malicki, although Padovani himself is prone to a few errors too. The defence has lost Souprayen back to Rennes, along with a few others and has reinforced with some unknown entities. Charly Fomen comes in on loan from OM, someone who I didn’t see any of last season, whilst Bamba arrives from Juventus. The final addition here is Steven Paulle who joins from National side Cannes. The most solid reliable defender that Dijon have is Alexis Zywiecki. I think overall this backline will have some good and bad days, the problem is a lack of proven quality so there are some question marks.

The midfield has plenty of new additions, all of whom I don’t know much about, so I think it’ll be a watching brief here to see exactly what some players are made of. Morisot and Bru are probably the best guys that DFCO have in this apartment, but again there is perhaps a lack of proven quality here, although depth isn’t so much of a problem. The attack force has lost Kitambala back to Auxerre, but retains Ribas and Mandanne, both of whom scored double digit goals last season. Again, they reinforce with players from lower ligues, Cacares and Courgnaud who I know nothing about. These players might either be hit or miss, only time will tell if they can adapt to this level of football and be a success.

Overall, I think that Dijon will be a difficult team to predict this season and they are likely to be inconsistent. A lot of new players have arrived, but from lower ligues and sometimes these guys can just get sucked into the wilderness because they aren’t good enough. I’m pretty sure that Les Rouges will have their good and bad days, coach Patrice Canteron isn’t too bad either. It might be that they get sucked onto the relegation battle if things start to go badly and I can see them finishing in the bottom half this season. The problem here is the amount of question marks, they are probably a team best watched in the first few weeks of the campaign to see how good they really are.

Key players - Alexis Zywiceki (centre back), Sebastien Ribas (striker)


Defence 5/10 - a few question marks and a slight lack of depth
Midfield 6/10 - has potential but could be hit or miss
Attack 6/10 - two proven goalscorers is always a good thing to have in ligue 2

Overall -13th Could get sucked into trouble, but should be alright


Vannes finished 14th last season but only just survived by the skin of their teeth, winning 1-0 away at Metz on the final day of the season to secure their place in the division. Vannes have been a bit unlucky with injuries during the past couple of years and its definitely affected them. If the squad can stay clear of these problems then it looks quite good, but often they find themselves in a depleted situation. I cant see Vannes being a top half of the table side, but they’ll be alright and have every chance of avoiding the drop. In what will be a tight and competitive year in ligue 2, anything is possible, it just depends how they perform.

The defence actually looks quite decent on paper and has plenty of depth to it. The only new addition is right back, Cantini on loan from Sedan. The likes of Delhommeau, Guilon, Martot, Leugeuen and Faivre should all do a decent job, the big question is whether or not they can all keep fit? This defence wont be as good as some of the top teams in the ligue but will do a solid job, and it always helps to have back up options in case of injuries. The midfield also has plenty of depth to it and a good mix of players. It stays very consistent, the only new addition is David Bouard from Brest. Vannes have had injury problems in the past here too and a lot depends on who stays fit. VOC have some quality, the likes of Sammaritano, Mezague, Kammissoko and Reset. Sometimes they just don’t perform together as a team though and it’ll have good and bad days.

The attack force is completely different this season and they welcome in four new players. Ghislain Gimbert departs from what was a strikeforce very thin on the ground. Coming in is Christophe Gaffory from Bastia, who could be useful and did aright last season. Johan Riviere from Istres should also do a good ob, although I know little about the other new guys Ben Fardou and Jeanne. Vannes at least do have more options upfront this year and its possible a few guys might hit the net regularly, only time will tell. Overall, I think VOC should do alright this year, but things will be so close that there’s every chance they might get sucked onto the relegation battle. If things go badly then they might go down, but at the same time they could easily become a safe midtable force.

Key players - Loic Guillon (centre back), Frederic Sammaritano (attacking midfielder)


Defence 6/10 - should be fairly solid if it can stay injury free
Midfield 6/10 - some good depth and different range of options
Attack 5/10 - looks better than last season, but lack of proven scorers

Overall - 14th Could get into trouble, but they have some potential


Tours finished 11th last season and I think it looks like they’ll be in and around mid to lower table again this year. There have been a lot of changes during the summer and a real conveyer belt of transfers both out and into the club. Certainly it’ll take some time for the players to settle down and gel together properly and it could be a struggle for them to play as a team initially. There is some good potential too though and Tours are sure to have their good days. I just think they could be a hard team to predict and might be best watched in the first few weeks.

The defence is actually the one area which hasn’t encountered many changes and the line up will be very similar to what it was last year. Genevois, N’Ganga and Saidi are joined by new man Tritz from National side Rodez. I think they do lack depth in this area of the park and need to bring in a couple more players for extra back up. This defence will be alright, but is nothing special and could have some bad games too. The midfield is completely changed and more than half a dozen new players have been added. Atik, Francois, Belghazouani and Englebert are all important departures who did well last season, only time will tell if they have been replaced sufficiently. Ca, Cardy, Lejeune and Moimbe should do decent jobs and have experience at this level, so it shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. Its just a question of gelling properly and finding the right mix of players, once the coach does that then they could be useful.

Upfront, they have lost 20 goal man Olivier Giroud and this is a major blow. He was so vital last season and a constant threat in attack, terrorising defences. Coming in as a replacement is Titi Buengo, a proven goalscorer who will do a good job, but even he wont be as good as Giroud. Nobody else has been added and they don’t have another real quality option upfront which will be a problem. If they could just buy a couple more strikers, one of which is a proven scorer then things would look much better.

Overall, I think Tours are a hard team to predict, and I’m not sure quite what to expect from them. A lot of changes have taken place and anything is possible, they could be useful, whilst at the same time might get sucked into the relegation battle. On paper there is enough quality for them to survive, but only time will tell what they’re made of. A likely finishing position is perhaps mid to lower table and they’d accept this for sure.

Key players - Romain Genevois (defender), Titi Buengo (striker)


Defence 5/10 - remains consistent and alright, but lacks depth
Midfield 6/10 - decent depth, but completely all changed, so is best watched first
Attack 5/10 - the loss of Giroud has certainly weakened them upfront

Overall -15th Loss of players could put them in trouble, but they look alright

06-08-2010, 12:05
Francia Ligue 2 by meatman (Part 6)


Reims made it straight back up to ligue 2 at their first attempt of trying thanks to a comfortable 2nd place in the National last season. They were a team who should never really have gone down in the first place and will be hoping to have a solid season, avoiding the drop. Its never easy for a team to move up a level and they will probably be in the mixer towards the bottom, but they have a decent chance of achieving their target. A number of players with ligue 2 experience are still here and with the addition of a few quality players, they look in reasonable shape.

The defence has disregarded Julien Ielsch, who I think would’ve done alright this season and had the experience. They have signed Joachim Ichane from Laval, a player who has had injury problems in the past but is a strong defender. Another couple of guys, Glombard from Bordeaux and Weber from Paris FC, I have little idea about how good they’ll be. But this backline should do a fairly good job, the likes of Deaux, Tacalfred and Basrbier have all been here before and know what its like in ligue 2. Johan Liebus will wear the number one jersey and is pretty reliable. Overall, on paper Reims look to be alright in this department, but as always with a promoted team, lets see how they cope.

Then midfield has recruited by adding Florent Ghjisolfi and Johan Ramare, both central players who will add some strong depth to the area. Another new addition is Romain Amalfitano from Evian who I don’t know much about. Key men for Reims in the midfield look set to be Odair Fortes and Vincent Gragnic. It should have its good and bad days and has the potential to perform well, lets see. In attack, the Champagne side will hope that Cedric Faure can bag a lot of goals again. Last season he tore apart the National by netting 25 times, but 10-15 would be perfectly satisfactory this year. This will be a tougher level for him though and its unlikely he’ll be as effective. Julien Toudic arrives on loan from Caen, but in general I don’t think they have enough decent strikers. I’d like to see them recruit at least one more proven goalscorer. With Faure and Toudic in partnership upfront it’ll be ok, but what happens if either of them get injured?

Overall, I think Reims will be in the relegation battle, but on paper they have every chance of survival too. Things will be very close at the bottom of the table this year and there doesn’t seem to be any out and out ‘weak teams’ who will be shocking. They have potential in all areas of the field and if things click properly then we might see them being a useful side. But there are always question marks about any promoted side and so anything is possible. They could still do with recruiting some more players, especially strikers.

Key players - Alexandre Barbier (centre back), Cedric Faure (striker)


Defence 6/10 - fairly experienced with some quality, but can it cope in ligue 2 again?
Midfield 6/10 - a couple of decent recruitments and it’ll do alright
Attack 5/10 - Faure and Toudic should score a few, but who else?

Overall 16th - Fighting against relegation but could survive this time


Troyes managed to make it back to ligue 2 immediately fowling their relegation a couple of years ago. They should never have gone down in the first place so it’ll be interesting to see how they cope on their return. I think they’ll probably be in the relegation battle, but like so many teams, on paper it would appear they’ll have every chance of avoiding the drop too. Some decent new additions have been added, but ideally they could’ve perhaps recruited a few more guys as well.

The defence has signed Florian Jarjat, primarily a left back who should do a good job. They’ve also added goalkeeper Olivier Blondel who replaces the released Quentin Westberg. The likes of Carlier Marester and Sanz have all experienced ligue 2 level before and should do a decent job. Troyes have the potential to be solid at the back, but perhaps lack a bit of depth and could do with bringing in a couple more players just for cover. Like any promoted team, there will always be question marks about being potentially leaky, but I think it could perform alright.

In midfield, the arrival of Yaccine Bezzaz is the only change and they’ll be effectively the same in this area of the field as they were last season. Right winger, Claudio Beauvue scored 11 times last season and is clearly a key man. Along with the likes of Akouzar, Faussurier and Obbadi, there is enough talent for Troyes to be competitive and they should do a decent job. It might well be a good thing that they are relatively unchanged in this line up, although I perhaps might’ve expected them to recruit a bit more. In attack, they’ve lost striker Jerome Lafourcade who I think would’ve done a good job this year. Last season he netted 17 times so they need to find a replacement. Marcos Dos Santos comes in from Strasbourg and they’ve also brought in Duhamel from National side Creteil. Troyes do have a lot of striker options at their disposal, the question is will one or two guys reach the 10 goal mark and hit the net regularly? Only time will tell, but there is some potential.

If things go badly then Troyes could get relegated, but this season is going to be so close in the bottom half of the table that its really hard to predict. On paper, like many other sides, ESTAC have the ability to do well, its just a question of adapting to ligue 2 life again. Personally I think they’ll have their good and bad days and certainly cant be underestimated. The club is one with ambition and they wont just be solely eyeing up survival either, which might be a good thing.

Key players - Eric Marester (right back), Julien Faussurier (midfielder)


Defence 5/10 -should do a decent job, but lacks a bit of depth
Midfield 6/10 - this looks like their best area with a good mix of players
Attack 5/10 - plenty of options, just need one striker to become a key hitman

Overall 17th - in the mixer at the bottom but might stay up


Chateauroux only just survived by the skin of their teeth last season, winning on the last day to confirm their survival. Surprisingly, there have actually been relatively few changes at the club during the summer so it’ll be interesting to see how they perform. One new addition is coach Didier Tholot though, a renowned clown in my opinion who has desperately struggled in his last couple of stints in ligue 2. I don’t rate him tactically at all and its possible he could drag Les Berrichonne into the mire. They are many peoples favourites for relegation, but on paper I don’t think the squad is too bad, Tholot certainly has a few tools to work with.

On paper, defence is their strongest area although it was the 2nd worse in the division last season, conceding 54 times. A couple of new additions, Reynaud, a strong centre back from Arles and Scaramozzino, left back from Sedan should be good, and there is already plenty of experience in this backline. It’s a bit of a mystery to me looking at them on paper why they conceded so many goals because the talent is here. Cerielo, Cordonnier, Roumegous, along with a few others should form a solid backbone, with some good depth. So despite their defensive problems last season, there appear to be few reasons why Les Berrichonne shouldn’t be much more tighter this year.

The midfield has remained stable and the only loss is David Fleurival to Metz. New signing Duour from Auxerre might prove to be useful at ligue 2 level and will add to the depth. Key man, Kevin Constant scored 10 times for Chateauroux last season but looks set to leave which will be a blow. A player I rate highly is Romain Grange, who is impressive on the right wing with plenty of talent. There is a decent mix of defensive and attacking options in this midfield, and reasonable cover too. On paper, it should perform fairly well, although could perhaps to do with a quality ‘rock’ type player who can be really solid. The problem that Les Berrichone have is upfront - four strikers, who only scored 3 goals between them last season. They’ve lost key man Titi Buengo and he is a major loss. I think the coach definitely needs to bring in a couple more proven players here, otherwise we could see a lack of goals and many chances missed. Jerome Lafourcade comes in form Troyes, 17 goal man last year, but they need someone else.

Looking at this team, I believe its strength to be in defensive areas, but I do know that coach Tholot usually likes to use attacking formations. This might prove to be a mistake and I do worry about his mindset and ideas. There are question marks about this team and they might be best watched for a while, but on paper I don’t think they are as bad as some are suggesting. The team has the ability to be solid, if it can gel properly, although a lack of striker goals could be a problem.

Key players - Romain Reynaud (defender), Jerome Lafourcade (striker)


Defence 6/10 - on paper it looks solid with depth, but can it produce?
Midfield 5/10 - Constant departure is a blow, but its alright
Attack 4/10 - Apart from Lafourcade, they lack proven strikers in this department

Overall 18th - A poor coach and poor attack could mean relegation

06-08-2010, 12:06
Francia Ligue 2 by meatman (Part 7)


Ajaccio finished 13th last season in what was a largely disappointing campaign. Towards the end of the year they were in relegation trouble and only some decent late results managed to save their skin. Fortunately however, they managed to escape relegation and unlike their Corsican rivals Bastia, remain a ligue 2 team. A few players have departed in the summer, mostly in defensive and midfield areas. The attack force looks to have strengthened, but in other areas they seem to lack depth and this could be another disappointing season.

Coach, Olivier Pantaloni has stayed in the hot seat, but I think results need to be better otherwise he might be one of the early candidates for the sack. In goal, Thierry Debes is experienced, but isn’t getting any younger and lacks some agility now. Defensively, they have lost Fournier, Sabo and N’Diaye, so virtually the whole backline has changed. Diawara and Maire arrive as replacements, and should be solid , whilst key man Carl Medjani is a renowned rock. However, there is a worrying lack of depth when injuries and suspensions kick in. ACA definitely need to reinforce in this area otherwise I have quite a few doubts.

The midfield when at full strength should be quite decent with the likes of Andre, Pierazzi, and Kinkela at the heart of things, but its lost Dohin, Gurriero, Moimbe and Diaz, so once again there will be a few changes in this department too. New left wing arrival, Fabrice Begeorgi had an inconsistent season at Istres last year so it’ll be interesting to see how he performs here. The attack force looks to have improved a little bit, mostly just because it has more depth to it. Viale and Riviere will again continue to lead the line, in addition to new man Richard Socrier who has plenty of goalscoring experience at ligue 2 level. ACA also have a couple of younger strikers they have bought, El Hany and Delort, who I know little about. Despite having more depth upfront this year, I do believe they lack general potency still.

Overall, I’d be surprised if Ajaccio have a good season. In what is likely to be an extremely tight campaign in which many teams could be involved in the relegation battle, ACA look like they will be down in the mixer. They certainly have a chance to survive,, but with the squad they have at the moment, there is the potential for them to struggle.

Carl Medjani (defender), Christian Kinkela (right winger)


Defence 4/10 - much changed from last season and definitely lacks depth, Medjani is a rock though.

Midfield 5/10 when at full strength it’ll be decent, but there simply aren’t enough options

Attack 5/10 - has more depth than last season but lacks proven big goalscorers, they need a ’star’ man.

Overall 19th - Could have a poor season and lack sqaud depth


Istres only just survived by the skin of their teeth last season, a miraculous escape towards the end of the campaign managed to secure their status. To be honest, I think they deserved to go down, statistically they were pretty shocking except for a good home record. I was amazed that they managed to stay afloat such were the changes that the team made with many players going in and out. Surprisingly, during the summer there has been more stability and this might be an advantage. On paper, the squad isn’t brilliant but its alright, and I don’t think they’ll be as bad as some people might think.

The defence has lost nobody major but it was one of the worst in ligue 2 last season and I think it could be fairly leaky. Doumbia, Dielna and Flegeau along with a few others are experienced, but perhaps not reliable. Id have liked to have seen them add a couple of more proven and quality players in this department. The midfield does welcome some new recruits, Robin from Grenoble could be useful, whilst Ouadah from Montpellier has some potential. A key man for Istres in the middle of the park is defensive minded Gary Coulibaly. The team seems to revolve around him as a nucleus, whilst other players seem to come and go around him. The south coast outfit have a lot of options in midfield, but there could be a lack of quality and consistent players, definitively one to keep an eye on.

The attack force scored the least amount of goals out of anyone in ligue 2 last season, so I’d have expected some decent new recruits in this department during the summer. Instead, they have only brought in the veteran Nassim Akrour, and Dimiri Leseuer. Again, just like the midfield, they have a number of options here but there’s definitely a lack of quality proven goalscorers. I do have concerns that once again they’ll struggle to hit the back of the net this season, but its possible someone could ‘come’ good.

Overall, I think Istres will be in the relegation battle, but they wont be cast adrift at the bottom, like many people are expecting them to be. They actually have a lot of options in the squad, so if players are out of form then there’ll be plenty of alternatives. What they need to do is bring in some more guys of established quality, because there are definitely question marks in all areas of the pitch. I think Istres will have some good and bad days. Sometimes they will obtain a victory out of nowhere, or suffer an inexplicable defeat. Towards the end of last season their home form really improved too, despite them having an incredibly lifeless stadium with no atmosphere. Istres will be in the mixer at the bottom and could ultimately go down, but they wont be disastrously bad.

Key players - Mamadou Doumbia (defender), Gary Coulibaly (midfielder)


Defence 5/10 - no new additions and will have good and bad days
Midfield 6/10 - Coulibaly is key, plenty of options and depth, but lack more quality
Attack 4/10 - have a number of strikers, but need proven goalscorers who can find the net regularly

Overall 20th - General lack of quality could see them in trouble

06-08-2010, 12:10
Olanda Jupiler League by TomFCDB (Part 1)

First info:
The competition will start with 18 teams. Haarlem got bankrupt and FC Oss relegated. The first round will be on 13 August.
First team will promote automaticly.
Last team will relegate automaticly.
So we play 34 games.
This competition has a complicated play-off system, i will explain it later in this thread;-).
Within the competition, their will be played 4 periods of 8 matches. Period winners will play play-offs automaticly. Last 2 matches of the season wont count for play-off.
FC Omniworld changed their name to Almere City FC.

Lots of teams have financial problems, and finally the KNVB is punishing them for it.
Some teams got a warning, but other clubs will start with minus points:
MVV: -8.
AGOVV: -6.
BV Veendam: -4.
Almere City FC -3.
Fortuna Sittard: -2.
FC Dordrecht: -1.

The play-off system is complicated, i hope you will understand what i say because my english is not that well, sorry for that.

The play-offs will be played with 8 teams from the 1st division and 2 from the eredivisie.
Places 2/3/4/5 will be automaticly in play-offs, same as the 4 period winners.
If the champion or a team that is in top 5 wins a period, the best team without a period from the ranking will take their spot. So if the champion wins a period, the 6th spot will be a play-off space ;-).
Then there is another rule: If a team already won a period, they cant take a second. So if a team wins his second period, the number 2 of the period will get it and then they are also safe for the play-offs.
If the number 1 and 2 both have a period and end up 1st and 2nd in the 3th period, the period place will go to the best ranked team in the total standing. So a 3th place in a period isnt worth anything.

In play-offs, number 2/3/4/5 skip the first round.
First round will be played by the lowest ranked teams (period winners, but mostly 6/7/8/9).
The best will face the lowest. So 6 vs 9, 7 vs 8.
In the second round, 2 will face 5, 3 vs 4. The eredivisie teams will play against the winner of the first round matches.
Winners of that will play against .. blabla that should be understanded http://forum.bettingadvice.com/images/smilies/wink.gif.

So, i hope you'll understand the play-off system!

Please be aware that the transfermarket is open till 1 september 23:59, so the ins/outs which i will post can be updated!

06-08-2010, 12:11
Olanda Jupiler League by TomFCDB (Part 2)

Trainer: Hans De Koning (new, came from FC Oss)
Last Season: 6th
Field:: Artificial

Players out: Baum, Benlahcen, Van Binsbergen, Jeremy Bokila, Wim Bokila, Van den Broeck, Van Dieren, Garritsen, Van de Haar, Klaassen, Van der Linden (was on loan), Manucharyan (was on loan), Ofrany (was on loan) Mulder, N'Toko, De Vries, Wau, Chadli.

Players in: Conrad, Hemmen, Van der Kooy, Laghmouchi, Martha, Özcan, Wille.

AGOVV lost their most talented player at the end of preperation with Chadli.
Also they lost their strikers with Chadli, Bokila, Manucharyan and van de Haar. In percentage: 70% of AGOVV goalscorers are gone and they only bought 1 decent striker (Hemmen).
They will start the season with -6 points and i guess they have to take a step backward this year.

Verdict: 11-15

Team: Almere City FC (former FC Omniworld)
Trainer: Henk Wisman
Last Season: 14th
Field: Artificial

Players out: Duits, van Essen, Faria, Haemhouts, Hasselbaink, Kappenberg, Krimp, Misidjan, Rijnvis, Arsenio Snijders, Genaro Snijders (was on loan), Tabaouni, Tayeb, Vervoort, Willemsen.
Players in: Deckers, Dompig, Fachtali, Jansen, Kovi, Robertson, De Vries.

Almere City will start with -3 points and due to the financial problems (in whole Holland) they have a small selection and their transfer s dont convince me to take a step forward. Almere is a technical team that can play some great offensive football specialy at home, but defence is crappy so expect lots over overs in their matches.


Team: SC Cambuur Leeuwarden
Trainer: Stanley Menzo
[B]Last Season:/B] 2nd
Field: Normal Grass, normal through the season.

Players out: Bergtop, de Boer, Bouwer, Fisher (was out-loan), Ter Heide (was out-loan), Meye, Mboua (was out-loan), van Nieuwstadt, Geert de Vries, De Wagt, Van der Wal, Huijmans
Players in: Van der Meulen, Koc (on loan)

Cambuur was strong last years because of their bench. They had quality enough to catch up injuries/suspension. But they sold some of their benchplayers and out-loaned players are sold. De Visscher probably will leave also and their squad will be small and vulnerable. But first 11 still are very strong.

