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Intervista esclusiva: Jonas Klausen

il_Finnico e zio_slim hanno intervistato per voi Jonas Klausen, in arte "Tulkaz" un giovane ragazzo danese che sta facendo molto bene sia online che offline. Per chi non lo conoscesse lo pregherei di cliccare qui per visualizzare i suoi risultati online e qualora non bastasse cliccando qui potrete visualizzare i sui risultati live. Che dire! Praticamente un mostro dei tournaments, quindi non perdetevi la sua intervista e i suoi preziosi consigli.

L’intervista saà a breve tradotta e pubblicata nella sezione Online Players.

– Who is Jonas Klausen (real life)? A/S/L and something about your city, family, school, girls….

Well – First off im a young Danish guy ( 22 (B-day 23/04/1986) ), grown up in a semi little city in Denmark. At the moment I live in one of the bigger cities in Denmark ( Odense ) in really nice 105kvm apartment. I spend most of my time with my girlfriend Lindis who lives close to me, other than that I’m a pretty workout-aholic, I need to do something sporty every day to exist, work out at the Gym, play Squash, Run or some other activity. The rest of the time goes by partying or hanging out with friends. And of course poker is taking a big chunk of time too. My education is on hold for now, but I’m planning to be attending the police academy at some point, when ever poker allows it ☺

– Who is Tulkaz (poker career)? When u began to play, why your nickname, all about your poker story.

Well – I’m a really competitive person, I need to win, so that´s what got my attention first off in poker. I started out playing poker with some friends (2004), and the regular home game which ran once a week, soon became to two and three times a week. Then I started out on the internet, and drove around in Denmark to find poker action. Especially tournaments was my big interest, I had some dream to become one of the worlds best tournament players, so I started out to put in some long long hours of tournament play, playing 1-10$ tournaments in the beginning. Making a nice side portion of money during my time in a Danish form of college. When I finished the “college” thing in 2006, I though to myself that I wanted to give poker a real go, I moved from the smallish town into the bigger with a poker buddy of mine, and soon after that, I made a really nice break though in stars 100$r and the Sunday Million, ( pretty sure I cashed something like 90k first time I cashed big in the million.) Which was like an insane bunch of money for me at that point. I had a good run those months and cashed something like 200k in a couple of months and nobody could shot though me. Then I discovered a sad site about myself, high-stakes cash game. I’ve never really gotten the hang of online cash game, so I lost a bunch of money in the 25/50 and 50/100 No-limit cash. I’ve finally gotten the point lately that the thing I should stick too are SnGs and MTTs ☺ My nick Tulkaz is actually a nick there goes back to my time as a pro Warcraft 3 TFT player, and the name itself goes back from the pre-stories of the Tolkiens the lord of the rings. Where Tulkas was a god of War. ☺ So it sounded nice to me if I could bring that kind of aggression to the table and try and terrorise my opponents ☺

– Tell us your typical routine: wake up at 2 p.m., etc..

My girlfriend wakes me up around 8-9 a clock depending when she has to go to work, then I wake up eat breakfast with her and drive her to work. Usually after that I go home again and sleep some hours, but lately I’ve just been hitting the gym to get a nice start on the day. Then I do some of the housekeeping stuff there has to be done, shopping and stuff like that. Play some playstation or hang out with some friends. Then I usually pick up Lindis at work again and we make some dinner, and then the online tournaments start, and if I feel like it I’m grinding those. When I’m not in the mood I just hang out with my girl ☺

– Your favourite games are? (Hold’em, Omaha, Horse, and you prefer Cash, Hu, Sit, Tournaments etc)

Well – Hold’em and Omaha is the games ive put in the most hands, hold’em in tournaments and Omaha as cash games. ☺ In the live scenario I play all games.

– You have been to EPT Sanremo, tell us your impressions! What do u think about Italian players, from the famous ones (Dario Minieri, Dario Alioto) to the amateurs (be realistic, don’t be kind! lol)?

I’ve logged some hours with Dario Minieri, online as well as live, and he is one of the greatest tournament players, and he’s only gonna get better, I’m pretty sure I haven´t played a lot with Alioto, so its hard for me to say how good he is. To the question about the Italian players, the thing I noticed the most, was the lack of understanding the game: to be a good or average player you need to have a basic understanding about the principles of poker, and a lot of the Italian players I encountered in San Remo, had no clue what so ever. ☺ And that´s as honest as it gets ☺

– Your success comes mostly from online tournaments, in live events you haven’t hit a big score yet, so I guess you’re still adjusting your style. What did you find hardest into adapting to live players and live structures?

Oh well – no I haven´t hit the big one live yet, but haven´t played that many yet ( Even though I find my results live above expectations ) But the biggest reason for this is cold decks and me running insanely bad when its about to get fun. I’ve had some brutal beats in the ending of live tours. It happens online too of course but I’ve played a lot more tournaments there, and its easier to even out the variance. About adapting I have no problem what so ever, actually I find it easier to play live because players on the internet tend to be fearless.

