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03-07-2008, 16:07
ho trovato questo thread su 2+2, aperto da Rekrul...

Quest\'omino è un mito, davvero un baller coi controcazzi, 500$ di mancia alla cameriera!!! :laugh:

In più l\'ha anche messa nel culo all\'avversario al tavolo!! Vi quoto il thread, se siete pigri per cliccare!

So my friend is playing 2/5 at the Wynn and theres this old dude sitting with 500$ shoving everywhere, usually preflop and is down a lot but keeps reloading 500$ at a time.

On his current rebuy he hasn\'t been caught yet won some pots and has somehow worked up a 650$ stack.

He managed to raise and just flat call some regulars reraise to 120$ preflop in position (the reg has him covered). The regular who made it 120$ preflop is a huge ****ing douchebag loser who thinks he\'s the ****. The old man has picked up on this by now, as this regular has not won a pot off him yet and is complaining that everyone got his money but him. The old man is not dumb, he\'s rich, and obviously just screwing around.

They see a flop 23Q with two clubs and he shows 78cc to my friend. The regular then pushes allin. The old man didn\'t have long to think when a waitress walks up and asks, \"Would anybody like any beverages?\"

\"I\'ll take a water\" the old dude says and picks up 500$ from his stack and places it on her tray as a tip \"Thank you very much mam.\"

The waitress has utter shock and disbelief in her eyes and then the old dude throws his remaining 25$ or whatever into the pot and says \"I know you have aces but I\'m pot committed, I gotta call this.\"

It\'s ruled that he\'s allowed to do that and not only that but the flush comes anyways (DOH COULDA WON MORE BUT STILL LOL)


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PS: ma che davvero in mezzo alla mano si possono usare le chips in questo modo, dandole in mancia?

Comunque, che grandissimo

03-07-2008, 16:30
Quest\'uomo è un genio.

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03-07-2008, 20:14
grosso l\'altro si lamentava xche nn regalava i soldi anche a lui...il bello che ha pure vinto la mano il riccone :laugh:

07-07-2008, 01:37
Ma rekrul gioca ancora on PS?...dopo il braccialetto dello scorso anno era mezzo scomparso..