Verdict: 1-3

Team: FC Den Bosch
Trainer: Alfons Groenendijk (new, fired @ Willem II in February)
Last Season: 7th
Field: Normal grass, perfect through the season.

Players out: Caracciolo (was on loan), Jans, El Khayati, Martha, Matusiwa, Kerstens, Van der Pluijm, Wijlaars.
Players in: Bakx (on loan), Van Dinther, Guler, Tim Hofstede, Karg, Kilic, Renier, Verhoek, Lucius.

So, about my teamhttp://forum.bettingadvice.com/images/smilies/smile.gif. We lost all 3 strikers and so we lost 50% of our goals last season. We bought/loan 3 new attackers who showed to be at least even quality but only younger and less sensitive for injuries. With Lucius (former dutch international) we got back a lost son (he started his career here) and a lot of experience.
Without Lucius, our oldest player is 23 years old so thats where we are the most vulnerable.

Just like last year, our squad is talented, has a lot of potential but the big question is will it come out? The new trainer showed more quality then last years trainer already and with Kilic we have a young gun with lots of potential.

Verdict: 4-7

06-08-2010, 12:12
Olanda Jupiler League by TomFCDB (Part 2)

Team: FC Dordrecht
Trainer: Henny Lee (new)
Last Season: 13th
Field: Normal grass, bad trough the season

Players out: Van de Corput, Delanoy, De Graaff, Houdoe, Kuipers, Moreno Freire, Pinas, Putter, Shew-Atjon, Van der Sloot, Verhoek, Westerduin, Zeefuik (was on loan).
Players in: Alkac, Belhadj, Cairo, Clement, v Hintum, Jongebloet, Lopes, v Pijkeren, Quekel, Huymans.

FC Dordrecht will start the season with -1 point. They had to let go alot of players due to financial problems. But they bought a strong striker duo Lopes/Quekel who will score a lot of goals. Most players they sold wore offensive players so i expect them to end up better then last year. Offense is better and defence didnt change.

Verdict: 8-10

Team: FC Eindhoven
Trainer: Ernest Faber (new)
Last Season: 12th
Field: Normal grass, normal trough the season.

Players out: Amieux, v Assouw, Asubonteng, Black, Robin Faber, Ferenc, Nelemans, Reker, Schijvenaars, Slaats, Van Den Eede.
Players in: Van Kruijssen, Van Leuken, Van Der Sluijs, Vansimpsen.

Also FC Eindhoven lost more players then they couldt bring in. Their team is nothing special for this season (most talented Amieux is sold) and i guess they will be in relegation zone cause of their lack of quality, especially on the bench. Also top Jupiler League trainer Jan Poortvliet left, he could get more out of the team than anyone and i guess new coach Faber wont be able.

Verdict: 16-18

Team: FC Emmen
Trainer: They are searching for a new one, Griever will be trainer till then.
Last Season: 15th
Field: Normal grass, dramatic trough the season.

Players out: Bergsma, Buurmeijer, Cathalina, German, Houtkoop, Jongsma, Lip, Ouedraogo, Ripson, Schijf, Siekman, Stroeve, van Wegen.
Players in: Chery (on loan), Fischer, De Groot (on loan) Ter Heide, Rojer, Stolte (on loan) Velda, De Vries (on loan).

FC Emmen played a strong second half of the season last year with topstriker Ter Heide on loan. They wore able to buy him this summer and gave him a contract for 4 years. They improved a lot and should be able to make a step forward and stay far away of relegation.

Verdict: 8-10

Team: Fortuna Sittard
Trainer: Wim Dusseldorp (new)
Last Season: 17th
Field: Normal grass, normal through the season.

Players out: Gommans, Grootaers, Linssen (was on loan) Mboua (was on loan) Nys (was on loan) Van Den Ouweland, Rychlik, Simone, Traore, Vanek, Verdonck, Voss.
Players in: Caracciolo, Bernard Hofstede, Marcos, Diogo, Riyani, Stefani and 10 players from own youth.

Fortuna Sittard will start the season with -2 points but wore in big financial problems 2 years ago, last year they needed to build a new squad and survived narrow. This year they should be able to make a step forward with topstriker Caracciolo (19 goals last season for FC Den Bosch) and routined Hofstede. The experienced players (de Boer, Caracciolo and Hofstede) should get them out of relegation zone.

Verdict: 11-15

06-08-2010, 12:13
Olanda Jupiler League by TomFCDB (Part 3)

Team: Go Ahead Eagles
Trainer: Andries Ulderink
Last Season: 5th
Field: Normal grass, perfect trough the season.

Players out: Akivuo, Bosz, De Groot, Hasselbaink, Jansen (was on loan) Kieftenbeld, Maruanaya, Oosthoud, Post, Reimerink (was on loan), Zuidam (on loan)
Players in: Heerkens, Janota, Klok, Joep van den Ouweland, Padt, Pedro, Spekking, Vogelsang, Van der Zwan.

Go Ahead Eagles wore the suprise of last year with a top 3 spot till 3 games before the end. Mark Overmars is doing a great job with the financials cause Go Ahead is with Telstar and Den Bosch the only club who are financialy safe and dont have problems.
They lost a lot of talent but with that money they wore able to buy and loan new talents from Ajax/Feyenoord/PSV.
Go Ahead Eagles will be a contender for the title this year cause long time injured Van Der Biezen and Parnela will also be back.

Verdict: 1-3

Team: Helmond Sport
Trainer: Jurgen Streppel
Last Season: 8th
Field: Normal grass, perfect trough the season

Players out: Chida, Van de Gevel, Jansen, Mampuya, Paardekooper, Siahaija, Van Der Sluijs, Jeroen Veldmate (was on loan, Verbeek (was on loan)
Players in: Haastrup, Haemhouts, Machek, Van Der Steen.

Just like almost every year, Helmond Sport is a contender for the play-offs. Their squad has offensive quality but is very very small and vulnerable in defence. That will break them later on in the season and i guess they will miss the play-offs this year.

Verdict: 8-10

Team: MVV Maastricht
Trainer: Rene Trost (new, came from Roda JC as assistent)
Last Season: 10th
Field: Normal grass, normal trough the season.

Players out: Berger (was on loan), Bryssinck, Haastrup, Di Lallo, Linssen, Papy (was on loan), Ritzen, Tahirovic (was on loan), Tobiasen, Cavus, Gomez, Naoufal, Remans, Sillah, Spasojevic.
Players in: Kuipers, La Rosa, Timmermans (all from own youth).

MVV are going into a very hard season. They start with -8 points and have a very small selection with. Only quality in their selection are their goalkeepers.
Some Turkish business guy told he would give MVV lots of money but they never saw that, one of the reasons why they have to start with -8 points.
The crisis will go on in Maastricht and imo they will have a hard relegation battle with BV Veendam.

Verdict: 16-18

Team: RBC Roosendaal
Trainer: Not yet known
Last Season: 11th
Field: Artificial

Players out: Ars, Chery, Corman, Duarte, Gijzen, Hayen, Van Den Houten, Mommers, Nahrwold, Peters, Polak, Pot, Ramos, Remacle, Schot
Players in: Brock, Flu, De Graaff, Langedijk, Lentink, Lodders, van Mierlo, Nuytinck, Ripson, Van Der Sloot, Veerman, Zuidam.

RBC, just another team who is invincible the latest years and will be this year. They lost some quality and experience but bought some back. Whole new squad will play and i expect them to end some around the same position as last year, nothing special this team.

Verdict: 11-15

06-08-2010, 12:15
Olanda Jupiler League by TomFCDB (Part 3)

Team: RKC Waalwijk
Trainer: Ruud Brood
Last Season: Relegation team, 18th in Eredivisie
Field: Normal grass, perfect trough the season.

Players out: Agustien (was on loan), Benschop, Berger, De Ceulaer, Colin, Di Gregorio, Gudde, Idabdelhay (was on loan), Lifondja, Luirink, Metaj (was on loan), Dustley Mulder, Toby Mulder, Obodai, Pauletta, Vink, Vorm, Wevers.
Players in: Braber, Drost, Duits, John, Meijers, Van Peppen, Schet.

RKC made a narrow escape from bankrupty last year but made it straight back to the Jupiler League by relegating as number last, with a bad squad.
Due to their big financial problems they had to let go a lot of players and currently have a selection of 16 contracted players.
I guess they will have a hard season, wont be playing for the title but for play-off seats cause their buyings are OK and with Levita they have the best keeper in the Jupiler League.

Verdict: 4-7

Team: Sparta Rotterdam
Trainer: Jan Everse (new, came from Heerenveen)
Last Season: 16th in Eredivisie relegated in play-offs against Excelsior.
Field: Normal grass, perfect trough the season.

Players out: Adeleye, Aldogan, Bodul (was on loan), Van Bueren, Denneboom (was on loan), Dissels, Falkenburg, Van Gessel, Koenders (was on loan), Merk, Varkevisser, Viergever.
Players in: Van Den Berg, Van Dieren, Donatz, Downey, Madmar.

Sparta is famous for their great youth training and that is what was the problem last year. Great talented players but a lack of experience and a bad trainer (Adelaar).
They lost some of their talents (Adeleye, Falkenburg, Viergever) and will most likely lose Poepon and Strootman before the transfermarket closes. Also Duplan maight transfer to eredivisie.

They have still quality and talent enough to fight for the title and with Everse as their coach they have a great tactical trainer. And they are also able to invest some money which they gained from the transfers from Viergever/Falkenburg.

Verdict: 1-3

work in progress...

06-08-2010, 12:19
Olanda Eredivisie by Dutchy (Part 1)

A few remarks before you start reading:

- The Dutch season starts next week, while the transfer market isn’t closed yet. Therefore this season preview gives you just information based on the current situation.
- Many Dutch teams are in big financial trouble. Last season Haarlem got bankrupt in the Dutch Jupiler League and for upcoming season more teams may follow. Because of the financial mess seven teams will be punished by the Dutch FA with 1 to 7 points reduction. The only punished Eredivisie team is NAC Breda, starting the season at -1. The punished Jupiler League teams are Dordrecht (-1), Fortuna Sittard (-2), Almere City FC (-3), Veendam (-3), AGOVV (-6) and MVV (-7).
- This season two Eredivisie teams will play on an artificial surface: Heracles and Excelsior.

06-08-2010, 12:30
Olanda Eredivisie by Dutchy (Part 1)

ADO Den Haag

ADO will face a tough season, that’s for sure. Like most Eredivisie-teams they were unable to improve their squad and saw quite some regulars leave this summer. Their new coach hasn’t got the best of reputations yet but is ambitious and his only goal is to keep ADO in the Eredivisie.
That should be a realistic goal. As said, ADO didn’t get stronger, but the easy explanation is the fact there are much weaker teams this season. ADO should take advantage from last season; a high number of inexperienced guys played quite some league games due to the high amount of injuries, and therefore ADO-coach Van den Brom shouldn’t be too worried if he faces injuries or suspensions this season. ADO’s subs are close to the level of the first team, which says something over their overall quality, but it gives them a big advantage on the other teams who’re
supposed to finish below spot 12 on the table. Note that ADO’s preseason results were decent.

Squad mutations (in)
Supusepa (Ajax youth)
Kubik (AS Trencin)

Squad mutations (out)
Milic (unknown)
Knopper (unknown)
J. van den Brom (new)
Cornelisse (unknown)
Verdict: Soltani (unknown)
Caracciolo (Fortuna Sittard)

Verdict: 13th


Ajax missed the league title last season by one point, although they scored over an hundred goals and conceded only twenty. This season their focus will be more than ever on winning it; while writing this season preview we may presume they’ll sign El Hamdaoui and Mido to improve their attacking possibilities even further, and as coach Jol insisted on money for more transfers we may expect Ajax to invest revenues from potential transfers of Stekelenburg, Van der Wiel and Suarez, who are all linked to big teams abroad. Even without these three keyplayers we may rate Ajax’ squad as strongest. Their defence is rock solid, their midfield is balanced and upfront
they’ve unique goalscoring machines available. Ajax’ squad is the most complete squad available at the moment, and after an already perfect season last year I expect Jol and his team to go on this season, and win the league title for the first time in seven years again.

Squad mutations (in)
Squad mutations (out)
Pantelic (unknown)
Gabri (Umm Salal)
Ogararu (unknown)
Bakircioglu (Racing Santander)
Rommedahl (Olympiakos)

Verdict: 1st

06-08-2010, 12:45
Olanda Eredivisie by Dutchy (Part 2)


It’s really difficult to rate AZ’s chances this season. I currently rate them on a fourth place, already presuming keyplayers like El Hamdaoui, Romero and Dembele will leave this summer.
AZ is in big financial trouble after the bankrupt last season, and they’re forced to sell any player for every likely offer. Therefore they already lost quite some regulars during the early weeks of the transfermarket, and there’s definitely more to come. Coach Advocaat left also, though the
AZ-board anticipated wisely: due to the financial troubles they could sign some talented youth players only, and they appointed Heracles-coach Verbeek as new manager. He has an excellent reputation on working with youngsters, and proved his qualities last season with Heracles. AZ’s
Achilles-heel this season could be their lack of experience, but on talent and quality we should expect them to battle for the positions right after the top three teams.

Squad mutations (in)
Marcellis (PSV)
Benschop (RKC)
Alvarado (Deportivo Saprissa)
Falkenburg (Sparta Rotterdam)
Viergever (Sparta Rotterdam)
Squad mutations (out)
Lens (PSV)
Luijckx (NAC Breda)
Mendes da Silva (Red Bull S.)
Rienstra (Heracles)

Verdict: 4th

FC Groningen

Groningen will face a difficult season. Last couple of years they were almost traditionally a top eight team, but it’ll be much more difficult to reach that position this season as well. They had to sign a new coach (which is a huge blow), and I doubt whether they signed the right one with
pretty inexperienced Huistra. Besides that their squad is really weakened compared to last season. Like at most teams the experienced guys left, and Groningen wasn’t able to sign adequate replacements. Their squad depth is questionable, and so is their overall quality. Like AZ they mainly have to trust on youngsters, and I doubt whether that’ll result in a stable and successful season. Their preseason was shaky, and if you ask me we may expect more of the same during the regular season.

Squad mutations (in)
Tadic (FK Vojvodina)
Ivens (KV Mechelen)
Kieftenbeld (Go Ahead Eagles)

Squad mutations (out)
Lovre (Barnsley)
Sankoh (Augsburg)
Svejdik (unknown)
Lucius (unknown)
De Roover (SC Lokeren)
Koç (Cambuur)

Verdict: 8th

FC Twente

Twente’s first ever league title was celebrated heavily last season, but they had to pay the price for it as well. Success-coach McClaren left, and quite some regulars followed: Stoch, N’Kufo and Perez are already gone, while Ruiz, Stam, Tioté and Douglas are linked to other teams as well. It happens every summer again at Twente and every summer again they succeed in signing even better replacements. I don’t question whether they failed in that mission this summer, in contrary, but it’ll take some time to build on a new team with a new coach. That should be a disadvantage for Twente in the battle for the title, and if we remind their ‘luck’ of last season I don’t expect them to add a second league title to their total this season. They should be able to compete with Ajax and PSV, but I don’t expect them to hold on. Twente is still marching on and getting a stable factor in the top region of Dutch football – the signing of Janko is another proof of that –, but I honestly think that a third place is the highest possible this season. Note that Twente had an almost traditional disappointing preseason.

Squad mutations (in)
Bajrami (Elfsborg)
Janko (Red Bull Salzburg)
De Vogt (FC Oss)
Bengtsson (Hertha BSC)

Squad mutations (out)
Rukavytsya (Hertha BSC)
Arnautovic (Werder Bremen)
Stoch (Fenerbahce)
N’Kufo (Seattle Saunders)
Rajkovic (Chelsea)
Akram (unknown)
Perez (retired)

Verdict: 3rd

06-08-2010, 12:57
Olanda Eredivisie by Dutchy (Part 3)

FC Utrecht

Some teams go up, most teams go down, but even during these days some stabile factors do exist. Utrecht should be considered one of them. They invested quite some money last season and qualified for the Europa League through the playoffs. This season they signed just some Australian youngsters, but the most important thing for them is the fact it looks like they succeed in keeping all keyplayers with them. Only goalie Vorm is linked to other teams, but important players like playmaker Mertens and striker Van Wolfswinkel will stay at this ambitious side.
Utrecht’s advantage compared to other teams is they don’t have to start building on a new team, they’ve no mutations and I expect a solid season from them. Their disadvantage is their coach, who’s far too defensive minded for Dutch standards. You should compare Utrecht’s playing style
with Holland on the World Cup, from a closed defence. Note that Utrecht played hardly any friendly matches in preseason due to the preliminary rounds of the Europa League.

Squad mutations (in)
Oar (Brisbane Roar)
Zullo (Brisbane Roar)
Sarota (Brisbane Roar)

Squad mutations (out)
Van Dijk (AEK Larnaca)
Van Mierlo (RBC Roosendaal)
Somers (unknown)
George (NEC)

Verdict: 6th


You can have either an easy job or a tough job. Coach Mario Been at Feyenoord definitely has a tough job. The former Dutch giant was over the last few years hardly involved in the battle for the top positions, and it looks like this season it won’t be any different. Been saw experienced
players like Makaay and Van Bronckhorst leave, and as they have not a single penny to expend they had to sign players on a free transfer or on loan only. Therefore Feyenoord signed talented players like Smolov and Assauar, but the big question is whether they can take the club to a
higher level. I don’t think so. The lack of experience will the biggest issue for Feyenoord this season, and I don’t expect them to finish on a higher position than fourth or fifth. Qualification for another year with an European campaign and some cup success will be their goals for this
season, as they’re simply still in a phase in which they can think about the long term only as they have to recover from a 21 million Euros debt.

Squad mutations (in)
Schaken (VVV Venlo)
Assauar (VVV Venlo)
Smolov (Dinamo Moscow)
Lumb (Zenith)

Squad mutations (out)
Makaay (retired)
Van Bronckhorst (retired)
De Guzman (Real Mallorca)
Babovic (unknown)

Verdict: 5th

Heracles Almelo

Peter Bosz has been appointed as new manager at Heracles, and he won’t face an easy job. His squad is definitely weaker than last year as striker Dost and goalie Pieckenhagen are gone, and although they signed decent replacements with Plet and Pasveer things will be different this year.
Last year was extremely successful for Heracles as they surprised with a sixth place. Coach Verbeek did an excellent job, and he knew it would be hard to repeat that performance this season. Although Heracles has a decent squad I expect them to drop a few places on the table this
season. They’re definitely midtable stuff; they won’t finish as high as last year, but won’t get in relegation trouble like in the season before last year either. Like in the seasons before Heracles will play their home matches on an artificial turf.

Squad mutations (in)
Pasveer (Go Ahead Eagles)
Plet (Telstar)
Houtkoop (Emmen)
Rienstra (AZ Alkmaar)

Squad mutations (out)
Pieckenhagen (unknown)
Dost (Heerenveen)
Hakola (Willem II)
Schulmeister (unknown)
Steur (unknown)

Verdict: 9th

06-08-2010, 13:10
Olanda Eredivisie by Dutchy (Part 4)

Nec Nijmegen

NEC is in Holland known as a grey mouse team. Nothing spectacular happens in Nijmegen, and it seems like this season won’t be an exception on that rule. NEC finished last season on a decent midtable spot, and with their current squad they should be able to do the same. Their squad is
weaker than last season as all loanies are gone and quite some guys left the club, but their replacements are decent. With Vloet as coach they’ve someone who knows exactly what NEC can do and what they can’t, and therefore a midtable spot shouldn’t be too difficult to reach.
Against the stronger teams NEC didn’t had too good scores in preseason, but in general I don’t see any reason to worry about their chances upcoming season. If you won’t expect fireworks you won’t get surprised by NEC.

Squad mutations (in)
Will (Ajax youth)
Zimling (Udinese)
Amieux (Eindhoven)
George (FC Utrecht)
De Vriendt (Mechelen)

Squad mutations (in)
Radomski (Cracovia Krakow)
Pothuizen (retired)
Kivuvu (CFR Cluj)
El Akchaoui (Heerenveen)
Saidi Ntibazonkiza (Cr. Krakow)

Verdict: 12th

NAC Breda

At the end of last season NAC turned into a crisis. The financial manager left the club, and he let a big mess behind them. The club is in deep financial trouble, and although they expect to solve things pretty fast the Dutch FA already punished them for upcoming season by fining them with
one point reduction. Because of the financial situation they were not really able to improve their squad, although they didn’t do that poor either by signing Janse and Luijckx on a free transfer.
They’re not the kind of players which will make this side a title candidate, but it’s good enough to compensate the departure of De Graaf and Zwaanswijk. NAC’s trademarks are counter attack football, a hostile home ground and an experienced squad, and we will definitely see these elements this season again. Except for the financial part not that much changed, and NAC’s only on-pitch worry should be the amount of ‘over the hill players’, who have their best days already behind them.

Squad mutations (in)
Janse (Willem II)
Luijckx (AZ Alkmaar)

Squad mutations (out)
Zwaanswijk (Central Coast M.)
Van der Leegte (retired)
De Graaf (Hibernian)
Loran (unknown)

Verdict: 11th

PSV Eindhoven

aLast season didn’t bring PSV what people expected from them, and therefore the pressure on Rutten increased even further this season. PSV must win the title again or at least qualify for the Champions League to avoid financial trouble. Their financial situation isn’t as poor as for
example Feyenoord’s or Ajax position, but they can’t afford to miss Champions League football for another season. Therefore Rutten had the chance to invest some money on the squad this summer, and I must say he did a good job. They lost some experienced subs, but especially in
attack PSV improved their squad heavily and should be expected to battle with Ajax for the title.
Over 34 rounds I however think PSV will come short on Ajax; PSV’s squad is less balanced and especially in defence and on midfield I expect trouble if one or more regulars will get suspended or injured. PSV’s options upfront are impressive, but in defence and on midfield they will come short on the long run if you ask me. Note that midfielder Afellay might leave the club this summer.

Squad mutations (in)
Marcelo (Wisla Krakow)
Lens (AZ Alkmaar)
Hutchinson (FC Kopenhagen)
Djordjevic (Sumadija Radnicki)
Berg (Hamburger SV)

Squad mutations (out)
Marcellis (AZ Alkmaar)
Van der Meijde (unknown)
Ooijer (unknown)
Simons (Nurnberg)

Verdict: 2nd

06-08-2010, 13:29
Olanda Eredivisie by Dutchy (Part 5)

De Graafschap

De Graafschap won the league title in the Dutch Jupiler League last season with ease, but like always the question is whether a promoted team can avoid relegation in the next season. De Graafschap didn’t had too many mutations this summer; some fringe players left, and with Saeijs and Waterman they signed players with Eredivisie-experience instead. Avoiding direct relegation shouldn’t be too hard for this team as they’re clearly on a higher level than for example Excelsior, but together with teams like Vitesse and VVV they’re expected to battle to avoid relegation playoffs. De Graafschap’s advantage compared to other teams is their great home
atmosphere which will definitely help them during the season, and the fact their squad didn’t get any weaker. Their preseason results are not really representative to have an indication on their chances this season, but based on their displays last season they’re not without a chance to finish
on a safe fifteenth position.

Squad mutations (in)
Saeijs (Roda JC)
Waterman (AZ Alkmaar)

Squad mutations (out)
Meerdink (retired)
Van den Ouweland (Go Ahead E.)
Chaiat (retired)

Verdict: 17th

Roda JC

Roda’s goal this season is to finish between the tenth and thirteenth place, and that sounds like a realistic goal. Like many Dutch teams they’re in financial trouble, and for that reason quite some players already left the team and players like Kah, Addo, Gommans and Yulu Matondo will be
sold for any reasonable offer. Roda is unable to sign new first team players unless they sell some first, and that’s why we could say their squad didn’t get stronger yet. In recent history Roda was considered to be an ambitious potential top team, in the same category as Heerenveen and Twente, but they didn’t make it to a higher level. On the contrary, they’re on their way down every season again. Their goal to finish around spot 11 is realistic, but it says something about their strength at the moment. This side could get surprise results now and then, but in general we should consider them as regular midtable stuff.

Squad mutations (in)
Horsten (PSV youth)
Hempte (KV Kortrijk)

Squad mutations (out)
Kruiswijk (Heerenveen)
De Jong (Augsburg)
Castro (unknown)
Saeijs (De Graafschap)
De Wree (Lierse SK)
Vandamme (Bergen)

Verdict: 10th

SC Heerenveen

In front of the new season I rate Heerenveen on a seventh place, but this is the one team on which I’m not really sure. Last season they were terrible and they finished on a shocking eleventh place after a terrible start, but this summer they changed some things drastically. In the
first place by signing Holland’s most promising coach without a big record, Groningen-coach Ron Jans. He should be the right man for this job, and getting this sleeping giant back on track.
With Kruiswijk, El Akchaoui and Dost they signed three promising Eredivisie-players and especially their defence looks much more stable than last season. Last season’s results were dramatic, but their squad was overall not that poor. This season the squad improved further, and it’s now up to Jans to make a team out of these talented individuals. He did that job perfectly at Groningen, and I expect them to do the same at Heerenveen. If he succeeds early on already they might even get involved in the battle for the fourth place, but with a league start against PSV and Twente we’ll know soon enough whether Heerenveen can be a surprise team this year.

Squad mutations (in)
Dost (Heracles Almelo)
Kruiswijk (Roda JC)
El Akchaoui (NEC Nijmegen)
Sigurdsson (KR Reijkjavik)

Squad mutations (out)
Dingsdag (unknown)
Sibon (Melbourne Heart)
Smarason (Esbjerg)
Paulo Henrique (Palmeiras)
Popov (Dinamo Kiev)

Verdict: 7th

Excelsior Rotterdam

What would you do if you’re the number one candidate for relegation, after winning promotion the season before? Right, you would invest some money and improve your squad. But there’s no money at Excelsior and they’re more or less a satellite club of Feyenoord, using mainly Feyenoord-youngsters. Excelsior was so far unable to sign experienced new players, but for the new season they made a surprising move; they’ll play on an artificial pitch this season! I don’t think it’ll help them in the end and I expect them to finish bottom last this season, but it’s something to have in mind during the early weeks of the season. Excelsior definitely is the
number one candidate for relegation, I don’t expect them to get their squad on the level which is needed for a longer stay in the Eredivisie, and I’m pretty sure the result of the friendly match against Go Ahead Eagles indicates Excelsior’s current strength. This team will go down again.

Squad mutations (in)
Ramsteijn (Feyenoord)
Gudde (RKC Waalwijk)

Squad mutations (out)
Janota (GAE)
Vinkcen (unknown)
Van Peppen (RKC Waalwijk)
Van Guldener (retired)
Van Dijk (RKC Waalwijk)

Verdict: 18th

06-08-2010, 13:43
Olanda Eredivisie by Dutchy (Part 6)

Vitesse Arnhem

Many, many teams in Holland are in financial trouble, and it’s quite funny to notice how every team tries to solve their problems in it’s own way. Vitesse was definitely the most drastically so far. Their financial manager said everyone is for sale, and contracts were not renewed. For that reason almost their entire first team left the club, and they were unable to sign any new players.
Caldirola joined them on loan, and for all the rest they put some talented (note that the Vitesse youth academy is quite high rated) youngsters in their squad for upcoming season. Right before the start of the season coach Bos stated he could use some new players in every part of his team, adding a clear statement as well: Vitesse should be happy if they succeed in avoiding relegation this summer. Compared to last season this team is so much weaker, and if you followed them last season you can imagine how poor the situation currently is. During preseason they had pretty acceptable results under the given circumstances, but Vitesse is in my humble opinion a main candidate for the bottom positions.

Squad mutations (in)
Caldirola (Inter Milan)

Squad mutations (out)
Verhaegh (Augsburg)
Kaya (Charleroi)
Greene (unknown)
Hofs (AEL Limassol)
Claudemir (FC Kopenhagen)
Kolk (Union Berlin)

Verdict: 16th

VVV Venlo

VVV is for years now one of the most popular teams in Holland. No one hates them, everyone loves them. With fresh and attacking minded football they were over the past couple of season a joy to watch, and with young talented players they avoided relegation with ease. But that could be different this season. During last season they already sold playmaker Honda, and this summer players like Auassar, Calabro and Schaken left as well. At the moment VVV is much weaker than last year, although I have to make two remarks on that statement. 1: VVV’s first team is still quite representative, but their subs really come short. 2: there’s more than a month left before the transfer market closes, and VVV definitely has money to invest. You can be sure they’ll sign some unknown but talented Koreans or Nigerians upcoming weeks, but by looking right now on their squad you should rate them among the relegation candidates – and the preseason results confirm that.

Squad mutations (in)
Linssen (MVV)

Squad mutations (out)
Calabro (Sankt Gallen)
Auassar (Feyenoord)
Schaken (Feyenoord)
Van Dessel (APOP Kinyras)
Verdellen (APOP Kinyras)

Verdict: 15th

Willem II

Tons of players left at Willem II this season. I keep on repeating myself, but Willem II is also in financial trouble. Expensive regulars were sold or released on a free transfer, like at so money clubs, but Willem II did a good job by signing the right cheap and young players to bring their squad on a decent level. Of course, with a new coach and an almost completely new team it’ll be hard to perform right from the beginning, but it looks like coach Heerkes scouted perfectly.
Players like Vossebelt, Van Zaanen and Kuperus proved to their quality in the Jupiler League, while Levchenko should be their leader on the pitch. If you add experienced oldies like Demouge to that we may expect Willem II to end up on a safe midtable position, away from any danger.

Squad mutations (in)
Vossebelt (FC Zwolle)
Van Zaanen (FC Volendam)
Kuperus (Telstar)
Hakola (Heracles Almelo)
Levchenko (Saturn Moscow)
Lasnik (Alemannia Aachen)
Lampi (FC Zürich)

Squad mutations (out)
Aerts (Hertha BSC)
Akgun (Genclerbirligi)
Zijler (unknown)
Janse (NAC Breda)
Boutahar (unknown)
Gregoire (unknown)
Kargbo (FC Baku)

Verdict: 14th

06-08-2010, 21:35
Inghilterra League 1 by Sky (Part 1)


Manager: Eddie Howe. Forced into early retirement through injury, the 32-year-old took charge in January 2009 and helped the Cherries avoid relegation despite a 17-point deduction. Howe then led them to automatic promotion last season to cement his reputation as one of the best up-and-coming managers in the country.
Key man: Brett Pitman. An ever-present during last season's promotion campaign, he scored 26 league goals and has an eye for the spectacular. The 22-year-old striker from Jersey will be relishing the chance to test himself at a higher level.
Position last season: 2nd in League Two
Players in: Michael Symes (Accrington, free), Marc Pugh (Hereford, tribunal), Steve Lovell (Partick Thistle, free) Stephen Purches (Leyton Orient, free), Mitchell Nelson (Tooting & Mitcham, free), Harry Arter (Woking, free), Rhoys Wiggins (Norwich, undisclosed)
Players out: Jeff Goulding (Cheltenham, free), Alan Connell (Grimsby, free) Sammy Igoe (Havant and Waterlooville)
Our view:: With their financial problems now behind them, the Cherries will be happy with a season of consolidation after two years in the bottom tier and a flirtation with relegation to non-league. Howe has made some fine signings so they could even achieve a top-half finish.
Prediction: 10th


Manager: Andy Scott. The former Bees defender took over from Terry Butcher in January 2008 and led them to the League Two title in his first full season. Will be looking to build on a creditable ninth-placed finish last season.
Key man: Nicky Forster. The veteran striker may now be 36 but can still do the business, scoring 15 goals in League One last season for Brighton and Charlton. Scott was keen to secure his services after his release by Brighton and Forster returns to Griffin Park on a two-year deal after making a big-money move to Birmingham back in 1997.
Position last season: 9th
Players in: Nicky Forster (Brighton, free), Toumani Diagouraga (Peterborough, undisclosed), Craig Woodman (Wycombe, undisclosed), Richard Lee (Watford, free), David McCracken (MK Dons, signed), Simon Royce (Gillingham, free), Kirk Hudson (Aldershot), Mark Spillane (Norwich, undisclosed)
Players out: Nikki Bull, Danny Foster, Ben Strevens, Alan Bennett (all Wycombe, free), Ryan Dickson (Southampton, free), Cleveland Taylor (St Johnstone, free)
Our view: Besides the return of Forster, Carl Cort has signed a new one-year deal and top scorer Charlie McDonald remains at Griffin Park. The Bees did well in their first season back up and have the firepower to set their sights on a play-off place.
Prediction: 7th

Brighton and Hove Albion

Manager: Gus Poyet. The former Uruguay international took charge last November following the sacking of Russell Slade and had an immediate impact. Assisted by former Spurs team-mate Mauricio Taricco, he steered the Seagulls to safety and they ultimately finished nine points clear of the drop.
Key man: Gordon Greer. Poyet has been backed to the hilt by new chairman Tony Bloom, with Greer his big summer signing for a reported fee of £250,000. The Scottish defender skippered Swindon to last season's play-off final and will aim to go one better with the Seagulls this term.
Position last season: 13th
Players in: Gordon Greer (Swindon, £250,000), Ashley Barnes (Plymouth, signed), Matt Sparrow (Scunthorpe, free), Marcos Painter (Swansea, free), Radostin Kishishev (Litex Lovech, free)
Players out: Nicky Forster (Brentford, free), Liam Dickinson (Barnsley, free), Craig Davies (Chesterfield, free), Dean Cox (Leyton Orient, free), Jake Wright (Oxford, free), Inigo Calderon (released), James Tunnicliffe (Bristol Rovers, loan), Adam Virgo (Yeovil, free)
Our view:: Things are looking up for Albion, with an ambitious new chairman at the helm and a new stadium to be opened next year. They could push for promotion if they maintain their momentum from the end of last term.
Prediction: 5th

Bristol Rovers

Manager: Paul Trollope. The former Rovers and Fulham defender will be going it alone this season after five years with Lennie Lawrence as director of football. Since steering the Pirates to promotion via the League Two play-offs in 2007, they have established the club in League One and last season were eyeing a top-six finish until late in the campaign.
Key man: Will Hoskins. The striker failed to live up to expectations after making a big-money move from Rotherham to Watford in 2007. However, the 24-year-old is hoping to kickstart his career after dropping down a division and aims to fill the void left by Rickie Lambert's departure last August.
Position last season: 11th
Players in: Will Hoskins (Watford, free), Gary Sawyer (Plymouth, free), Luke Daniels (West Brom, loan), James Tunnicliffe (Brighton, loan), Harry Pell (Charlton)
Players out: Aaron Lescott (Walsall, free), Steve Elliott (Cheltenham, free), Rhys Evans (Southend, free), Sean Rigg (Port Vale, free)
Our view:: The Pirates' play-off push faltered late on last season as they struggled to make up for the loss of Lambert's goal input. If Hoskins can rediscover his early promise then he could fire Rovers into contention for a top-six finish, though.
Prediction: 11th

06-08-2010, 21:39
Inghilterra League 1 by Sky (Part 2)

Carlisle United

Manager: Greg Abbott. Before becoming manager, the former Bradford defender was assistant to both Neil McDonald and John Ward, helping United reach the League One play-off final with Ward in 2007/08. He took over in December 2008 and helped the Blues avoid the drop before finishing 14th last season.
Key man: Ian Harte. The former Ireland international always had a decent scoring record in the Premier League with Leeds but last season's 18-goal tally was remarkable for a left-back. The 32-year-eld enjoyed his first season of regular football since leaving Leeds in 2004 and his experience is crucial to Carlisle.
Position last season: 14th
Players in: Craig Curran (Tranmere, free), Jason Price (Millwall, free), Frankie Simek (Sheff Wed, free), James Berrett (Huddersfield, free), Sean McDaid (Doncaster, free), Francois Zoko (unattached, free)
Players out: Richard Keogh (Coventry, undisclosed), Tom Aldred (Watford, free), David Raven (Shrewsbury, free), Scott Dobie (St Johnstone, free), Simon Lakeland, Gavin Rothery, Conor Tinnion, Jonny Blake, Michael Burns, Evan Horwood, Lenny Pidgeley (all released)
Our view:: By the Blues' recent standards, last season was a relatively uneventful campaign, but it was a big improvement on narrowly avoiding relegation in 2008/09. The loss of defender Richard Keogh is a big blow but Abbott has made some astute signings and United will be hopeful of holding their own again next season.
Prediction: 13th


Manager: Phil Parkinson. The former Colchester boss was Charlton assistant to Alan Pardew and despite taking over midway through the 2008/09 season, he was unable to prevent the club being relegated to the third tier for the first time since 1981. But Parkinson almost led the Addicks to an immediate return as they spent most of last season in the top two before losing in the play-offs on penalties.
Key man: Johnnie Jackson. The versatile left-footer has shone in the lower leagues since being released by Tottenham in 2006 and helped Notts County win the League Two title last season. The 27-year-old joined Charlton on loan in February to ease County's wage bill and although the spell was cut short by injury, Parkinson was keen to make the move permanent this summer to compensate for the loss of midfielders Jonjo Shelvey and Nick Bailey.
Position last season: 4th
Players in: Johnnie Jackson (Notts County, free), Gary Doherty (Norwich, free), Alan McCormack (Southend, free), Kyel Reid (Sheff United, free), Akpo Sodje (Sheffield Wednesday, free), Simon Francis (Southend, free), Pawel Abbott (Oldham, nominal)
Players out: Jonjo Shelvey (Liverpool, £1.7m), Nick Bailey (Middlesbrough, £1.4m), Deon Burton (Gabala, free), Matthew Spring (Leyton Orient, free), Darren Randolph (Motherwell, free), Stuart Fleetwood (Hereford, undisclosed), Frazer Richardson (Southampton, signed), Lloyd Sam (Leeds, free), Leon McKenzie, Chris Dickson, Dean Sinclair, Jack Clark, Tony Warner, Yassin Moutaoukil (all released) Izale McLeod (mutual consent)
Our view:: After relinquishing their grip on a top-two spot last season, there will be pressure on Charlton to secure promotion this time round. Whether they can depends on how they cope with the loss of key players like Shelvey, Bailey and Deon Burton.
Prediction: 2nd


Manager: John Ward. The 59-year-old was assistant to Aidy Boothroyd last season and took over after Boothroyd's departure for Coventry in May. Ward has plenty of experience at this level having been handed his first managerial job at York in 1991 before stints in charge at Bristol Rovers, Bristol City, Cheltenham and Carlisle.
Key man: Ben Williams. The former Manchester United trainee took little time to adjust after joining from Carlisle last summer and was an ever-present last season, picking up the U's player of the year award. The 27-year-old has been injured in pre-season and Ward is eager he returns to action soon to take young Mark Cousins out of the firing line.
Position last season: 8th
Players in: Lloyd James (Southampton, free), Brian Wilson (Bristol City, free), Ben Coker (Bury Town, free), Andy Bond (Barrow, free)
Players out: David Fox (Norwich, free) David Prutton (Swindon, free), Scott Vernon (Aberdeen, free) Clive Platt (Coventry, nominal), Matt Lockwood, Russell Malton, Sam Corcoran, Phil Ifil (all released)
Our view:: Colchester narrowly missed out on last season's play-offs but Ward has struggled to bring in reinforcements over the summer. It may be a tall order for the U's to match last season's top-half finish.
Prediction: 19th

Dagenham & Redbridge

Manager: John Still. Since taking over in April 2004, the former Barnet boss has led the Daggers to an improved league position each and every season. That included winning the Conference title in 2007 and last season Still's men won promotion to the third tier for the first time in the club's history.
Key man: Mark Arber. The former Barnet and Peterborough centre-half has become a lynchpin in the Daggers' defence since joining from Stevenage in 2008. The 32-year-old skipper led by example last season, picking up their player of the year award, and his presence at the back is crucial to their survival hopes.
Position last season: 7th in League Two, Play-off winners
Players in: Damian Scannell (Southend, free), Luke Wilkinson (Portsmouth, free), Stuart Lewis (Gillingham, free), Gavin Tomlin (Yeovil, free), Gareth Gwillim (Histon, signed), Alex Osborn (Grays, free), Danny J Green (Billericay Town, free), Oluwafemi Ilesanmi (Ashford Town, free), Duran Reynolds (Southend, undisclosed)
Players out: Danny Spiller (Gillingham, free), Anwar Uddin (Barnet, free), Wes Thomas (Cheltenham, free), Alex Bentley (released), Hakeem Araba (Billericay Town), Mark Mwokeji (AFC Wimbledon, free)
Our view:: The Daggers' claimed an unexpected promotion last season and having been on the rise since 2004, they will be happy just to avoid an immediate return to League Two and secure another year of League One football.
Prediction: 24th

06-08-2010, 21:44
Inghilterra League 1 by Sky (Part 3)

Exeter City

Manager: Paul Tisdale. After impressing as manager of Team Bath, Tisdale was appointed Exeter boss in June 2006 and they have been on the rise ever since. Back-to-back promotions saw the Grecians return to the third tier last season for the first time since 1994 and Tisdale ensured they narrowly avoided an immediate return to League Two.
Key man: Daniel Nardiello. The former Manchester United trainee has been plagued by injury since leaving Barnsley for QPR in 2007 but at 27 he still has plenty to offer. He was loaned to Bury and Oldham last season and Exeter can consider it a coup that they lured Nardiello to the south coast after his release by Blackpool this summer.
Position last season: 18th
Players in: Daniel Nardiello (Blackpool, free), John O'Flynn (Barnet, free), Jake Thomson (Southampton, free), Billy Jones (Crewe, free), Artur Krysiak (Birmingham, free)
Players out: Manny Panther (Aldershot, free), Barry Corr (Southend, free), Craig McAllister (Crawley, free) Alex Russell, Joe Burnell, Neil Saunders, James Barry, Lewis Tasker, Matt Armstrong-Ford (all released)
Our view:: The Grecians finished just a point above the drop zone last season despite making a positive start. They are set to face another long battle this season but the arrival of Nardiello and John O'Flynn should provide the goals that will secure safety.
Prediction: 18th

Hartlepool United

Manager: Chris Turner. In his second spell at the Hartlepool helm, Turner returned in 2006 as director of sport. The former Sheffield Wednesday boss took over first-team duties in December 2008 following the departure of Danny Wilson and helped Pools narrowly avoid relegation the last two seasons.
Key man:Neil Austin. The no-nonsense full-back soon became a fans favourite following his summer switch from Darlington last year and went on to win the club's player of the year award. Pools will need the 27-year-old to be at his best again this season to be sure of another year in League One.
Position last season: 20th
Players in: Andy Rafferty (Guisborough, free), Evan Horwood (Carlisle, loan)
Players out: Ritchie Jones (Oldham, free), Ben Clark (Gateshead, free) Alan Power (Rushden, free), Jonny Rowell, Julian Cherel, Mark Cook, Matty Tymon (all released)
Our view:: Pools almost went down last term after being hit with a three-point deduction for fielding an ineligible player and with few changes to their squad this summer, they look set to struggle again this season.
Prediction: 22nd

Huddersfield Town

Manager: Lee Clark. The former Newcastle and Fulham midfielder left his role as assistant boss at Norwich in December 2008 to take charge of Huddersfield and has enhanced his reputation as one of the most promising managers in the country. The 37-year-old helped Town finish ninth in 2008/09 and make the play-offs last season, where they lost in the semi-finals to Millwall.
Key man:Jordan Rhodes. Roy Keane must be kicking himself after letting Rhodes leave Ipswich last season as he went on to hit 23 goals for the Terriers. At just 20, he is set to go from strength to strength and will be expected to spearhead Town's promotion bid this season.
Position last season: 6th
Players in: Jamie McCombe (Bristol City, undisclosed), Joey Gudjonsson (Burnley, free), Gary Naysmith (Sheff United, free), Ian Bennett (Sheff United, free), Scott Arfield (Falkirk, free), Lee Croft (Derby, loan), Graham Carey (Celtic, loan), Joe Garner (Nottingham Forest, loan)
Players out: Phil Jevons (Morecambe, free), James Berrett (Carlisle, free), Michael Collins (Scunthorpe, undisclosed), Andy Butler, Robbie Williams, Lewis Nightingale, Tom Denton, Taser Hassan (all released) Simon Eastwood (Oxford, free) Joe Skarz (Bury, undisclosed), James Spencer (Morecambe, loan), Leigh Franks (Oxford, loan)
Our view:: Clark has been given the go-ahead to bring in a host of new faces during the summer which are set to improve his squad yet again. With such resources at their disposal, the Terriers could be in contention for automatic promotion this term, let alone the play-offs.
Prediction: 4th

Leyton Orient

Manager: Russell Slade. The former Grimsby and Yeovil boss was sacked by Brighton last November, just six months after leading the Seagulls to League One survival. The 47-year-old was then tasked with keeping Orient up just six games before the end of the season and signed a two-year contract at Brisbane Road after they beat the drop by just a point.
Key man:Ben Chorley. The former Arsenal trainee made an immediate impression following his summer switch from Tranmere last year and soon became a regular in the Orient defence. The 27-year-old's commanding performances at centre-half saw him named player of the year and he will continue to play an important role at the back for Orient.
Position last season: 17th
Players in: Matthew Spring (Charlton, free), Dean Cox (Brighton, free), Stephen Dawson (Bury, free), Lee Butcher (Tottenham, free), Elliot Omozusi (Fulham, free), Aaron Brown (Aldershot, free), Terrell Forbes (Yeovil, free), George Porter (Cray Wanderers, free), Alex Revell (Southend, free)
Players out: Tamika Mkandawire (Millwall, free), Jason Demetriou (AEK Larnaca, free), Stephen Purches (Bournemouth, free), Luke Ashworth (Rotherham, free), Glenn Morris (Southend, free), Sean Thornton, Andrew Cave-Brown, Loick Pires, Harry Baker, James Scowcroft (all released)
Our view:: The O's finished in the bottom half of League One for the fourth straight season last term. However, Slade has made some encouraging signings which suggest Orient could climb into mid-table or beyond this season.
Prediction: 15th

06-08-2010, 21:48
Inghilterra League 1 by Sky (Part 4)

MK Dons

Manager: Karl Robinson. At 29, Robinson is the youngest manager in the Football League and the youngest coach ever to gain a UEFA Pro Licence. After an undistinguished playing career in non-league, he was Paul Ince's assistant last season and took over in May, with former England coach John Gorman as his number two while Dietmar Hamann has signed a one-year deal as player-coach.
Key man:Dean Lewington. The last former Wimbledon player to be involved with the Dons, Lewington has been captain for the last two seasons as the club has re-established itself in League One. The 26-year-old, who tends to play at left-back, has played over 40 league games for each of the last six seasons and will again be a pivotal figure this season.
Position last season: 12th
Players in: Lewis Guy (Doncaster, free), Dietmar Hamann (unattached), David Martin (Liverpool, free), Gary Mackenzie (Dundee, free), Angelo Balanta (QPR, loan)
Players out: David McCracken (Brentford, undisclosed), Lewis Gobern (Grimsby, free) Sol Davis, Darren Powell, David King, Dean Morgan (all released)
Our view:: The Dons finished third in 2008/09 and failed to build on that. With a rookie manager now at the helm, they would probably be content with a repeat of last season's mid-table finish.
Prediction: 17th

Notts County

Manager: Craig Short. The former Notts defender returned to the club this summer after beginning his coaching career in Hungary with Ferencvaros. It is hoped his appointment will win over some of the fans who became disillusioned by the ongoing saga surrounding the club's ownership last season.
Key man: Lee Hughes. The former West Brom striker has played in all four divisions and was on top form last season, scoring 30 goals in 39 league games for Notts. Despite now being 34, the predatory instinct he showed last season suggests he can still score goals in League One.
Position last season: 1st in League Two
Players in: Liam Chilvers (Preston, free), Ben Burgess (Blackpool, free), John Spicer (Doncaster, free), Rob Burch (Lincoln, free), Stuart Nelson (Aberdeen, free), Rob Birch (Lincoln, free), Jon Harley (Watford, free), David Grof (Unattached, free), Krystian Pearce (Birmingham, free)
Players out: David Kasper Schmeichel (Leeds, free), Johnnie Jackson (Charlton, free), Jamie Clapham, Delroy Facey (both Lincoln, both free), Sean Canham (Hereford, free), Matt Hamshaw (Macclesfield, free), Russell Hoult, Kevin Pilkington, Ben Fairclough, Ade Akinbiyi (all released)
Our view:: After last season's off-field problems, County will be happy to stay out of the media spotlight. Although they have trimmed down the wage bill, the Magpies have made some quality additions and still have a squad strong enough to potentially push for the play-offs.
Prediction: 6th

Oldham Athletic

Manager: Paul Dickov. The much-travelled striker was handed his first managerial role by Oldham in June, signing a one-year rolling contract as player-manager. The 37-year-old's first task is to win over the Latics faithful, who voiced their frustration at the football played under predecessor Dave Penney last season.
Key man: Warren Feeney. The Northern Ireland international failed to establish himself at Cardiff after joining them from Luton in 2007. But the 29-year-old is hoping to rediscover his top form in League One, where he scored regularly for Stockport and Bournemouth earlier in his career.
Position last season: 16th
Players in: Warren Feeney (Cardiff, free), Ritchie Jones (Oldham, free), Dean Kelly (Crumlin United, free)
Players out: Hasney Aljofree, Chris Rowney, Liam Dawson, Michael McKerr, Phil Ojapah, Rene Steer, Kiegan Parker (all released), Danny Whitaker (Chesterfield, free), Joe Colbek (Hereford, free), Pawel Abbott (Charlton, nominal fee)
Our view:: The Latics failed to impress last season as they stumbled to a bottom-half finish, just about staying clear of the relegation tussle. Dickov's appointment is a gamble but should he use his contacts effectively during the course of the season then Oldham could be setting their sights on a top-half finish.
Prediction: 16th

Peterborough United

Manager: Gary Johnson. After Johnson left Bristol City by mutual consent in March, Posh director of football Barry Fry was keen to secure his services before other clubs came into the reckoning in the summer. The former Latvia coach led Yeovil to two promotions and won League One promotion with Bristol City in 2006/07 before reaching the 2007/08 Championship play-off final.
Key man: George Boyd. The tricky winger caught the eye during Peterborough's back-to-back promotions and with Posh doomed to relegation last term, he went on loan to Nottingham Forest and was expected to make a permanent move in the summer. However, the 24-year-old signed a new three-year deal on his return to London Road, giving Posh a huge boost as they aim to make an immediate return to the Championship.
Position last season: 24th in the Championship
Players in: James Wesolowski (Leicester, signed), Kelvin Langmead (Shrewsbury, signed), Grant McCann (Scunthorpe, free), Mark Little (Wolves, free), Aaron Davies (Yeovil, free)
Players out:: Alfie Potter (Oxford, undisclosed), Danny Andrew (Cheltenham, free), Billy Crook, Sam Gaughran (released), Danny Blanchett (Crewe, free), Jamie Day (Rushden, free), Tom Williams (released), Shaun Batt (Millwall, undisclosed), Scott Rendell (Wycombe, undisclosed), Craig Morgan (Preston, £400,000), Kwesi Appiah (released), Sergio Torres (Crawley, £100,000), Liam Hatch (Darlington, loan), Toumani Diagouraga (Brentford, undisclosed)
Our view: The appointment of Gary Johnson should prove to be a shrewd move on the part of Peterborough's board. Johnson is an old hand at guiding clubs to promotion and will be confident of delivering a play-off spot, at least, for the London Road outfit.
Prediction: 8th

06-08-2010, 21:52
Inghilterra League 1 by Sky (Part 5)

Plymouth Argyle

Manager: Peter Reid. Five years after leaving Coventry, the former Sunderland boss returned to club management with Argyle in June. The ex-England international spent a year in charge of Thailand's national team before returning to the UK in September 2009 to become Tony Pulis's assistant at Stoke.
Key man: Carl Fletcher. The Argyle skipper did his best to inspire the Pilgrims to Championship survival last season but it wasn't enough. The 30-year-old midfielder, who has played for West Ham and Wales, began his career in the lower leagues with Bournemouth and his experience will be valuable as Plymouth aim to bounce back from last season.
Position last season: 23rd in the Championship
Players in: Rory Patterson (Glentoran, signed), Bondz N'Gala (West Ham, free), Anton Peterlin (unattached, free)
Players out: Jamie Mackie (QPR, undisclosed), Lloyd Saxton (Bradford, free), David McNamee (released), Yoann Folly (Aberdeen, free), Simon Walton (Sheffield United, loan), Ashley Barnes (Brighton, undisclosed), Alan Gow (released), Gary Sawyer (Bristol Rovers, free), George Donnelly (Stockport, loan)
Our view:: You may think Argyle would be happy to consolidate after last season's relegation but try telling that to Peter Reid. The 54-year-old will be keen to show he can still cut it in English management and has a squad capable of challenging for a play-off spot.
Prediction: 9th


Manager: Keith Hill. The former Dale defender took charge in December 2006 and has transformed the fortunes of the unheralded Lancashire club. The 40-year-old led Dale to the League Two play-offs in 2007/08 and 2008/09 before the club climbed out of the bottom tier for the first time since 1974.
Key man: Craig Dawson. The 20-year-old centre-half had already been spotted by Premier League scouts before Dale signed him from non-league in March 2009 and he went on to be named League Two player of the year last season. Dale have turned down a bid from Middlesbrough this summer and with several other key players leaving, his continued presence at Spotland is critical to Dale's hopes of survival.
Position last season: 3rd in League Two
Players in: Jack Redshaw (Manchester City, free), Joe Widdowson (Grimsby, free), Brian Barry-Murphy (Bury, free), Josh Lillis (Scunthorpe, loan), Jean-Louis Akpa Akpro (Grimsby, free), Anthony Elding (Ferencvaros, free), Matty Done (free), Alan Goodall (Chesterfield, free)
Players out: Kallum Higginbotham (Falkirk, free), Ciaran Toner (released), Rory McArdle (Aberdeen, free), Chris Dagnall (Scunthorpe, free), Kenny Arthur (Grimsby, free), Tom Kennedy (Leicester, free), Nathan Stanton (Burton, free)
Our view:: Dale have been unable to keep last season's squad together, with the loss of 20-goal striker Chris Dagnall the biggest blow. Speculation over Dawson's future may have disrupted Hill's pre-season plans too so they will be struggling to earn another season in League One.
Prediction: 23rd

Sheffield Wednesday

Manager: Alan Irvine. After cutting his teeth under David Moyes at Everton, Irvine was handed his first manager's job at Preston in 2007. The Scottish boss was sacked midway through last season before being appointed by Championship rivals Wednesday but he was unable to keep them up.
Key man: Clinton Morrison. The 31-year-old has a point to prove after being released by Coventry despite being their top scorer with 11 Championship goals last season. Dropping down a division, the Ireland international will be hopeful of reviving his career and showing the form that earned him a £4m move to Birmingham in 2002.
Position last season: 22nd in the Championship
Players in: Chris Sedgwick (Preston, free), Jon Otsemobor (Southampton, free), Paul Heffernan (Doncaster, free), Daniel Jones (Wolves, free), Giles Coke (Motherwell, free), Gary Teale (Derby, free), Neil Mellor (Preston, season-long loan), Clinton Morrison (Coventry, free)
Players out: Akpo Sodje (Charlton, free), Michael Gray (retired), Leon Clarke (QPR, free), Frank Simek (Carlisle, free), Etienne Esajas, Francis Jeffers (released), Lee Grant (Burnley, undisclosed), Sean McAllister (Shrewsbury, free), Nick Wood (Tranmere, free)
Our view:: Last season's final-day disappointment is still fresh in the memory but hopes are high the Owls can bounce straight back. Irvine has cleared out the squad and made some astute signings so Wednesday fans are right to expect a promotion challenge this season.
Prediction: 3rd


Manager: Alan Pardew. The former West Ham and Charlton boss took charge last summer and although the Saints had a 10-point deduction to contend with, he almost led them into the play-offs. The 49-year-old had money at his disposal last year following the club's takeover but he has spent it wisely.
Key man: Rickie Lambert. Pardew's big buy last summer was the Bristol Rovers hotshot but the 28-year-old has had no problems with his million-pound price tag. Lambert's excellent form over the last few years shows no sign of letting up as he scored 36 goals in his first season at St Mary's to be named League One player of the year.
Position last season: 7th
Players in: Ryan Dickson (Brentford, free), Frazer Richardson (Charlton, undisclosed), Danny Butterfield (Crystal Palace, free)
Players out: Oliver Lancashire (Walsall, free), Chris Perry, Wayne Thomas, Graeme Murty, Jamie White, Kyle McLaggon, Tom Dunford, Jack Boyle, Lee Molyneux (all released), Jake Thomson (Exeter, free), Jon Otsemobor (Sheffield Wednesday, free), Michael Poke (Brighton, free), Simon Gillett (Doncaster, free), Lloyd James (Colchester, free), Garyn Preen (Burton, free)
Our view:: The Saints shrugged off the disappointment of relegation in 2008/09 and a points deduction to almost make the play-offs last season. With them starting on level pegging this time round, a similar haul from Lambert should see them promoted back into the Championship.
Prediction: 1st

06-08-2010, 21:55
Inghilterra League 1 by Sky (Part 6)

Swindon Town

Manager: Danny Wilson. After leaving Hartlepool in December 2008, Wilson was quickly appointed at Swindon and set about rebuilding the Robins' squad. The former Barnsley and Bristol City boss put together the side which exceeded expectations by reaching last season's League One play-off final.
Key man: Charlie Austin. Signed from non-league last October, the 21-year-old striker went on to bag 19 goals in 33 league games for the Robins last season. With top scorer Billy Paynter having been snapped up by Leeds, the pressure will fall on Austin to keep producing the goods this term.
Position last season: 5th
Players in: Michael Rose (Stockport, free), David Prutton (Colchester, free), David Ball (Manchester City, loan)
Players out: Kurt Hammonds, Mark Marshall (both released), Billy Paynter (Leeds, free), Alex Henshall (Man City, undisclosed), Lloyd Macklin (Torquay, free), Craig Easton (Swindon, free), Gordon Greer (Brighton, undisclosed)
Our view:: Having lost their captain Greer and top scorer Paynter, it will be a tall order for the Robins to repeat last season's success. Wilson may have to consolidate this term before thinking about another tilt at promotion the following season.
Prediction: 14th

Tranmere Rovers

Manager: Much like Nigel Adkins at Scunthorpe, Les Parry became manager after being physio at the club since the early 90's. Appointed as a stop-gap last October after John Barnes had left Rovers languishing in the drop zone, the 52-year-old's record as caretaker meant he was given the job full-time and he ultimately led them to survival.
Key man: Ian Thomas-Moore. Returned to his first club in 2008 after an 11-year absence. The 33-year-old has never been the most prolific forward but netted 15 goals last season, scoring three in the last three games to help secure survival.
Position last season: 19th
Players in: Joss Labadie (West Brom, free), Timothy Cathalina (FC Emmen, free), Gunnar Nielsen (Manchester City, loan until January), Enoch Showumni (Falkirk, free), Nick Wood (Sheffield Wednesday, free)
Players out: Bas Savage, Chris Shuker, Gareth Edds, Charlie Barnett, Josh Macauley, Kithson Bain (all released), Craig Curran (Carlisle, free)
Our view:: Seven points from their last nine saw Rovers avoid relegation on the final day and they still have the popular Parry at the helm. But with few changes over the summer, Parry may be needed to conjure up some more inspirational magic this season.
Prediction: 21st


Manager: Chris Hutchings. A former Walsall player, Hutchings was assistant to Paul Jewell at Derby, Wigan and Bradford and had unsuccessful Premier League stints as manager of the latter two. The 53-year-old was named as Johnny Mullen's successor at Walsall in January 2009 and has this time found his feet in the top job.
Key man: Troy Deeney. Led the Saddlers' scoring charts last season with 14 league goals, while veteran strike partner Darren Byfield contributed 10. The home-grown striker, 22, will be eager to maintain the form that saw him named the club's player of the year.
Position last season: 10th
Players in: Jonny Brain (Macclesfield, free), Paul Marshall (Manchester City, free), Julian Gray (free), Dave Bevan (free), Oliver Lancashire (Southampton, free), Aaron Lescott (Bristol Rovers, free), Ryan McGivern (Manchester City, loan)
Players out: Clayton Ince (retired), Rhys Weston, Sam Parkin (St Johnstone, free), Netan Sansara, Peter Till, Sam Adkins, Richard Davies (all released), Mark Bradley (Rotherham, free), Josh O'Keefe (Lincoln, free), Dwayne Mattis (Chesterfield), Rene Gilmartin (Watford, undisclosed), Jamie Vincent (Aldershot, free), Mark Hughes (North Queensland Fury, free)
Our view:: After three mid-table finishes since winning the 2006/07 League Two title, they will be aiming to kick on. New goalkeeper Jonny Brain was Macclesfield's player of the year while Aaron Lescott brings experience but the loss of Jamie Vincent may prevent them mounting a play-off push.
Prediction: 12th


Manager: Terry Skiverton. The former Chelsea trainee was named player-manager in February 2009 following the departure of Russell Slade and kept the Glovers in League One. After calling time on his playing days last summer, the 35-year-old oversaw a creditable first full season in charge.
Key man: Dean Bowditch. Yeovil have struggled for goalscorers in recent years with Bowditch's 10 making him their top scorer last season after joining from Ipswich last summer. Considering they came from 26 league starts, that wasn't a bad record for the 24-year-old forward and his signing a new contract this summer was a big boost for the Glovers.
Position last season: 15th
Players in: Luke Ayling (Arsenal, free), Luke Freeman (Arsenal, loan until December), Andy Williams (Bristol Rovers, free), Ed Upson (Ipswich, free), Paul Huntington (Stockport, free), Rob Kiernan (Watford, loan), Cameron Stewart (Manchester United, loan), Adam Virgo (Brighton, free)
Players out: Aidan Downes, Scott Murray, Richard Martin, Andre McCollin (all released), Terrell Forbes (Leyton Orient, free), Gavin Tomlin (Dagenham, free), Kieran Murtagh (Wycombe, free)
Our view:: Since winning the 2004/05 League Two title the Glovers have held their own in the third tier. Although a repeat of their 2006/07 play-off appearance may be beyond them, they will be hopeful of improving on last season's finish.
Prediction: 20th

06-08-2010, 22:08
Inghilterra Championship by Scouting (Part 1)

Barnsley: The Tykes struggled last season and there is little reason to believe that they won't do so again. The loss of top scorer Daniel Bogdanovish to Sheffield United is a big blow and much will depend on whether Mark Robins can replace him.
Bristol City: Having Steve Coppell as boss if you're a Championship club can never be a bad thing. He has a good basis to build on and has made the division's most glamorous summer signing, David James. Damion Stewart should be a good squad addition too. The Robins should be play-off material.
Burnley: The Clarets seemed to resign themselves to Championship football last season with the managerial appointment of Brian Laws. However, Laws has little experience of a Championship promotion campaign. Although they have good quality players such as Steven Fletcher, Chris Iwelumo and Clarke Carlisle, it is questionable whether Laws has the acumen to mastermind the promotion push that Burnley fans will expect.
Cardiff City: Although the Bluebirds have lost Joe Ledley, they retain the requisite quality to challenge at the top again. If they can stave off financial troubles and keep the likes of Peter Whittingham, it is fair to say that anyone finishing above Dave Jones' side will be having a very good season.
Coventry City: New boss Aidy Boothroyd should steer the Sky Blues away from the relegation worries of last season. However, losing Clinton Morrison will be a blow and it is questionable whether new signings such as Lee Carsley and Clive Platt will make up the deficit in goals.
Crystal Palace: Having survived by the skin of their teeth last season, there is a determination about Palace that means they will probably do better than most expect. The expected summer exit of talent hasn’t materialized and shrewd new manager George Burley could show what the Eagles would have done without last season's financial woes and challenge for the play-offs.
Derby County: Expect another solid mid-table finish from Nigel Clough's side with the occasional flirt with the top half of the table. Keeping the likes of Rob Hulse and Kris Commons was crucial for the Rams, who should continue to make slow progress under Clough.
Doncaster Rovers: Donny are one of the most attractive sides in the division. Sean O'Driscoll can be confident of pushing for the top ten, given the capabilities of players such as Brian Stock and strikers James Hayter and Billy Sharp.
Hull City: Nigel Pearson is an excellent appointment and will certainly prevent freefall at the KC Stadium. However, the Tigers are tough to predict. The signings of Nobby Solano and James Harper don't inspire too much confidence though.
Ipswich Town: It's do or die for Roy Keane. His side recovered from a horrible position last season when expectations were high. He will have to show significant progress this term and with the likes of Jon Stead and Jonathan Walters possibly leaving Portman Road, Keane will have to fight hard. That's exactly how he likes it though.
Leeds United: Stumbled over the line to promotion, but such are the expectations at Elland Road, that many will expect another promotion challenge. A mid-table finish is most likely, although Billy Paynter will struggle to continue where Jermaine Beckford left off.

06-08-2010, 22:11
Inghilterra Championship by Scouting (Part 2)

Leicester City: Losing Nigel Pearson was a blow but replacing him with Paulo Sousa could prove to be a master-stroke. The Portugese manager could be just the man to get the best out of quality players like Jack Hobbs and Matty Fryatt again and launch another promotion challenge.
Middlesbrough: The pressure will be on Gordon Strachan to produce the goods and return to the Premier League. Strachan has made the kind of summer signings that give Boro every chance of a return to the big time, including striker Kris Boyd and former Celtic captain Stephen McManus. The team to beat this season.
Millwall: Nobody will relish a trip to The Den. Nonetheless, it could be a tough slog for Kenny Jacket's side. If players like Steve Morison can make a seamless transition to Championship level, Millwall could surprise people. Otherwise, they will have to rely on an excellent team spirit to keep their heads above water.
Norwich City: In forwards such as Grant Holt, Chris Martin and new boy Simeon Jackson, Norwich should do well this season. It is unclear how many of Paul Lambert's squad can make the step up from League One, but there is enough quality in his squad to produce a comfortable first season back in the Championship.
Nottingham Forest: Minus the loss of defender James Perch, it should be as you were at the City Ground. Billy Davies will hope to keep the momentum going from last season and there is no reason why the likes of Dexter Blackstock and Rob Earnshaw can't shoot Forest to a top six finish again.
Portsmouth: Anything could happen at Fratton Park…again. Some have predicted a sharp fall through the divisions for Pompey, but Steve Cotterill should ensure that doesn't happen. Some players such as Frederic Piquionne and David James have left the club, but the futures of other players remain unclear. It could be a rocky road for Portsmouth.
Preston North End: Disappointing last season, it remains to be seen whether Darren Ferguson has what it takes to be a Championship manager. The signings of Wayne Brown and Craig Morgan will add extra steel to the North End side, but much will depend on Paul Hayes to provide the spark needed to take Preston into the top half of the table.
Queens Park Rangers: Neil Warnock is an old hand in this division. The combination of Warnock's experience and cash-rich owners should spell success. But, Rangers have lost exciting players from last season such as Wayne Routledge, Jay Simpson and possibly Adel Taraabt. Poor replacements such as Leon Clarke indicate that Rangers will struggle to make much headway again this term.
Reading: If last season's savior, Brian McDermott can continue to work his magic, a play-off spot is possible for the Royals. Reading have enough exciting players such as Jobi McAnuff and Gylfi Sygurdsson to trouble most Championship defences on a regular basis. The likes of Ivar Ingimarsson and Adam Federici will provide solidity at the back.
Scunthorpe United: It is hard to see anything but relegation for Paul Adkins' side. Having struggled to stay up last season, Scunny have lost Gary Hooper to Celtic and fellow front man Paul Hayes to Preston. Can 24-year-old Chris Dagnall, signed from Rochdale really fill the huge gap left by Hooper and Hayes?
Sheffield United: The Blades can be expected to sniff around the play-offs again. Kevin Blackwell has made some astute signings, shoring things up at the back with Nyron Nosworthy and Robert Kozluk coming to Brammall Lane Up front, Daniel Bogdanovic is a proven goalscorer at this level. Another solid season ahead for United.
Swansea: The big question for the Swans will be how they will cope without Paulo Sousa? Brendan Rodgers would seem an unlikely candidate to signal that progress will be made on last term. Expect a lower half finish, although a meager defence and some creativity from new signing Scott Donnelly could push the Swans a little further up the table.
Watford: The Hornets struggled to escape the drop last season and there is little to indicate that this season will be anything more than a relegation scrap. Much could depend on the loan market for Watford with Manchester United's Tom Cleverly being a major plus point last season. The likes of Don Cowie and Danny Graham provide hope, but Malky Mackay has admitted that there will be no big signings and has offloaded bigger earners such as Jay De Merit and Jon Harley.

Top Six
1. Middlesbrough
2. Cardiff City
3. Nottingham Forest
4. Leicester City
5. Reading
6. Sheffield United

Bottom Three
22. Millwall
23. Watford
24. Scunthorpe United

06-08-2010, 22:31
Inghilterra League 2 by Sky (Part 1)


Manager: John Coleman. Stanley have been on the rise ever since Coleman took charge in 1999, winning three promotions to come back into the Football League in 2006. They have enjoyed a better league finish each and every season under the 47-year-old boss, who has relied on his vast knowledge at that level having been a much-travelled non-league striker.
Key man: Phil Edwards. The commanding centre-back joined Accy
initially on loan in 2005 and provides a massive presence at the back. An ever-present last season, the 24-year-old also weighed in with eight goals and is one of Stanley's most consistent players.
Position last season: 15th
Players in: Andy Parkinson (Gateshead, free), Ray Putterill (unattached), Craig Lindfield (Macclesfield, free), Michael Hall (Blackburn , free)
Players out: Bobby Grant (Scunthorpe, 260,000), Michael Symes (Bournemouth, free), Darran Kempson (Grimsby, free)
Chances: Stanley have been forced to let go last season's 37-goal strike-force of Grant and Symes and Coleman's bid to boost the squad was hindered by a transfer embargo for part of the summer. Even the arrival of ex-Tranmere winger Andy Parkinson may not be enough to stave off a relegation scrap.
Prediction: 22nd


Manager: Kevin Dillon. After over a decade in various coaching roles at Reading, Dillon was given his first managers' job by Aldershot last November. And so far it has proved a sound appointment as the fiery 50-year-old steered the Shots to the play-offs and their best league finish since being reformed.
Key man: Jamie Vincent. Despite agreeing to sign a new deal at Walsall, the League One club agreed to release Vincent so that he could be nearer his family in Berkshire. The 35-year-old defender was Walsall's players' player of the year and has made over 400 league appearances for the likes of Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Swindon so brings some much-needed experience.
Position last season: 6th
Players in: Glenn Little (Sheff United, free), Jamie Vincent (Walsall, free), Luke Guttridge (Northampton, free), Manny Panther (Exeter, free), Darren Jones (Hereford, free), Jack Randall (Crystal Palace, free), Wade Small (Chesterfield, free), Jermaine McGlashan (free), Aaron Morris (Cardiff, free), Clayton Fortune (Weston-super-Mare, free)
Players out: Scott Donnelly (Swansea), Lewis Chalmers (Macclesfield, free), Andy Sandell (Wycombe, free), Mikhael Jaimez- Ruiz, John Grant, Dean Howell, Omer Riza (all released)
Chances: The Shots' 14-goal midfielder Scott Donnelly caught the eye during their surprise run to the play-offs and has left for the Championship. But Dillon has been busy to ensure he still has enough quality and experience to go for a repeat of last year's success.
Prediction: 9th


Manager: Mark Stimson. The 42-year-old made his name in non-league in charge of Grays and Stevenage before being named Gillingham boss in November 2007. Stimson has a point to prove as despite winning the League Two play-offs in 2008/09, he was sacked after the Gills suffered relegation from League One on the final day of last season.
Key man: Jake Cole. Snapped up by the Bees following his release by QPR last summer, the 24-year-old goalkeeper was an ever-present last season. Having played a big part in Barnet securing their league status, he was also named the club's player of the year.
Position last season: 21st
Players in: Steve Kabba (Brentford, free), Mark Byrne (Nottm Forest, loan), Sam Cox (Tottenham, free), Jordan Parkes (Watford, free), Danny Kelly (Norwich, free), Anwar Uddin (Dagenham & Redbridge, free), Rossi Jarvis (Luton, free), Charlie Stimson (Gillingham, free), Ricky Holmes (Chelmsford, free), Glen Southam (Histon, free), Glenn Poole (AFC Wimbledon, free).
Players out: John O'Flynn (Exeter, free), Albert Adomah (Bristol City, £150,000), Albert Jarrett (Lincoln, free), Paul Furlong (Kettering, free), Ismail Yakubu (AFC Wimbledon, free), Micah Hyde (Billericay Town, free), Kenny Gillet (Inverness CT, free), Jake Hyde, Nicky Deverdics, Ryan O'Neill, Luke Medley, Cliff Akurang, Ahmed Deen (all released).
Chances: There was little the Bees could do to keep top scorer John O'Flynn and Albert Adomah but otherwise there has been a massive overhaul of the squad. The newcomers lack experience, although Stimson is hoping they will provide enough hunger and desire to avoid a repeat of last season's ongoing relegation tussle.
Prediction: 21st


Manager: Peter Taylor. The vastly-experienced boss has managed in all four divisions plus non-league and has led Hull and Wycombe out of League Two. The 57-year-old was sacked by Wycombe last October and after succeeding Stuart McCall in February until the end of the season, he has now signed a new one-year deal.
Key man: Tommy Doherty. The tenacious midfielder spent the end of last season in Hungary on a short-term deal with Ferencvaros but returned to the UK in May on a two-year contract. The former Northern Ireland international, 31, made over 200 appearances for Bristol City and won League Two promotion with Wycombe in 2008/09 under Taylor.
Position last season: 14th
Players in: Jake Speight (Mansfield, £25,000), Tommy Doherty (Ferencvaros, free), Shane Duff (Cheltenham, free) Louis Moult (Stoke, loan), Lewis Hunt (Wycombe, free)
Players out:
Chances: Considering their resources, Bradford have massively under- achieved since being relegated to the bottom tier in 2006/07. But with a man of Taylor's experience now at the helm the Bantams are widely expected to finally mount a serious League Two promotion challenge this season.
Prediction: 3rd

06-08-2010, 22:34
Inghilterra League 2 by Sky (Part 2)


Manager: Paul Peschisolido. The former Canada international was handed his first managerial job by Burton in May 2009 following the departure of Roy McFarland, who oversaw Albion's promotion from non-league after Nigel Clough left for Derby that January. And Peschisolido has soon settled into his new role, steering the Brewers to a creditable finish in their first season of league football.
Key man: Aaron Webster. As Burton have developed so too has left-back Webster, helping them to two promotions before holding his own in League Two last season. Albion's longest-serving player, 29, has now made over 450 appearances for the club and rejected the chance to join Crewe to sign a new deal this summer.
Position last season: 13th
Players in: Darren Moore (Barnsley, free), Nathan Stanton (Rochdale, free), Adam Bolder (Millwall, free), Jack Dyer (Aston Villa, free), James Ellison (Liverpool, free), Lewis Young (Watford, free), Garyn Preen (Southampton, free), Adam Legzdins (Crewe, free)
Players out: Guy Branston (Torquay, free), Marc Goodfellow (Barrow, free)
Chances: Burton soon found their feet in League Two last season and only a lack of consistency prevented them pushing for the play-offs.
With Peschisolido adding the likes of Darren Moore and Nathan Stanton to his defence, they could challenge for the top seven this term.
Prediction: 7th


Manager: Alan Knill. After being sacked by Rotherham in March 2007, Knill succeeded Chris Casper at another of his former clubs in February 2008 and steered Bury to safety. The 45-year-old has since turned the Shakers from perennial strugglers into promotion contenders as they went within a goal of automatic promotion in 2008/09 before falling out of the play-offs late last season.
Key man: Andy Bishop. After signing from York in 2006, Bishop was top scorer in his first three seasons at Gigg Lane. Bury tied the 27-year-old down to an improved deal in January 2009 and he will be keen to regain his top form after injury ruled him out for much of last season.
Position last season: 9th
Players in: Andrew Howarth (Blackburn, free), Steve Schumacher (Crewe, free)
Players out: Stephen Dawson (Leyton Orient, free), Brian Barry-Murphy (Rochdale, free), Ryan Cresswell (Rotherham, signed), Paul Scott (Morecambe, free), David Buchanan (Hamilton, free), Richie Baker (Oxford, free)
Chances: Bury had a host of players out of contract this summer and having narrowly missed out on promotion the last two seasons, many felt the time was right for pastures new, with the loss of captain Dawson and midfield partner Barry-Murphy the biggest blows. Knill may have to be content with a season of consolidation before building for another promotion tilt next season.
Prediction: 16th


Manager: Mark Yates. The former midfielder spent 18 months as Burnley's first-team coach under ex-Cheltenham boss Steve Cotterill before taking charge of Kidderminster in January 2006. The 40-year- old then rejoined the Robins last December to take over from Martin Allen and helped them narrowly beat the drop.
Key man: JJ Melligan. The former Wolves trainee rejoined the club this summer after making over 100 appearances in his first stint with the Robins before leaving for Leyton Orient in 2007. The 28-year-old Irish midfielder finished last season back home with Dundalk after falling out with then-Orient boss Geraint Williams and will be keen to re-establish himself in the UK.
Position last season: 22nd
Players in: JJ Melligan (Dundalk, free), Frankie Artus (Bristol City, free), Wes Thomas (Dagenham & Redbridge, free), Jeff Goulding (Bournemouth, free), Danny Andrews (Peterborough, free), Daniel Lloyd- Weston (Port Vale, free), Martin Riley (Kidderminster, free)
Players out: Shane Duff (Bradford, free), Michael Townsend (Hereford, Free), Lee Ridley (Grimsby, free), Julian Alsop (Bishops Cleeve, free), Barry Hayles, Scott Brown, David Hutton (all released)
Chances: The Robins narrowly avoided a second successive relegation last term and Yates has since transformed the squad. But despite making some positive signings, they could struggle to maintain their league status for another year.
Prediction: 23rd


Manager: John Sheridan. The former Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday midfielder was twice caretaker boss while playing at Oldham before being named permanent manager in June 2006, leading the Latics to the League One play-offs in his first season. The 45-year-old left last summer and narrowly missed out on the League Two play-offs with Chesterfield after being in contention all season.
Key man: Jack Lester. One of the most gifted strikers in league Two, Lester hit over 20 goals in his first two seasons with Chesterfield after joining from Nottingham Forest in 2007. The 34-year-old was again top scorer last term but will be expected to boost his 12-goal tally as he leads the Spireites into their new stadium.
Position last season: 8th
Players in: Craig Davies (Brighton, free), Simon Ford (Kilmarnock, free), Jack Hunt (Huddersfield, loan)
Players out: Martin Gritton (Torquay, loan)
Chances: Craig Davies impressed at times under Sheridan at Oldham and the Spireites boss will be hoping the summer signing can form a productive partnership with Lester. If so, the Spireites can be confident of improving on last season and they could mark their first year at the B2net Stadium with promotion.
Prediction: 4th

06-08-2010, 22:36
Inghilterra League 2 by Sky (Part 3)


Manager: Dario Gradi. After taking an upstairs role, the Crewe legend returned to the Alex hotseat after the sacking of Gudjon Thordarson last October. Gradi, 69, has now been Crewe manager for 25 years, overseeing their rise to the second tier and back again.
Key man: Ashley Westwood. The 20-year-old midfielder established himself as a first-team regular last season and was rewarded with the club's player of the year award. The local lad signed an improved deal this summer and Crewe will be hoping he can continue his development while taking on extra responsibility following the sale of James Bailey and John Brayford.
Position last season: 18th
Players in: Rhys Taylor (Chelsea, loan), David Artell (Morecambe, free), Adam Dugdale (Barrow, free), Bartek Fogler (free)
Players out: James Bailey, John Brayford (both Derby, undisclosed fee), Steve Schumacher (Bury, free), Adam Legzdins (Burton, free), Danny O'Donnell (Shrewsbury, released)
Chances: Bailey and Brayford were the latest off the Crewe production line this summer, but Gradi hopes the arrival of experienced defender David Artell will compensate for their loss. Alex never looked like making an immediate return to League One last season and will be eager for an improvement on their lowly finish.
Prediction: 15th


Manager: Andy Hessenthaler. The Gills legend returned to the club from Dover in May after Mark Stimson paid the price for relegation from League One. Hessenthaler spent 10 years in the Gills' midfield from 1996, four of them as player-manager while the club was at its highest-ever point in the second tier.
Key man: Andy Barcham. After helping the Gills to promotion from League Two in his first full season at the Priestfield, he was unable to keep them up last term. The 23-year-old forward's efforts were recognised with the player of the year award, though, and he will be looking to pick up the slack following the departure of star striker Simeon Jackson for a reported £600,000.
Position last season: 21st in League One
Players in: Adebayo Akinfenwa (Northampton, free), Danny Spiller (Dagenham & Redbridge, free), Tony Sinclair (Woking, signed), Cody McDonald (Norwich, loan), Stefan Payne (Fulham, free), Andy White (Reading, free)
Players out: Simeon Jackson (Norwich, £600,000), Stuart Lewis (Dagenham & Redbridge, free), Simon Royce (Brentford, free), Adam Miller (Cambridge, free), Charlie Stimson (Barnet, free), Luis Cumbers, Tom Wynter, James Walker, Andy Pugh, Jacob Erskine (all released)
Chances: The Gills will still be smarting from last season's relegation, when they slipped into the drop zone on the final day, and they will find it difficult to replace the 42 goals scored by Simeon Jackson in the last two seasons. But if anyone can inspire the Gillls to bounce straight back it's Hessenthaler, who unlike his first stint in charge can focus solely on managerial duties.
Prediction: 2nd


Manager: Simon Davey. Although Darlington were doomed to relegation when Davey took charge in April, he still had time to show glimpses of the leadership qualities that helped Barnsley to the FA Cup semi- finals in 2008. Hereford were keen to get the 39-year-old Welshman back in league management and appointed him as Graham Turner's successor on a two-year contract.
Key man: Janos Kovacs. The Hungarian defender returned to league football this summer after finishing last season with Luton. The 24- year-old had his contract with Lincoln cancelled by mutual consent in January but has now been tasked with shoring up the Hereford defence following the departure of Darren Jones.
Position last season: 16th
Players in: Joe Colbeck, (Oldham, free), Janos Kovacs (Luton, free), Sean Canham (Notts County, free), Stuart Fleetwood (Charlton, free), O'Neil Thompson (Barnsley,
Players out: Darren Jones (Aldershot, signed), Gavin McCallum (Lincoln, signed), Marc Pugh (Bournemouth, free)
Chances: The Bulls regrouped last term following relegation from League One in 2008/09 but this season marks a new era with Graham Turner having left for Shrewsbury after 15 years at Edgar Street as both manager and chairman. Davey is relishing a fresh challenge and will be hopeful of a mid-table finish.
Prediction: 12th


Manager: Chris Sutton. A surprise appointment given he had no previous managerial experience, the former Blackburn and Celtic striker has made a decent start to life in the dug-out. The 37-year-old steered the Imps to safety with two games to spare after succeeding Peter Jackson last September.
Key man: Scott Kerr. After falling out of the side early last season, the long-serving midfielder fought his way back in to re-establish himself in the Imps' engine room. The 28-year-old is now one of the senior players at Sincil Bank and Sutton will be urging his captain to lead by example again this term.
Position last season: 20th
Players in: Gavin McCallum (Hereford, signed), Drewe Broughton (Rotherham, free), Albert Jarrett (Barnet, free)
Players out: Rob Burch (Notts County, free)
Chances: After a flurry of loan signings last term, Sutton has set about putting his own stamp on the team this summer. He has made some useful additions, particularly experienced striker Drewe Broughton, and the Imps could mount a play-off push.
Prediction: 6th

06-08-2010, 22:39
Inghilterra League 2 by Sky (Part 4)


Manager: Gary Simpson. Macclesfield were rocked by the sudden passing of Keith Alexander in March, which led to his long-time assistant taking up his first manager's position, signing a two-year deal in April. Simpson previously had a spell as caretaker boss at Lincoln in
2003/04 and joined Macc with Alexander in 2008.
Key man: Nat Brown. The towering defender joined Macc on a permanent basis last summer having previously been on loan from Wrexham. The ex- Huddersfield and Lincoln man was crucial to keeping the Silkmen safe last season, making 38 league appearances, and the 29-year-old signed a new two-year deal at Moss Rose in May.
Position last season: 19th
Players in: Matt Hamshaw (Notts County, free), Lewis Chalmers (Aldershot, free), Jack Cudworth (Rhyl, free), Jason Beardsley (Tampa Bay, free)
Players out: Jonny Brain (Walsall, free), Craig Lindfield (Accrington, free)
Chances: Macc operate on a shoestring and were unable to keep hold of goalkeeper Jonny Brain, last season's player of the year. Matt Hamshaw is a useful addition but the Silkmen have finished in the bottom half of League Two for the last five seasons and there seems little chance of that changing this term.
Prediction: 24th


Manager: Sammy McIlroy. The former Manchester United star led Macclesfield into the Football League for the first time and repeated the feat with Morecambe in 2007. The Shrimps have since held their own in League Two and McIlroy, 55, led them to their best-ever finish last season.
Key man: Phil Jevons. The former Everton trainee arrived on a season- long loan from Huddersfield last year and enjoyed his most prolific season since 2004/05 at Yeovil, banging in 18 goals in 40 league games. Having made the move permanent this summer, the 30-year-old striker will have to produce a similar effort to get the Shrimps into the play-offs again this term.
Position last season: 4th
Players in: Phil Jevons (Huddersfield, free), Paul Scott (Bury, free), Chris McCready (Northampton, free), Andrew Fleming (Wrexham, signed)
Players out: Wayne Curtis (Fleetwood, free)
Chances: Seen by many as relegation contenders last season, the Shrimps exceeded expectations to bid farewell to Christie Park by finishing fourth. Although delays meant no pre-season friendlies could be played at their new Globe Arena, there is still a feel-good factor on the Lancashire coast that McIlroy will aim to maintain that into the new campaign.
Prediction: 11th


Manager: Ian Sampson. The former Cobblers defender began coaching in the club's youth ranks before becoming caretaker boss during 2006/07 and staying on as first-team coach under Stuart Gray. The 41-year-old took over last October after Gray was sacked and steered Northampton to an 11th-placed finish.
Key Man: Tadhg Purcell. The Irish striker was a revelation last season after Darlington brought him over from Shamrock Rovers on a short-term deal in January. Although Darlington were destined for relegation, the 25-year-old scored nine goals in 22 games to earn a two-year deal with Northampton.
Position last season: 11th
Players in: Tadhg Purcell (Darlington, free), John Johnson (Middlesbrough, free), Nathaniel Wedderburn (Stoke, free), Marcus Hall (Coventry, free)
Players out: Adebayo Akinfenwa (Gillingham, free), Chris McCready (Morecambe, free) Luke Guttridge (Aldershot, free), Peter Gilbert (Southend, free)
Chances: Tadhg Purcell should be an adequate replacement for 17-goal top scorer Adebayo Akinfenwa, whose contract expired at the end of the season. A mid-table finish was respectable following League One relegation in 2008/09 and if the Cobblers can reproduce the form that saw them lose just two in 21 games in the middle of last season, they could compete for the top seven.
Prediction: 10th


Manager: Chris Wilder. The former Sheffield United and Rotherham full-back spent six years as Halifax boss until they went into liquidation in 2008. Wilder, 42, then spent six months as Alan Knill's assistant at Bury, helping them into promotion contention, before taking the chance to manage Oxford, narrowly missing out on the top six in 2008/09 and winning the play-offs in his first full season.
Key Man: James Constable. After scoring 23 league goals on loan from Shrewsbury for 2008/09, Constable made the move permanent last summer and hit another 22 in 37 games as the U's clinched promotion. The 25- year-old striker was named captain this summer and will be eager to prove himself in the league after a brief spell with Walsall.
Position last season: 3rd in the Conference.
Players in: Harry Worley (Leicester, free), Richie Baker (Bury, free), Matt Green (Torquay, free), Simon Heslop (Barnsley, free), Jake Wright (Brighton, free), Mitchell Cole (Stevenage, signed), Leigh Franks (Huddersfield, loan), Danny Philliskirk (Chelsea, loan)
Players out: Billy Turley (Brackley, free), Kevin Sandwith (Mansfield, free), Adam Murray (Luton, free), Chris Hargreaves (released)
Chances: The U's are back in the league after relegation in 2006 and will be happy just to secure their league status for another year. Wilder has made some useful acquisitions which should keep them clear of the relegation scrap, although a mid-table finish could be achievable.
Prediction: 17th

06-08-2010, 22:41
Inghilterra League 2 by Sky (Part 5)


Manager: Micky Adams. The former Leicester and Brighton boss succeeded Dean Glover last summer and in September made the bold - or stupid - move of transfer listing his entire squad after three straight defeats. But the decision paid off as the team responded by losing just two of their next 17 league games to almost reach the play-offs.
Key Man: Anthony Griffith. After playing at right-back in 2008/09, the 23-year-old was switched to his preferred role as midfield enforcer and formed an effective partnership with Tommy Fraser. Griffith enjoyed the best form of his career yet and went on to be named Vale's player of the year before signing a new two-year contract in the summer.
Position last season: 10th
Players in: Gary Roberts (Huddersfield, free)
Players out: Daniel Lloyd-Weston (Cheltenham, free) Danny Glover, James Lawrie, David Howland, Luke Prosser (all released)
Chances: Last season's finish lifted spirits at Vale Park after relegation from League One in 2007/08 before finishing 18th in 2008/09. Adams has earned the respect of the players and the fans and they could be in contention for a play-off spot this term.
Prediction: 8th


Manager: Ronnie Moore. After eight years as Rotherham boss between 1997 and 2005, Moore returned last summer following stints at Oldham and Tranmere. The ex-Millers striker led them to back-to-back promotions in his first spell in charge and almost took them up again last term as they lost to Dagenham & Redbridge in the play-off final.
Key Man: Deemed surplus to requirements at Rochdale, Adam Le Fondre was allowed to make a £100,000 move to Rotherham last summer. And the 23-year-old striker has already repaid every penny, with his 30 goals last season almost steering the Millers to promotion.
Position last season: 5th
Players in: Ryan Cresswell (Bury, signed), Johnny Mullins (Stockport, free), Marcus Marshall (Blackburn, free), Luke Ashworth (Leyton Orient, free), Mark Bradley (Walsall, free), Tom Elliott (Leeds, loan), Exodus Geohaghon (Peterborough, loan)
Players out: Drewe Broughton (Lincoln, free), Ian Sharps (Shrewsbury, free), Micky Cummins (Grimsby, free), Mark Lynch (Stockport, free), Pablo Mills (Crawley, free), Andy Liddell, Marc Joseph, Andrew Nicholas (all released)
Chances: The Millers would have finished fifth but for their 17-point deduction in 2008/09 and that's exactly where they finished last season. With Moore having boosted his squad with some quality signings, expect them to be challenging for the title this term.
Prediction: 1st


Manager: Graham Turner. After leaving the club for Aston Villa in 1984, Turner returned for his second spell as Shrews boss this summer. The 62-year-old had been at Hereford for the last 15 years as both manager and chairman, leading them from the Conference to League One, but it was time for a new challenge.
Key Man: Matt Harrold. The Shrews struggled to replace the goals of Grant Holt and Ben Davies last season with only Dave Hibbert getting into double figures and he left for Peterborough this summer. But Harrold has arrived from Wycombe and after scoring 10 goals in League One last season, the 26-year-old striker will be confident of doing the business for the Shrews this term.
Position last season: 12th
Players in: Matt Harrold (Wycombe, free), Sean McAllister (Sheffield Wednesday, free), Ian Sharps (Rotherham, free), David Raven (Carlisle, free), Matt Sadler (Watford, loan), Danny O'Donnell (Crewe, free), Lionel Ainsworth(Huddersfield, free), Ben Smith (Doncaster, free)
Players out: Kelvin Langmead (Peterborough, signed), Dave Hibbert (Peterborough, free), Graham Coughlan (Southend, free)
Chances: The Shrews have seen the heart of their defence move on, along with top scorer Hibbert, and having not spent as much as in recent years, expectations will be lower this term. With a new man at the helm too, they may have to settle for a season of consolidation.
Prediction: 18th


Manager: Paul Sturrock. Steve Tilson's seven-year reign came to an end this summer following relegation from League One and the Shrimpers appointed Scottish boss Sturrock. The 53-year-old has enjoyed much success in England's lower leagues, leading Plymouth, Sheffield Wednesday and Swindon to promotion in the last eight years.
Key Man: Anthony Grant. The former Chelsea trainee joined the Shrimpers in 2008, initially on loan, and has established himself as an important figure in midfield. The club's financial problems meant they had to let a host of key players leave this summer so the onus will be on Grant to take a more senior role this term.
Position last season: 23rd in League One
Players in: Graham Coughlan (Shrewsbury, free), Rhys Eavans (Bristol Rovers, free), Craig Easton (Swindon, free), Peter Gilbert (Northampton, free), Barry Corr (Exeter, free), Blair Sturrock (Mansfield, free), Ryan Hall (Bromley, signed), Luke Prosser (Kiderminster), Mark Phillips (Brentford)
Players out: Simon Francis (Charlton, £35,000), Steve Mildenhall (Millwall, free), Adam Barrett (Crystal Palace, free), Alan McCormack (Charlton, free)
Chances: Last season was blighted by financial problems, which have also forced Southend to release captain Adam Barrett and player of the year Simon Francis this summer. Sturrock has brought in plenty of new blood but the Shrimpers will just be looking for stability after all the turmoil over the last year.
Prediction: 19th

06-08-2010, 22:44
Inghilterra League 2 by Sky (Part 6)


Manager: Graham Westley. After retiring through injury, Westley began his coaching career at 28 and has spent the last 14 years managing in non-league. The 42-year-old returned for a second stint as Stevenage boss in 2008, and after finishing fifth in 2008/09, he led them to last season's Conference title, giving the club and himself a first shot at league football.
Key Man: John Mousinho. The 24-year-old midfielder helped Wycombe to promotion from League Two in 2008/09 and was offered a new deal in the summer. However, the former Brentford man opted instead to sign a two-year contract with Stevenage and will be keen to prove it was the right move.
Position last season: 1st in the Conference
Players in: John Mousinho (Wycombe, free), Peter Winn (Scunthorpe, free), Robbie Sinclair (Salisbury, free)
Players out: Mitchell Cole (Oxford, free)
Chances: Stevenage are on a high after winning last season's Conference title and will be hoping to carry that momentum into the new season. A positive start could see them eyeing a play-off push but, in their first season in the Football League, mid-table security would be more than acceptable.
Prediction: 14th


Manager: Paul Simpson. The former Shrewsbury boss was appointed this summer after Gary Ablett left amid uncertainty during the club's protracted takeover. Simpson led Carlisle to back-to-back promotions and was perhaps harshly sacked after just over a year at Preston, although he failed to take Shrewsbury up the last two seasons when being one of League Two's biggest spenders.
Key Man: Barry Conlon. County have seen a host of senior players leave over the last year so it was vital Simpson brought in some experience and Conlon has bags of it. County are the burly Irish striker's 14th club and the 31-year-old has scored goals everywhere he's been.
Position last season: 24th in League One
Players in: Barry Conlon (Grimsby, free), Mark Lynch (Rotherham, free), George Donnelly (Plymouth, loan), Jordan Rose (Weymouth, free)
Players out: Johnny Mullins (Rotherham, free), Paul Huntington (Yeovil, free)
Chances: The Hatters are still trying to get back on their feet after being in administration for the whole of last season, which included a 17-match winless streak that left them destined to finish rock- bottom. The club finally came out of administration in the summer although Simpson has admitted survival is the only target this term.
Prediction: 20th


Manager: Paul Buckle. After being assistant at Exeter, Buckle was handed his first managerial role at Torquay following their relegation to the Conference in 2007. The 39-year-old led them to a third-placed finish in his first season before going up in the play- offs in 2008/09 and they secured League Two survival with a superb finish to last term.
Key Man: Lee Mansell. The former Luton and Oxford midfielder has been at Plainmoor since 2006, and is now the Gulls' longest-serving player. The 27-year-old relished reverting to his favoured midfield role from right-back last season, being named the club's player of the year, and his influence is crucial to Buckle's inexperienced squad.
Position last season: 17th
Players in: Guy Branston (Burton, free), Damon Lathrope (Norwich, free), Billy Kee, Lathaniel Rowe-Turner (both Leicester, free), Lloyd Macklin (Swindon, free), Martin Gritton (Chesterfield, loan)
Players out: Matt Green (Oxford, free), Ben Joyce (Salisbury, free)
Chances: Buckle has built an enthusiastic, industrious young squad which needed bolstering in January and a host of loan signings helped the Gulls win six of their last eight games. The much-travelled Guy Branston has made his move permanent to add some beef to the Gulls' defence and they will be hoping to improve on last season's finish.
Prediction: 13th


Manager: Gary Waddock. After a brief spell in charge at QPR in 2006, Waddock was named Aldershot boss in May 2007 and led the Shots to the Conference title in his first season. Waddock was named Wycombe boss last October following Peter Taylor's sacking although he was unable to lead the Chairboys to safety.
Key Man: Gareth Ainsworth. The veteran midfielder signed from QPR last season, initially on loan, and some became a fans' favourite at Adams Park. The 37-year-old was named captain over the summer and will be the Chairboys' leader on and off the pitch as they aim to bounce straight back up into League One.
Position last season: 22nd in League One
Players in: Scott Rendell (Peterborough, ?125,000), Alan Bennett, Nikki Bull, Danny Foster, Ben Strevens (all Brentford, free), Marvin McCoy (Wealdstone, free), Andy Sandell (Aldershot, free)
Players out: John Mousinho (Stevenage, free), Lewwis Spence (Rushden, free), Scott Shearer (Wrexham, free)
Chances: Wycombe would have been among the promotion favourites anyway, but they aren't resting on their laurels. After bringing in four players from League One Brentford and making a big-money move for Scott Rendell, who scored 13 goals on loan at Torquay last season, the Chairboys will be eyeing an automatic spot.
Prediction: 5th

08-08-2010, 12:59
Turchia Super League by Huty (Part 1)

Back in the 1980s, Turkey were the whipping boys of European football. Many will recall the 8-0 hammerings by England and Poland in the 1980s with the Turks considered the poor relations of European football.

Yet, there has always been a huge passion for the game in Turkey and the greater success of the national team over the last twenty years has gone hand in hand with a big boost to the domestic game. Promising local players, such as Arda Turan, are no longer automatically leaving Turkey for foreign pastures and prefer to develop their game at home. After all, there appears to be plenty of money in Turkish football and European success is also a possibility, with Galatasaray even lifting the UEFA Cup in 2000.
This summer though has seen a bout of spending previously unseen in Turkey and begs the question as to whether the Turkish League is about to become a powerful force in European football. The big financial splurge has arguably been on the cards for some time, but has been sparked partly by the surprise triumph of last season's champions, Bursaspor.
Small time Bursaspor became only the fourth team ever to lift the Turkish league title, breaking the almost inevitable monopoly of Istanbul's 'big three' clubs, Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas who have shared the championship exclusively among themselves since 1984. The Istanbul big boys are doing everything to reinstall the natural scheme of things.
Although Bursaspor are the current champions, they are unable to compete with the pure ambition and resources of the Istanbul giants and you can fully expect one of them to win the Super Lig this time round, with the new season kicking off next weekend.

Fenerbahce have made the impressive signing of Chelsea midfielder Miroslav Stoch. The 20-year-old impressed for Slovakia during their World Cup debut over the summer, having helped Twente Enschede to the Dutch title while on loan last season. It tells you just how far Turkish football has come, that a promising youngster like Stoch has chosen to play in Istanbul rather than the numerous other options available. Feberbahce have also been linked to other World Cup stars such as Asamoah Gyan and Milos Krasic.
Near neighbours Galatasaray have also made their mark on the transfer market during the close season. They paid 6 million euros for Lorik Cana, Sunderland's Albanian midfielder, and 5.5 million euros for Monaco's Juan Pablo Pino. They will join relatively high-profile imports already at the club, such as Harry Kewell, Lucas Neill and Brazilian star Elano. The fact that Elano played such a significant role in Dunga's World Cup side while plying his trade at Galatasaray demonstrates again the growing strength of the Turkish league.
However, the favourites for the title must be big spending Besiktas. Although they may have set their sights too high in registering their interest in Brazilian forward Robinho, president Yildirim Demiroren's money has been responsible for some significant signings. Real Madrid legend Guti has arrived alongside Portugal international Ricardo Quaresma. However, this caliber of player would perhaps not have opted to play at Besiktas had it not been for the appointment of Bernd Schuster as coach. The former Real Madrid boss is well-respected for his time at the Bernabeu and elsewhere and has been able to attract some genuinely world famous names.
Schuster's impact on Besiktas could prove to be comparable with Glenn Hoddle's time at Chelsea. The classy England midfielder used his name to attract the likes of Ruud Gullit and Gianluca Vialli to the unfashionable Stamford Bridge club. Although Gullit and Vialli were aging stars, they brought significant glamour to the English game. Could Schuster begin a similar process in Turkey?

One way or the other, their ambition appears to be having a trickle-down effect. Even small-time club Ankaragucu have signed Slovakia's goal scoring World Cup star Robert Vittek for 2.5million euros. The new feeling of power and glamour in the Turkish game could go either way – Only time will tell whether it signals a period of impressive growth or a false dawn, an expensive boom before an inevitably painful bust.

08-08-2010, 13:09
Turchia Super League by Huty (Part 2)

Summer transfers in Turkish Super League

Liberian midfielder Theo Lewis Weeks from Ankaraspor; Slovakian goalkeeper Stefan Senecky from Ankaraspor; Defender Ediz Bahtiyaroglu on loan from Ankaraspor; Defender Aydin Toscali from Kayserispor; Defender Guven Varol from Manisaspor; Forward Turgut Sahin from Samsunspor; Polish defender Michal Zewlakow on a free transfer from Olympiakos; Slovakian forward Robert Vittek (permanent signing) from Lille for a fee of €2.1m.

Croatian defender Ivan Radeljic from Genclerbirligi; Forward Kenan Ozer on a free transfer from Besiktas; Defender Deniz Baris on a free transfer from Fenerbahce.

Swedish midfielder Samuel Holmen from Brondby.

Spanish midfielder Guti on a free transfer from Real Madrid; Australian defender Ersan Gulum on loan from Adanaspor; Goalkeeper Cenk Gonen from Denizlispor for a fee of €1m; German midfielder Roberto Hilbert on a free transfer from Stuttgart; Portuguese midfielder Ricardo Quaresma from Inter for a fee of €7.3m.

Defender Koray Colgecen from Ankaragucu; Senegalese forward Moustapha Dabo from Al-Sailiya; Midfielder Onur Tuncer from Boluspor; Angolan forward Manucho on loan from Valladolid; Midfielder Oguz Basaran from Darica; Midfielder Aydin Karabulut on loan from Ankaraspor; Forward Emre Aktas from Adanaspor.

Argentinean forward Leonel Jorge Nunez from Independiente; Serbian defender Milan Stepanov from Porto; Argentinean forward Damian Steiner from Racing Avellaneda; Argentinean midfielder Federico Insua from America.

Brazilian defender Bruno Bertucci from Corinthians; Chilean midfielder Rodrigo Tello from Besiktas; Midfielder Burhan Eser from Genclerbirligi; Forward Emre Aygun from Ankaragucu; Portuguese midfielder Pele from Porto for a fee of €0.4m; Forward Batuhan Karadeniz from Besiktas for a fee of €2.1m.

French forward Issiar Dia from Nancy-Lorraine for a fee of €6.5m; Midfielder Caner Erkin from CSKA Moscow for a fee of €2m; Defender Ilhan Eker from Genclerbirligi; Slovakian midfielder Miroslav Stoch from Chelsea for a fee of €5.5m.

Colombian forward Juan Pablo Pino from Monaco for a fee of €3m; Albanian midfielder Lorik Cana from Sunderland for a fee of €6m; Defender Caglar Birinci from Denizlispor for a fee of €1.5m; Defender Ali Turan from Kayserispor; Forward Mehmet Batdal from Bucaspor; Midfielder Serdar Ozkan from Besiktas.

Defender Suleyman Ozdamar from Altay; Forward Mehmet Yilmaz from Eskisehirspor.

Scottish midfielder Michael Stewart on a free transfer from Hearts; English forward Billy Mehmet on a free transfer from St. Mirren; Bosnia-Herzegovnian forward Ermin Zec from Sibenik for a fee of €2m; German forward Mehmet Akgun from Willem II Tilburg.

Forward Ilhan Parlak on loan from Ankaraspor.

Spanish defender Fernando Varela from Mallorca.

Argentinean midfielder Jonathan Santana from Wolfsburg for a fee of €0.6m.

Slovakian forward Ivan Lietava from Zilina; Slovakian midfielder Peter Grajciar from Slavia Prague; Goalkeeper Ercument Kafkasyali from Genclerbirligi; Forward Aykut Ozturk from Wehen Wiesbaden.

Midfielder Ahmet Ilhan Ozek from Bozuyukspor; Midfielder Omer Aysan Baris from Trabzonspor.

Bosnia-Herzegovnian goalkeeper Sead Ramovic from Tromso.

Midfielder Baris Atas from Diyarbakirspor; Polish defender Arkadiusz Glowacki from Wisla Krakow for a fee of €1m; Goalkeeper Bora Sevim from Belediyespor.

The most expensive transfers

Ricardo Quaresma to Besiktas from Inter 7.3 m€
Issiar Dia to Fenerbahce from Nancy-Lorraine 6.5 m€
Lorik Cana to Galatasaray from Sunderland 6 m€
Miroslav Stoch to Fenerbahce from Chelsea 5.5 m€
Juan Pablo Pino to Galatasaray from Monaco 3 m€

08-08-2010, 13:23
Francia Ligue 1 by Sarah (Part 1)


The reigning champions who won a double last year (Ligue 1 & Coupe de la Ligue title) have already picked a few trophies before the season’s even started. Earlier this summer, fans were gifted an extra Classico match between OM and Paris SG as the team teams played each other in the Trophy of Champions held in Tunisia. Neither team could end the game in regulation time and Marseille ended up winning on penalties before beating La Liga’s Valencia in the first ever Robert Louis-Dreyfus Trophy (named in honor of OM’s late owner who passed away last summer). Marseille have had a preseason of ups and downs – winning two trophies while dealing with a mutiny (Niang, Taiwo, Mbia and Ayew have all struggled with disagreements with the club this summer) and are struggling to get a few of the players from the World Cup match fit (Heinze wasn’t even included in the traveling group for the team’s first game). It will be interesting to see how Deschamps pulls this team together. The group of players at the club is impressive- Taiwo, Mbia, Niang, the Ayews (Andre & Jordan), Ben Arfa, Valbuena, Cheyrou, Lucho, Diawarra – it is a pretty impressive group thatcould make up the backbone of this team. And I say could because the transfer window isn’t over yet – and several of these players are being circled by other clubs looking to hawk one of or two of them away!

If the past two seasons demonstrate anything, its that Bordeaux is a mixed bag of tricks. After coming off an amazing 2008-2009 season, they completely embarrassed themselves last season in Ligue 1. Their loss of Chamakh to Arsenal can only be described as a complete managerial failure on the part of the President who didn’t even approach Chamakh to sign an extension until it was too late. The dip in form of Gourcuff, the rumors surrounding Blanc’s departure to coach Les Bleus and the lack of depth on Bordeaux’s bench (again due to a complete managerial FAIL) led to Bordeaux finishing 7th in last year’s table. That means that there is no Europe for Bordeaux this year. So, it looks like the Gourcuff fan club will haveto watch Ligue 1 to catch a glimpse of his….playing ability! And while I can’t say that Bordeaux have completely recovered from last year’s complete collapse (this is NOT an exaggeration) – they’ve recovered nicely considering the circumstances. Their President remained firm on keeping what was left of their squad together despite the attempts to lure Gourcuff (to a variety of clubs) and Alou Diarra (to Marseille) away. At the beginning of the summer, it looked like Bordeaux were going to lose their captain (Diarra) for the second year in a row to Marseille, with Deschamps describing the deal as “only a question of economics.” But despite the public encouragement from Diawara ("Diarra, get your ass to Marseille"), the last FCGB captain who jumped ship to Marseille, Alou remained faithful to the club. And Gourcuff remains there whether he wants to or not – as Bordeaux were not tempted by the many (rumored) offers from Lyon, Arsenal and a few other clubs. In addition to managing to retain their key players, Bordeaux have actually added a few to supplement their existing team and provide the depth they so desperately needed last season. Perhaps the most exciting was the catch of Tigana – a member of France’s legendary “magic square” midfield with Platini, Fernandez and Giresse – as a replacement for Blanc. And though they are both Bleus legends – Tigana brings a wealth of management experience Blanc lacked when he initially started at Bordeaux. His resume includes tenures (not all good) at Lyon, Monaco, Fulham and Besiktas. As a player, Tigana was able to help Bordeaux capture 3 Ligue 1 titles and 3 domestic cups. It shall be interesting to see if he can match that record as a manager there.

Lyon start the year having scooped up Jimmy Briand on a free transfer from Rennes this summer- and its a good thing because their first-choice striker (by a mile), Lisandro Lopez, is out with an ankle injury. But, other than Briand and a few loan returns (Mensah from Sunderland, Pied from Metz), most of Lyon’s transfer action was in the opposite direction. A master at selling players at the right time, Aulas let go of Mathieu Bodmer (PSG), Sydney Govou (Panathinaikos) and Jean-Alain Boumsong (Panathinaikos). While Lyon is accustomed to playing without Bodmer due to his many injuries, Govou and Boumsong leaving signaled an end to an era. Previous to his transfer, Gouvou was on the list of “1 club men” and the last remaining member of the team who had been part of Lyon’s epic 7-consecutive Ligue 1 title wins. Boumsong, though only at the club since 2008, became a fast leader at the club. And though he made some mistakes, he’s also had more than a few bright moments for the club – its unfortunate that the split was rumored to be under acrimonious circumstances (forced departure). While a lesser team would be devastated by such departures, Lyon are a deep squad and can turn to their academy to help give their bench depth. Five of the players who won the Uefa U19 European title this summer for Les Bleuets play for Lyon. If the stuff we saw this summer from Tafer, Lacazette, Grenier, Reale and Faure are any indication, Lyon are in good hands.

08-08-2010, 13:30
Francia Ligue 1 by Sarah (Part 2)


Arles are nothing if not entertaining – and they’ve been faithful to that motto since they hired their current coach (Estevan) in 2005. In a nutshell, Arles have been promoted 4 times in the past 5 years. Essentially this means that in 5 years, Arles have needed to transform themselves from an amateur club playing non-league football in France’s 5th division to a club that can compete with the big boys of Ligue 1 who were beating up the biggest teams in Europe last year (Bordeaux beat both Bayern and Juventus in the group stage while Lyon beat Liverpool in the group stage and Real Madrid in the Round of 16). Last year, they managed to seal a deal allowing them to use a neighboring city Avignon’s stadium to triple their stadium’s capacity to 7,000; change their name to incorporate the new relationship to Avignon; and win an appeal to play after being suspended for financial problems in their transition to professional status. Estevan also managed an impressive loan deal with Marseille by retaining the services of Andre Ayew. Their luck continued, despite the constant pitfalls in their path, and they sealed their promotion to Ligue 1 on the last day of Ligue 2 in May. Of course, a club with such a flair for the dramatic couldn’t stop there. This summer, the club descended into chaos as the club’s President was voted out for recommending a new contract for the coach (who had led them to 4 promotions in 5 years)- a punishment for trying to broker a financially infeasible deal. The new co-chairs then fired the coach who had led them to Ligue 1 with a budget of only 5.2M Euros last season before turning around and rehiring them. Simultaneously, the club is struggling to meet the stadium requirements to play in Ligue 1 which include increasing their stadium capacity to 17,000 as well as adding boxes for the media, security, adding amenities, appropriate lighting etc Their deadline is August 14. Arles first home game of the season. The safety inspection for the stadium is August 12th. And there are question over the integrity of the stadium- how such a club that is strapped for resources could have managed to accomplish such a renovation in a short amount of time. The club remain firm that they will be ready to welcome their opponents come August 14th, but rumors of contingency plans to play at Marseille’s Velodrome or Montpellier persist. But, regardless of which stadium Arles play in – the quality of their team has been dramatically reduced with the return of successful loan players to their clubs. Whats left isn’t exactly inspirational – and the team will struggle to compete with no Ligue 1 experience in their club’s history. But, miracles have happened before – and they seems to have a knack for happening to Arles.
BREST: Brest are the less Hollywood version of Arles – they lack the resources to compete every weekend with the likes of Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux but have some real gems in their team. Brou Apanga, fresh off the U19 European win, will be making his way to Ligue 1 with Brest- but the team will need more than him and a few other secret weapons to have a shot at staying in Ligue 1 next year….
CAEN: Caen is the most experienced of the three newly promoted clubs and can claim both Ligue 1 and European experience. Their last time in Ligue 1 was a short visit – a one season appearance in the 2008-09 season. But after a single season in Ligue 2 – where they placed first (69 points) just ahead of Brest (67p) and Arles (60p) – they are back. But not necessarily better.

08-08-2010, 13:34
Francia Ligue 1 by Sarah (Part 3)



Ah, Paris. The team that always finds a way to spit in its own face – despite its massive potential. The team is the 3rd richest in the league, it could limit its scouting network to just the city limits and surrounding suburbs and probably create a dream-team, it has the allure of the capital – all of which should add up to a PR dream. But, year after year, they always find a way to maintain their mediocrity (and bad reputation)- whether its the club's fans, business practice or the inability to harness the truly talented players they did manage to scoop up. To see players like Mamadou Sakho, Stephane Sessegnon and Guillaume Hoarau squander their talent is painful for any football fan (even a Marseille one). This year, PSG have at least started the year off with some ambition. After getting a reputation for taking in legends who have passed their best (I love you Makelele, but its just true)- they’ve gone and signed some true talent who may have their best years ahead of them. One of them being Mathieu Bodmer from Lyon who (when healthy) can be a real asset in defense. At the other end of the pitch, they’ve attracted Nene from Monaco – who scored an impressive 9 goals in 10 games at the start of Ligue 1 last year. For a while, he seemed destined to win the title of the league’s top scorer – and he might have had he received more help from his team. Adding these players in lieu of signing aging players such as Gallas gives them a better chance of breaking their mold of constant disappointment – but like I said, Paris SG always finds a way to destroy itself.

Take everything I said about Paris (minus the restricted scouting network) and apply it to Monaco. Now take away all the stuff about (possibly) turning things around this season. Well, their fans aren’t that bad…but Monaco are basically a team that has achieved great heights (Champions League final in 2004 and a series of Ligue 1 titles in the late 90s) that has found itself satisfied with constantly underachieving. There is an argument to be made that Nene didn’t really change his team so much as his surrounding city. And their transfer activity has mostly been restricted to selling players and welcoming back players who were loaned out last year. They didn’t even manage to broker a good deal for Nene (in my eyes). 5M Euros seems like a steal given his potential. But the players they did bring back do have some potential – including Serge Gakpe who I’ve had my eye on for a while. Hes an incredibly talented midfielder who was loaned out to Tours in Ligue 2 last year after returning from Togo’s nightmare at the African Cup in Angola in January.

Add NICE, SAINT-ETIENNE, and TOULOUSE to this group and you’ve got a reasonable end-of-season prediction for the middle of the table.


Add to this list a host of underdogs such as LILLE, AUXERRE, RENNES, MONTPELLIER and LORIENT with some great players and it should be an entertaining season!

08-08-2010, 13:41
Francia Ligue 1 by Sarah (Part 4)

Summer transfers in French Ligue 1

Arles Avignon
Defender Jean-Alain Fanchone on loan from Strasbourg; Ivory Coast forward Franck Dja Djedje from Strasbourg; Algerian forward Kamel Ghilas on loan from Hull City; Spanish defender Alvaro Meija from Murcia; Defender Fabien Laurenti on loan from Lens; Algerian forward Hameur Bouazza from Blackpool; Forward Yann Kermorgant on loan from Leicester City; Moroccan defender Amin Erbati from Moghreb Tetouan; Goalkeeper Vincent Plante on loan from Caen; Moroccan midfielder Jamel Ait Ben Idir from Le Havre; Forward Chafik Najih from Clermont; Midfielder Remy Cabella on loan from Montpellier.

Forward Anthony Le Tallec from Le Mans for a fee of €3m; Ivory Coast defender Soumahoro Johnson from Amiens.

Serbian defender Vujadin Savic from Red Star Belgrade for a fee of €1m.

Midfielder Richard Soumah from Guingamp for a fee of €0.5m; Defender Johan Martial on loan from Bastia; Midfielder Fodie Traore from Quevilly; Midfielder Grandi Ngoyi on loan from Paris Saint-Germain; Goalkeeper Gaetan Deneuve from Chateauroux; Greek defender Philippos Darlas on a free transfer from Panathinaikos Athens; Czech midfielder Mario Licka from Baník Ostrava for a fee of €0.3m; Czech midfielder Tomas Micola from Baník Ostrava for a fee of €0.8m.

Midfielder Yohan Mollo on loan from Monaco; Midfielder Damien Marcq from Boulogne for a fee of €2m; Serbian defender Branko Lazarevic from OFK Belgrade; Ivory Coast forward Kandia Traore from Sochaux; Midfielder Romain Hamouma from Laval for a fee of €1m.

Le Mans
Ghanaian midfielder Moussa Narry from Auxerre.

Forward Moussa Sow from Rennes.

Defender Lamine Kone from Chateauroux for a fee of €1m; Midfielder Remi Mulumba from Amiens; Gabonese defender Bruno Ecuele Manga from Angers for a fee of €2.5m; Togolese midfielder Alaixys Romao from Grenoble for a fee of €1m; Midfielder Francis Coquelin on loan from Arsenal; Midfielder Mathias Autret from Brest.

Forward Jimmy Briand from Rennes for a fee of €6m.

Spanish defender Cesar Azpilicueta from Osasuna for a fee of €7m.

DR Congo forward Dieumerci Mbokani from Standard for a fee of €7m; Gabon forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on loan from Milan; Goalkeeper Sebastien Chabbert from Charleroi; Romanian forward Daniel Niculae on a free transfer from Auxerre; Swedish defender Petter Hansson on a free transfer from Rennes.

Turkish forward Hasan Kabze from Rubin Kazan; Defender Garry Bocaly (permanent signing) from Marseille for a fee of €0.8m; Chilean defender Marco Estrada from Universidad Chile for a fee of €1m; Forward Olivier Giroud from Tours for a fee of €2m.

Midfielder Alexandre Cuvillier on loan from Boulogne; Forward Marama Vahirua on a free transfer from Lorient.

Serbian defender Nemanja Pejcinovic on loan from Rad Belgrade; Argentinean defender Renato Civelli (permanent signing) from San Lorenzo for a fee of €1.4m.

Paris SG.
Spanish midfielder Nene from Monaco for a fee of €5.5m; Midfielder Mathieu Bodmer from Lyon for a fee of €2.5m.

Midfielder Stephane Dalmat from Sochaux for a fee of €1.5m; Cameroonian midfielder Georges Mandjeck from Stuttgart for a fee of €1.2m; Goalkeeper Johann Carrasso from Montpellier for a fee of €1m; Colombian forward Victor Montano from Montpellier for a fee of €6.5m; Nigerian defender Onyekachi Apam from Nice for a fee of €4m; Defender Jean Armel Kana-Biyik from Le Havre for a fee of €2m.

Malian forward Modibo Maiga from Le Mans for a fee of €3m; Midfielder Kevin Anin from Le Havre; Defender David Sauget from Grenoble for a fee of €0.3m.

St. Etienne
Defender Albin Ebondo from Toulouse; American defender Carlos Bocanegra from Rennes for a fee of €0.5m; Midfielder Laurent Battles from Grenoble; Senegalese midfielder Guirane N'Daw (permanent signing) from Nantes for a fee of €3m; Defender Sylvain Marchal from Lorient.

Midfielder Wissam Ben Yedder from Alfortville; Uruguayan defender Adrian Gunino on loan from Boca Juniors.

Congolese midfielder Christopher Nzay on a free transfer from Servette; Gabon defender Selim Haroun Nze from Boulogne-Billancourt; Midfielder Jim Said on a free transfer from Lille; Defender Nicolas Pallois from Quevilly; Cameroonian forward Vincent Aboubakar from Cotonsport Garoua.

The most expensive transfers

Dieumerci Mbokani to Monaco from Standard 7 m€
Cesar Azpilicueta to Marseille from Osasuna 7 m€
Victor Montano to Rennes from Montpellier 6.5 m€
Jimmy Briand to Lyon from Rennes 6 m€
Nene to Paris from SG.Monaco 5.5 m€

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Francia Ligue 1 by Sarah (Part 5)

Key Players (transfer market value)


Goalkeeper Vincent Plante (€1m); Defense: Alvaro Mejia (€1.2m), Fabien Laurenti (€1m), Bakary Soro (€0.9m), Elamine Erbate (€0.8m); Midfield: Kamel Ghilas (€2m), Jamel Ait Ben Idir (€1.5m), Deme N'Diaye (€0.9m), Thomas Ayasse (€0.9m); Forward: Hameur Bouazza (€1.5m), Yann Kermorgant (€0.9m).


Goalkeeper Olivier Sorin (€5m); Defense: Adama Coulibaly (€5.5m), Cedric Hengbart (€4m), Jean-Pascal Mignot (€4m), Stephane Grichting (€3.5m); Midfield: Benoit Pedretti (€6m), Delvin Ndinga (€3.5m), Kamel Chafni (€2.5m); Forward: Ireneusz Jelen (€7.5m), Anthony Le Tallec (€4.5m), Valter Birsa (€3m).


Goalkeeper Cedric Carrasso (€9m); Defense: Benoit Tremoulinas (€7.5m), Marc Planus (€7.3m), Mickael Ciani (€6.5m), Matthieu Chalme (€6m); Midfield: Yoann Gourcuff (€22.5m), Alou Diarra (€14.5m), Wendel (€10.5m), Jaroslav Plasil (€6m); Forward: Fernando Cavenaghi (€7.5m), Yoan Gouffran (€6m).


Goalkeeper Steeve Elana (€1.2m); Defense: Moise Brou Apanga (€1.8m), Ahmed Kantari (€1.6m), Filippos Darlas (€0.9m); Midfield: Bruno Grougi (€1.8m), Benoit Lesoimier (€1.4m), Mario Licka (€1.1m), Granddi N'Goyi (€1m), Oscar Ewolo (€0.9m); Forward: Nolan Roux (€2m), Tomas Micola (€1m).


Goalkeeper Alexis Thebaux (€1.8m); Defense: Jeremy Sorbon (€2m), Pablo Barzola (€1.6m), Gregory Leca (€1.4m), Nicolas Seube (€1.2m); Midfield: Damien Marcq (€2.3m), Yohan Mollo (€1.7m), Romain Hamouma (€1.5m), Benjamin Nivet (€1m); Forward: Youssef El Arabi (€2m), Kandia Traore (€1m).


Goalkeeper Vedran Runje (€2.8m); Defense: Marco Ramos (€2.8m), Alaeddine Yahia (€2.6m), Yohan Demont (€2.6m), Eric Chelle (€2.5m); Midfield: Abdoulrazak Boukari (€3.6m), Nenad Kovacevic (€3.4m), Sebastian Roudet (€2.8m), Adil Hermach (€2.6m); Forward: Kevin Monnet-Paquet (€2.8m), Eduardo (€2.4m).


Goalkeeper Mickael Landreau (€6.5m); Defense: Adil Rami (€9.3m), Aurelien Chedjou (€5.5m), Mathieu Debuchy (€4.5m); Midfield: Eden Hazard (€16m), Yohan Cabaye (€9.5m), Rio Mavuba (€7.5m), Florent Balmont (€6.5m), Ludovic Obraniak (€5m); Forward: Gervinho (€14m), Pierre-Alain Frau (€4.5m).


Goalkeeper Fabien Audard (€3.5m); Defense: Jeremy Morel (€3.3m), Bruno Ecuele Manga (€3m), Franco Sosa (€2.2m); Midfield: Morgan Amalfitano (€5m), Jacques-Alaixys Romao (€3m), Arnold Mvuemba (€3m), Sigamary Diarra (€2.5m), James Fanchone (€1.6m); Forward: Kevin Gameiro (€9m), Sebastian Dubarbier (€2.3m).


Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris (€16.5m); Defense: Aly Cissokho (€13m), Anthony Reveillere (€5.5m), Cris (€5m); Midfield: Jeremy Toulalan (€22m), Michel Bastos (€15.5m), Miralem Pjanic (€12.5m), Kim Kallstrom (€9.5m), Jean II Makoun (€9m); Forward: Lisandro Lopez (€23m), Bafetimbi Gomis (€10m).


Goalkeeper Steve Mandanda (€13.5m); Defense: Stephane M'Bia (€15m), Taye Taiwo (€9m), Souleymane Diawara (€8m), Cesar Azpilicueta (€7m); Midfield: Lucho Gonzalez (€20m), Benoit Cheyrou (€11m), Mathieu Valbuena (€8m), Hatem Ben Arfa (€7m); Forward: Mamadou Niang (€15m), Brandao (€8.5m).


Goalkeeper Stephane Ruffier (€8m); Defense: Cedric Mongongu (€6.5m), Nicolas N'Koulou (€5.5m), Petter Hansson (€2.5m); Midfield: Alejandro Alonso (€6.5m), Diego Perez (€4.5m), Mathieu Coutadeur (€4m), Jean-Jacques Gosso (€2.5m); Forward: Dieumerci Mbokani (€8m), Chu-Young Park (€6m), Daniel Niculae (€3.4m).


Goalkeeper Geoffrey Jourdren (€2.7m); Defense: Emir Spahic (€5.2m), Mapou Yangambiwa (€4m), Nenad Dzodic (€2.5m), Garry Bocaly (€2.2m); Midfield: Romain Pitau (€3m), Joris Marveaux (€2.9m), Younes Belhanda (€2.4m); Forward: Karim Ait-Fana (€3.8m), Olivier Giroud (€3m), Souleymane Camara (€2.8m).


Goalkeeper Gennaro Bracigliano (€3.4m); Defense: Mickael Chretien (€4.3m), Andre Luiz (€3.6m), Reynald Lemaitre (€2m); Midfield: Landry N'Guemo (€5m), Julien Feret (€4m), Pascal Berenguer (€3.6m), Benjamin Gavanon (€2.5m); Forward: Youssouf Hadji (€5.5m), Marama Vahirua (€5m), Paul Alo'o Efoulou (€2.5m).


Goalkeeper David Ospina (€4.8m); Defense: Drissa Diakite (€2.3m), Renato Civelli (€1.8m), Larrys Mabiala (€1.7m); Midfield: Emerse Fae (€4m), Anthony Mounier (€3.3m), Chaouki Ben Saada (€2.6m), David Hellebuyck (€2.5m); Forward: Loic Remy (€12m), Anthony Modeste (€2.3m), Mamadou Bagayoko (€1.8m).

Paris St. Germain

Goalkeeper Gregory Coupet (€2.3m); Defense: Mamadou Sakho (€9.5m), Sylvain Armand (€4.3m), Ceara (€4m), Zoumana Camara (€4m); Midfield: Stephane Sessegnon (€10m), Nene (€10m), Jeremy Clement (€5.8m), Mathieu Bodmer (€5.5m); Forward: Guillaume Hoarau (€11m), Mevlut Erding (€10.5m).


Goalkeeper Nicolas Douchez (€6m); Defense: Rod Fanni (€7.5m), Kader Mangane (€6.2m), Onyekachi Apam (€5m); Midfield: Sylvain Marveaux (€9m), Yann M'Vila (€8m), Fabien Lemoine (€4.5m), Alexander Tettey (€3.7m); Forward: Asamoah Gyan (€11m), Victor Hugo Montano (€6.5m), Ismael Bangoura (€6m).


Goalkeeper Jeremie Janot (€3.5m); Defense: Sylvain Marchal (€3.4m), Loic Perrin (€3m), Albin Ebondo (€2.9m); Midfield: Blaise Matuidi (€7m), Dimitri Payet (€5m), Gelson Fernandes (€4.8m), Guirane N'Daw (€3m); Forward: Gonzalo Bergessio (€5m), Emmanuel Riviere (€4m), Boubacar Sanogo (€2.8m).


Goalkeeper Teddy Richert (€3m); Defense: Jeremie Brechet (€3.4m), Damien Perquis (€2.9m), Yassin Mikari (€2.8m), Jacques Faty (€2.6m); Midfield: Marvin Martin (€2.8m), Ryad Boudebouz (€2.4m), Nicolas Maurice-Belay (€2m); Forward: Brown Ideye (€3.5m), Vaclav Sverkos (€2.7m), Modibo Maiga (€2.5m).


Goalkeeper Yohann Pele (€5m); Defense: Cheikh M'Bengue (€5.5m), Mauro Cetto (€4m), Daniel Congre (€3.6m), Mohamed Fofana (€3m); Midfield: Moussa Sissoko (€12.5m), Etienne Capoue (€7.5m), Etienne Didot (€5m), Paulo Machado (€3.7m), Daniel Braaten (€2.7m); Forward: Andre-Pierre Gignac (€12m).


Goalkeeper Nicolas Penneteau (€2.5m); Defense: Milan Bisevac (€4m), Rudy Mater (€3.5m), Siaka Tiene (€3m); Midfield: Fahid Ben Khalfallah (€5m), Carlos Sanchez (€4m), Gael Danic (€2.8m), Remi Gomis (€2.8m), Renaud Cohade (€2.8m); Forward: Johan Audel (€3.2m), Gregory Pujol (€2.7m).

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Belgio Pro League by TimTam (Part 1)


The Team:
Newly promoted team (after play-offs), new at this level. Eupen has rather young squad, lot’s of talented young players in the team. Important defender and captain Maric left the club.
Away from home I think they’ll be faced with a few heavy defeats, due to lacking a bit quality/experience.
But don’t underestimate them at home, good teams in good form will be too good for them, but for all other teams Eupen will be a hard place to visit.
In general it’ll be interesting to see how Eupen adapts to this new level for them.
In their home games against midtable / bottom teams they have decent chances, taking Eupen with a AH +0.25 or so might be a good idea. I lean towards saying that in their home games the under will be most likely, but will wait a bit how they achieve at this level.
In their away games, even when playing not the biggest teams, picking the home team with a AH -1 or AH -1.5 might be a good idea in most games, probably quite some overs as well.


The Team:
Lierse are newly promoted (as Champions) and should possess enough quality and experience to stay up without too much problems. Besides they have very resourcefull president (Egyptian investor Maged Samy), if things start to look bad he will have the money required to sign reinforcements.
Their main qualities will be in midfield / attack, but I’m not convinced at all by their defence. Of course there’s always a home and away difference, but for Lierse I don’t see a big difference. If they play good they may score against any team, but also most teams don’t have to be afraid of Lierse’s defense. A few players are already aging and it may be all or nothing for them in most games, whoever scores first in the games with Lierse will be close to winning it.
Until Lierse shows consistency I would go for overs in their games. I don’t think they’ll cover a handicap very often when they’re favourites, but keeping it close should be possible when being a dog. So over and backing them with + handicap might be best choices.


The Team:
Lokeren had a disastrous season last year and their (rather rich) chairman has invested a lot to avoid such scenario this season. New coach Maes (signed from Mechelen) is very ambitous coach. He is good at motivating players and making sure all players focus on their job, no room for ego’s or would-be-star behaviour. It worked very well at Mechelen where the results mainly came to team efforts. And this is exactly what Lokeren lacked last season.
A few interseting sigings with De Roover, Maric, Persoons, De Ceulaer, Taravel … which are players that have enough experience/quality to directly fit in.
Expect Lokeren to be a solid team again, hard to beat and physically strong.
Not sure what to advise yet, but due to last horrible season they’ll probably be a bit underestimated at the beginning and against fellow midtable teams backing them with a AH +0.25 might be a good idea.
As for over/under, it’s a largely new team with new coach so I’m waiting for their results to see how their offensive and defensive organistion works out. Could turn out to be mostly overs at home, unders away.

KV Mechelen

The Team:
New coach Brys, he already had both succesfull periods and bad periods, seems to me he’s good at organising teams, but he lacks the quality to turn things around when things go bad. KV Mechelen has always been very strong at home, not too much quality but very hard working team. With their new coach not being so strong personality I think they might become a bit streaky now and almost certainly won’t be able to repeat last succesfull seasons.
In defense they may still be solid, but their offensive game is probably going to be their problem, I think too many draws at home and narrow defeats away will be the result. But they should still be able avoid relegation problems by a few good runs.
New coach, always hard to predict how the team will play, but when Mechelen are favourites I think I’ll back the other team with a + handicap, thinking about quite some unders at home as well.


The Team:
The best transfer they did is problably just keeping the team together. Only Van Damme left the club, but his replacement Kljestan has made a good impression early on. Most players agreed to stay because they believe Anderlecht can make a good European run, they already were close to going all the way last season, now they should even be better.
Strikers Lukaku and De Sutter miss the opening of the season through injuries, but Anderlecht has big enough squad to replace them, however they’ll loose a bit quality until Lukaku is back.
If they can make that good European run they’ll probably loose some dumb points in the league, so beware of that, but otherwise Anderlecht AH -1 will never be a bad choice, at least if starts Boussouffa and Lukaku both play.
Odds on Anderlecht will always be a bit short, handicaps rather big and totals rather high. But against any team they are capable of covering that, so we’ll have to carefully decide when it’s worth to take them on. With some missings or between European games the handicaps usually keep being rather big, let’s avoid them at those moments for sure.

KV Kotrijk

The Team:
Last season Kortrijk had an exceptionally good season, with of course succes-coach Leekens at the helm. Now the new coach is Van Haezebrouck, who has been succesfull at this club in the past as well.
Van Haezebrouck always tries to attack and to play with 3 defenders only, but he’ll probably keep the system with 4 defenders from last season. But a few regular defenders left, so they’re a bit understaffed in that area, in midfield they have good enough quality and some changing options. In attack they’ll miss Benteke (returns to Standard after loan), not sure yet if someone else steps up to replace him. Benteke worked hard, scored a lot himself, but also other players benefitted from his work, so either other system or adequate replacement needed, not sure if new signing Rossini can do this, he still has to proove it all after being mostly on the bench at his former club KV Mechelen.
So the basic 11 are quite ok, but their squad is not that large, it’ll be hard to cope with injuries/suspensions. And after a great season last year a downtrend is expected.
At home they probably remain strong, keeping things thight and drag out wins by a good team effort, mostly unders I would think.
Away from home they will miss some attacking power, once they go down a goal it’ll be hard for them to come back.


The Team:
Charleroi just had another awfull season and this team simply lacks quality in terms of football skills. Their main strength has always been physical power, but last season technical skills in the team were so low, they couldn’t cover enough with fighting spirit and as the results became worse, the mentality became bad as well. Their weak coach had no impact at all on his players and couldn’t change this.
Their best signing will probably be coach Jacky Matthijssen, who had a succesfull spell at the club already. Charleroi is a difficult club for a coach/players, with very flamboyant president. But for some reason Charleroi and Matthijssen have an excellent relationship, they make each other better.
As for the transfers, they mainly seem to have further lost quality with mainly Mujangi Bia and Habibou leaving the club, but also quite a few other regulars left the club. They signed some unknown players, mostly with French roots. Hard to judge how good these players are.
So this team has not improved in terms of football skills, but the team-spirtit and mentality should improve with Matthijssen, let’s see how far they get with it.
Expect Charerloi to become stronger at home again, but I think they will remain a club with lots of red cards and referee decisions against them, they provoque this a bit.
Away from home they might get some wins when they’re on a good run, but overall they will lack consistency and won’t win very often.
Over/under, with Charleroi it’s never a certainty.

Cercle Brugge

The Team:
New coach Bob Peeters, not very much experience, was attackers coach at AA Gent before. Peeters is a nice guy, but I’m not convinced about his tactical qualities. So Cercle may be a streaky team this season. If things go good, Peeters will be a great coach, close to the players. But when things go bad it’ll take a while for Bobke to find the right solutions. Former coach De Boeck demanded a lot of discipline, Peeters is a bit more relaxed, hopefully he’s strong enough to not let the mentality grow wrong.
Up front Vossen returns to Genk, so they will be a bit weaker over there. Also strikers Foley and Iachtchouk are getting old and injury-prone, so that’s where there weakness will be, attacking power.
The rest of the team is decent, midtable without problems but nothing more. Interesting will be how the three on-loan guys from Sporting Lisboa will perform, mainly midfielder Neto is said to be a great talent.
At home Cercle still shouldn’t be underestimated, but away I don’t see them do very well.
Under/Over, at home it’ll be a mixture, but I think away we’ll see them getting quite a lot of overs (and this mainly means conceeding a lot).

08-08-2010, 14:06
Belgio Pro League by TimTam (Part 2)

Club Brugge

The Team:
Only defender Alcaraz is a regular player that leaves the club, and new signings are on key positions for them. Right back is a problem for them since ages, with Marcos they signed experienced and good player for that position. Right midfielder Dalmat is looking for revenche after problems at Standard last season. In attack Scepovic is a bit unknown, but coming from the Seria A (as a reserve player though) he should have some qualities.
Dutch coach Adrie Koster made them player great last season for 2/3th of the season, but in the end they were awfull. He will need to get more out of his players to make them go all the way. I do expect Club Brugge to become a bit closer to Anderlecht again, but the title seems a (to) big ask. Maybe a nice European campaign can bring them some joy, experienced as they are they should be able to survive the group stages of the Europa League.
At home Brugge will be underpriced, only AH -1 should be wort a shot sometimes, but their winning margins haven’t been big lately. Away they lack consitency and until they improve this it’ll be hard to judge where the value lays in their games. We’ll have to follow up close on their starting results in order to avoid backing them at the wrong times.


The Team:
Standard lost a lot of quality, players like De Camargo, Jovanovic, Mbokani, Dalmat and Marcos were important and very good players, they will be missed a lot. There are still guys like Defour, Witsel and Carcela but this team will need to be rebuilt. They did sign a lot o talented players (De Mul, Meteb, Berrier, … ) as well, but they’ll time to make them fit in, mainly in attack there’s a lot of work to do and I don’t see them play an important role in the title race. Maybe they can have mediocre season and focus on good run in the play-offs
The last few seasons Standard became very consistent, hence attractive to back but I’m not so sure how they will perform this season, probably going against them on a + AH will be good early on. There’s still a lot of talent, but no team, so maybe a lot of games will go over.


The Team:
They have a new coach, De Roover, who is quite inexperienced at this level. He’s replacing Franky Dury who was at the club for ages, so hard task. And also the loss of playmaker Berrier won’t help De Roover settling in, already last season in play-offs where they had to play without Berrier they showed that they can’t play without him. System will need to be changed and this will take time.
But there is still a lot of talent, and more important a lot of experience. So expect this team to remain a solid team, probably around 8th or 9th place or so, but they will have more problems beating the small clubs and they won’t be able to upset as many times the big ones. So certainly less quality, but still a decent team.
Hard to tell how big the quality loss will be, if they can find new playmaker they won’t have to change all that much, but it remains to be seen on the pitch. So for the moment no clue what to advise about this team, it’ll depend on the match-up.


The Team:
Westerlo is always a silent, but solid midtable team. Only last season they were very poor, mainly due to the injury of goal-machine Ruiz, for whom they didn’t have replacement. This season solid rock at the back Van Kerkhoven will be missed, but he’s replacable. More important is that they have signed a few interesting attacking players. Chavez and Van Heerden, both ex-Brugge, are talented guys, looking for revenche. And also winger Bruls is said to be quite a re-inforcement (but his transfer is still pending).
So Westerlo will be in a serious uptrend this season.
Teams in bad form will be beaten by a solid and experienced Westerlo, also at home the big teams will have problems.
As for over/under it all depends on the opposition, we’ll have to look at it case by case. But throughout the season probably more unders than overs.

Sint Truiden

The team:
After a great season last year it’ll be hard for them to do the same, so expect them to go down a few places. But still a solid and well balanced team with a hungry and demanding coach. They lost a few first team regulars, mainly goalie Mignolet, defender Cantalupi and midfielder Chimedza are a loss. But still a good team, experienced and hard working, hard to beat, but also … there aren’t any easy games for these teams, they’ll have to work for each point.
Strong home team, so that’s where backing them should be done, away they are good on the counter, but the level of play is not good enough to take many points, probably only a few away wins, and possibly quite a few draws as well.

Germinal Beerschot

The Team:
With new coach and coming man De Boeck expectations are high, but the preparation games have been very poor. They seem to lack scoring power and inspiration. GBA is very often a team that has 1 or 2 good runs in a season, followed by a run of very disappointing runs as well. Too often all the quality on the pitch doesn’t come out in terms of results and level of play.
If De Boeck can add consistency they may have a nice season, but this is very doubtfull at the moment, so a hesitating start of the season is expected. Once things start to run for them they may be one of the better teams behind the big5 for sure.
As said, they are always very very streaky, going with or against them in such runs might be best idea. A lot of overs for them this season I think.

Racing Genk

The team:
Almost no transfers done, mainly due to a lot of investments in previous seasons which didn’t work out too well. Jelle Vossen returns from loan.
Last season since Vercauteren took over things changed for RC Genk, he upped their level of play and added consistency, resulting in good play-offs and European football this season. Expect them to further built on the road upwards. RC Genk has enough quality for their ambitions, I agree that no transfers were need. If this season is good they can think again of adding 1 or 2 players on key positions.
Mainly in attack they underperformed, which lead to their downtrend. Vercauteren has given all players confidence again and they started scoring again (also helped by players who returned from injuries such as Ogunjimi and Barda), that helped a lot in their revival and being solid again.
RC Genk will further grow to again become the reliable team they were a few seasons ago. With them starting scoring again we might think mostly about overs as well.
Early on the odds on RC Genk should be decent.

AA Gent

The Team:
The most important change will be the coach, succesfull Preudhomme went to Twente and now Franky Dury from Zulte Waregem will take over. Dury is very driven coach, and he’ll find all players needed for his style of football, being strong central striker, lot’s of people coming from the midfield and wingers that can both supply crosses and score themselves.
Of course AA Gent had a superb season last year, so this year they may drop a few places, but still they will have their word in the this competition, probably just below the teams player for the title, but you never now with them.
The first big result in Kiev was not good, but let’s give this team some credit.
AA Gent can win every game if they play good, it’s simple as that. But too often they start a bit weak and have to make a comeback, mainly in away this leads to narrow wins and overs.
At home AA Gent very often covers the handicap, although they always go through a short difficult spell each season, avoid them if you see them on such a run.

08-08-2010, 14:10
Belgio Pro League by TimTam (Part 3)

Summer transfers in Belgian First Division

AA Gent
Israeli forward Shlomi Arbeitman from Maccabi Haifa; Ivory Coast midfielder Soumahoro Yaya from Muangthong United; Slovenian defender Matija Skarabot from Gorica.

Brazilian midfielder Fernando Canesin Matos from Ole Brasil; Congolese forward Junior Kabananga Kalonji from Etancheite; American midfielder Sacha Kljestan from Chivas USA; Czech defender Jan Lecjaks on loan from Plzen; Argentinean forward Pablo Chavarria from Belgrano for a fee of €1m; Argentinean defender Pier Barrios on loan from Belgrano; Czech defender Ondrej Mazuch from Fiorentina for a fee of €1.3m.

French midfielder Wilfried Dalmat from Standard; Serbian forward Stefan Scepovic from OFK Beograd; Brazilian defender Marcos Camozzato from Standard for a fee of €1m.

Cercle Brugge
Ghanaian forward William Owusu on loan from Sporting Lisbon; Portuguese defender Nuno Reis on loan from Sporting Lisbon; DR Congo midfielder Olivier Mukendi on loan from Anderlecht; Brazilian midfielder Renato Neto on loan from Sporting Lisbon.

Argentinean midfielder Hernan Losada on loan from Anderlecht; Togolese forward Adekanmi Olufade from Gent; French defender Mourad Satli from Strasbourg; French defender Zakaria Diallo from Beauvais; Brazilian defender Ederson Tormena from Genk; Israeli defender Eitan Tibi from Beitar Jerusalem; Congolese forward John Tshibumbu Lungeny on a free transfer from Caen; Senegalese forward Moussa Gueye from Mons; Moroccan defender Naim Aarab on loan from Larisa; Midfielder Onur Kaya from Vitesse Arnheim; French defender Peter Franquart on loan from Lille.

Goalkeeper Olivier Werner from Brussels; Swiss midfielder Daniel Panizzolo from Prato; Senegalese midfielder Pape Moussa Diakhate from Fiorentina; Brazilian forward Jefferson Siqueira on loan from Fiorentina; Bosnia-Herzegovnian defender Ervin Zukanovic from Dender; Nigerian midfielder John Ugochukwu Ogu from Drava Ptuj; Dominican forward Jose Espinal from Novara; Nigerian midfielder Marshal Mfon Johnson from Saint Gillis; French defender Nicolas Desenclos from Inter Milan.

Uruguayan defender Gary Kagelmacher from Danubio; Midfielder Rocky Peeters (loan return) from Dender.

Kenia forward Ajub Masika from GBA.

Forward Brecht Capon from Brugge; Israeli defender Rami Gershon on loan from Standard; Defender Chemcedine El Araichi from Gyori ETO; Goalkeeper Damien Lahaye from Charleroi; Forward Giuseppe Rossini from Mechelen; Congolese forward Ilombe Mboyo on loan from Charleroi; Croatian midfielder Mario Carevic from Lokeren; French defender Baptiste Martin from Auxerre.

Japanese goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima from Kawasaki Frontale; Midfielder Kris de Wree from Roda; Midfielder Joeri Dequevy from Roeselare; Moroccan midfielder Youssef Sekour from Sedan; South African defender Lance Davids from Ajax Cape Town.

Forward Benjamin de Ceulaer on a free transfer from Waalwijk; Croatian midfielder Ivan Leko from GBA; Forward Ivan Yagan from Woluwe; French defender Jeremy Taravel from Zulte-Waregem; French defender Julien Bailleul from Mons; Midfielder Koen Persoons from Mechelen; Swiss defender Mijat Maric from Eupen for a fee of €0.8m; Defender Sepp De Roover from Groningen for a fee of €0.3m; Norwegian forward Vegard Braaten from Tromso.

Bosnia-Herzegovnian defender Boris Pandza from Hajduk Split for a fee of €0.4m; Icelandic midfielder Bjarni Vidarsson from Roeselare; Forward Jonathan Wilmet from Sint Truiden; Midfielder Seth de Witte from Lierse; Defender Zinho Chergui from Lommel United.

Sint Truiden
Senegalese midfielder Pape Camara on loan from Standard; Goalkeeper Sven van der Jeugt from Lierse; Forward Andrea Mbuyi-Mutombo on loan from Standard; Midfielder Carlo Evertz from Eupen; French midfielder Gregory Christ from Charleroi for a fee of €0.4m; Goalkeeper Marc Volders on a free transfer; Forward Yannick Rymenants from PSV Eindhoven II.

Forward Luigi Pieroni from Gent; Forward Tom de Mul on loan from Sevilla; Brazilian midfielder Danilo Sousa Campos from Ajax Amsterdam; Ghanaian defender Daniel Opare from Real Madrid Castilla; Croatian midfielder Alen Pamic from Rijeka for a fee of €0.7m; French defender Hans Dibi from RFC Liege; Egyptian forward Emad Moteab from Al-Ahly; Defender Laurent Ciman from Brugge; DR Congo forward Eric Bokanga from Vita Kinshasa; French forward Franck Berrier from Zulte-Waregem for a fee of €3m; Montenegrin goalkeeper Srdjan Blazic from Levadiakos.

South African midfielder Elrio van Heerden from Sivasspor; Midfielder Christian Bruls from Maastricht; Peruvian forward Daniel Chavez on a free transfer from Brugge; Defender Geoffrey Cabeke from Brussels; Defender Laurent Clerbois from Standard; Brazilian forward Liliu from Desportivo Brasil.

French midfielder Jonathan Delaplace from Frejus; Central African forward Habib Habibou from Charleroi; Defender David Vandenbroeck from Charleroi; Dutch forward Jeremy Bokila from Apeldoorn; Ivory Coast forward Moussa Traore on loan from Standard; Defender Nicholas Tamsin from Turnhout; Midfielder Rene Sterckx on loan from Anderlecht; Goalkeeper Tom Muyters from Sint Truiden; Senegalese midfielder Zakaria Gueye from Pacy-sur-Eure.

08-08-2010, 14:13
Belgio Pro League by TimTam (Part 4)

Key Players (transfer market value)


Goalkeeper Silvio Proto (€3m); Defense: Roland Juhasz (€6m), Olivier Deschacht (€3m), Marcin Wasilewski (€3m); Midfield: Lucas Rodrigo Biglia (€8.5m), Mbark Boussoufa (€8.5m), Jan Polak (€6.5m), Guillaume Gillet (€5m), Jonathan Legear (€3m); Forward: Romelu Lukaku (€10m), Tom de Sutter (€3.5m).


Goalkeeper Stijn Stijnen (€3.5m); Defense: Marcos Camozzato (€4.5m), Jeroen Simaeys (€2.5m), Ryan Donk (€2.5m); Midfield: Ronald Vargas (€4m), Nabil Dirar (€3.5m), Karel Geraerts (€3.5m), Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe (€3.5m), Jonathan Blondel (€3m); Forward: Joseph Akpala (€3.5m), Dorge Rostand Kouemaha (€3.5m).

Cercle Brugge

Goalkeeper Bram Verbist (€0.8m); Defense: Hans Cornelis (€1m), Dejan Kelhar (€0.8m), Bernt Evens (€0.7m), Denis Viane (€0.7m); Midfield: Honour Gombami (€0.8m), Vusumuzi Nyoni (€0.8m), Frederik Boi (€0.8m), Sergiy Serebrennikov (€0.8m); Forward: Oleg Iachtchouk (€1.2m), Dominic Joseph Foley (€0.6m).


Goalkeeper Cyprien Baguette (€0.4m); Defense: Peter Franquart (€0.8m), Naim Aarab (€0.7m), Maxime Brillault (€0.7m), Mohamed Chakouri (€0.6m); Midfield: Alessandro Cordaro (€0.6m), Herve Kage (€0.5m), Ederson Tormena (€0.5m), Onur Kaya (€0.5m); Forward: Cyril Thereau (€1.2m), Orlando (€0.4m).


Goalkeeper Radek Petr (€0.7m); Defense: Alessandro Iandoli (€0.6m), Alex (€0.5m), Fazli Kocabas (€0.4m), Ervin Zukanovic (€0.3m); Midfield: Matthias Lepiller (€0.7m), Danijel Milicevic (€0.6m), John Ugochukwu Ogu (€0.5m), Jerome Colinet (€0.4m); Forward: Freddy Mombongo-Dues (€0.5m), Jeffe (€0.4m).


Goalkeeper Laszlo Koteles (€0.9m); Defense: Joao Carlos (€4m), Anele Ngcongca (€1.2m), Eric Benoit Matoukou (€0.9m); Midfield: Thomas Buffel (€2.5m), Daniel Pudil (€2.2m), Daniel Tozser (€2m), Fabien Bachir Camus (€1.5m), Balazs Jozsef Toth (€1.5m); Forward: Elyaniv Barda (€2.5m), Samuel Yeboah (€1.4m).


Goalkeeper Bojan Jorgacevic (€1.8m); Defense: Marko Suler (€2m), Roberto Rosales (€2m), Stef Wils (€1.4m); Midfield: Tim Smolders (€1.5m), Bernd Thijs (€1.2m), Randall Azofeifa (€1.2m), Stijn de Smet (€1.2m); Forward: Mbaye Leye (€2m), Zlatan Ljubijankic (€2m), Shlomi Arbeitman (€1.5m).

Germinal Beerschot Antwerpen

Goalkeeper Tomislav Pacovski (€0.8m); Defense: Pieter-Jan Monteyne (€1.6m), Martijn Monteyne (€1.2m), Tomislav Mikulic (€1.2m), Kurt van Dooren (€0.8m); Midfield: Faris Haroun (€3.5m), Wim de Decker (€1.5m), Daniel Cruz (€1m); Forward: Sherjill MacDonald (€2m), Dawid Janczyk (€2m), Tosin Dosunmu (€1.2m).


Goalkeeper Glenn Verbauwhede (€0.9m); Defense: Loris Reina (€0.5m), Baptiste Martin (€0.5m), Chemcedine El Araichi (€0.5m); Midfield: Nebojsa Pavlovic (€1m), Mario Carevic (€1m), Sven Kums (€0.9m), Wouter Vrancken (€0.8m), Mohamed Messoudi (€0.7m); Forward: Giuseppe Rossini (€0.7m), Ebrahim Savaneh (€0.7m).


Goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima (€1.8m); Defense: Kris De Wree (€0.7m), Gonzague van Dooren (€0.6m), Roel van Hemert (€0.5m), Lance Davids (€0.5m); Midfield: Joeri Dequevy (€0.7m), Mohamed Abdelwahed (€0.6m), Nderim Nedzipi (€0.4m); Forward: Jurgen Cavens (€0.8m), Joseph-Desire Job (€0.5m), Tomasz Radzinski (€0.4m).


Goalkeeper Boubacar Barry (€2m); Defense: Sepp De Roover (€2m), Frederic Dupre (€0.9m), Hassan El Mouataz (€0.8m), Mijat Maric (€0.8m); Midfield: Killian Overmeire (€1m), Ivan Leko (€1m), Koen Persoons (€0.8m), Ibrahima Gueye (€0.8m); Forward: Sanharib Malki (€1m), Omer Golan (€0.8m).


Goalkeeper Olivier Renard (€1.5m); Defense: Boris Pandza (€1.1m), Kenny van Hoevelen (€0.8m), Xavier Chen (€0.8m); Midfield: Julien Gorius (€1.3m), David Destorme (€1m), Jonathan Wilmet (€0.8m), Yoni Buyens (€0.7m), Bjarni Vidarsson (€0.7m); Forward: Aloys Nong (€1m), Joachim Mununga (€0.8m).


Goalkeeper Marc Volders (€0.8m); Defense: Dennis Odoi (€0.7m), Vincent Euvrard (€0.6m), Ludovic Buysens (€0.5m); Midfield: Cephas Chimedza (€0.9m), Gregory Christ (€0.7m), Wim Mennes (€0.7m), Nils Schouterden (€0.7m), Peter Delorge (€0.6m); Forward: Ibrahima Sidibe (€1.2m), Herve Anselme Ndjana Onana (€0.5m).


Goalkeeper Sinan Bolat (€2.2m); Defense: Mohamed Adama Sarr (€4.5m), Sebastien Pocognoli (€4.5m), Victor Ramos (€3.5m), Eliaquim Mangala (€3.5m); Midfield: Steven Defour (€12m), Axel Witsel (€7.5m), Franck Berrier (€3m), Mehdi Carcela-Gonzalez (€3m); Forward: Dieumerci Mbokani (€8m), Emad Meteb (€1.5m).


Goalkeeper Yves de Winter (€1.6m); Defense: Jens Wouter Corstjens (€0.8m), Gunther Vanaudenaerde (€0.8m), Adnan Mravac (€0.7m), Jef Delen (€0.5m); Midfield: Rachid Farssi (€0.9m), Steven de Petter (€0.9m), Moses Adams (€0.7m); Forward: Jaime Alfonso Ruiz (€1.5m), Dieter Dekelver (€0.7m), Daniel Chavez (€0.7m).


Goalkeeper Sammy Bossut (€1.3m); Defense: Steve Colpaert (€1.2m), Karel D'Haene (€1m), Bart Buysse (€0.8m), Stijn Minne (€0.7m); Midfield: Kevin Roelandts (€1.5m), Ludwin Van Nieuwenhuyze (€0.8m), Stijn Meert (€0.7m); Forward: Teddy Chevalier (€1m), Mouhamadou Habib Habibou (€0.9m), Ernest Webnje Nfor (€0.9m).