– What’s your playing style: you start a tournament with a LAG or TAG game? How often do you switch gears, and at which stages? Do you think you have a “standard Scandi” style, that has had lots of success, or you are unique in some ways?

Uhh this is a tough question, the only thing I can say is it all depends on the players at the table, but I pretty much start out by playing LAG. ☺ The much unique feature about my game is my ability to read people and adjust to the table ☺

– In-depth hand analysis with Tulkaz:

at the EPT Sanremo there’s been a particular hand between you and Jason Mercier, who later ended up taking the EPT down. Jason pushed all-in on the river (4 clubs on board) and u folded. Could you explain the hand form your point of view (thinking process)? What you had and what do you think Jason had?

Its pretty easy actually. I woke up in the small blind with KThearts against Jason’s Big blind. I limp it too cause I think off myself as a far of better postflop player than what I’ve seen him do at that point. He raises and I call. The flop comes down 10/7/2 with two clubs. I instantly put out a 2/3 pot bet and he calls. The turn is the K of clubs, and once again I fire out with him calling me, the river brings another club, and I put in a smallish block bet, and he instantly moves all-in. I have a pretty easy fold since we where two of the biggest stacks in the tournament by this point. And I know what he had, he had A clubs 7 of diamonds. All in all he played the hand horribly having no idea where he was in the hand, but got lucky in the end, and that’s poker ☺

– Dario’s last hand at the EPT Sanremo has been very much debated on Italian poker websites (cliff notes: 3 players left, Dario opens QQ on the button, Mercier repops from the SB with A4dd and Dario just calls; then on a 2diam low flop Mercier checkraises Dario all-in and catches the flush on the river, sending Dario to the rail); someone says Dario should have pushed preflop, others say that was just a cooler. How would you have played that hand if u were Dario? And if u were Jason?

The hand is totally standard, there’s nothing to do, if Dario is pushing all-in preflop he isn’t getting any value of the hand. Unless he is against a hand like JJ or TT and Jason makes the call. So I like the way Dario plays the hand, how Jason plays the hand is pretty standard too, by making the checkraise all-in he is putting the pressure on Dario instead of letting Dario put the pressure on himself by betting out and getting Dario to shove. So pretty standard. Not much to do ☺

– Do you agree that wearing a scarf in a live event highly increases your EV?

Well for some players it actually does bring some +EV, players which tend to be very nervous or haven´t played a lot of live poker, it can hide some tells for sure ☺

– Please tell us some common beginners’ mistakes in tournaments, that you think are most exploited by pros, and how you learnt to overcome them in your career.

Uhh, there´s a lot. The most common beginner mistake is to play an EPT ☺ WPT or a WSOP. That being said playing borderline hands out of position(even in position) against a better player is one of the worst things you can do to you self. You are just gonna be outplayed way to often to have a +EV there. Another thing beginning players tend to do is building up big pots they can´t control, with a too marginal hand. Other than that its pretty hard to point out mistakes, since beginning players miss a lot of the basic poker skills, and are making mistakes by the bunch in almost every hand they play. ☺

– Please give our members (most play low-stakes MTT) some simple strategic advice for the main different tournament stages:

First of all, only play when you are in the mood and have time for a long tournament session, otherwise you are gonna be making bad decisions and trying to dump off your chips in lame situations.

1. 1st hour (or first 3 hours live); use all your attention on the table, turn off the TV and concentrate, put on some good music and enjoy the game, take notes of how people play, so you can exploit that later on. Otherwise as an inexperienced player you should be playing standard TAG, and hope the cards are with you ☺

In live tournaments my general rule is just to survive the first and second, generally I only look for one or two unique spots to put in my money.

2. Middle-stage, generally low average M; Its pretty much the same, online you are gonna try and accumulate some chips now so you have some ammo for the bubble play.

3. Bubble, and how to exploit scared players; Put the pressure on your opponent as often as you can, open in position against the blinds, and don´t be afraid of protecting your blinds with your whole stack. Sometimes its just what it takes.

4. ITM, when everyone is ready to gamble; TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT! NO MOVES AT ALL! But actually that’s wrong again, cause its all about the table. But your play shouldn’t change too much. Try and get your stack moving steady up instead of steady down.

5. Final Table, where the real money is. Again its poker, usually it really depends on your stack. And where the aggressive players are sitting. Top 3 is always the goal on a final table, and from there on its winning there counts ☺

– You have strong reading abilities, both live and online. What’s your secret? Paying attention to betting patterns, or physical tells, or something else?

I don’t know if I have a secret, but I have always found myself in a great shape when it comes to judging people and “see through” them. I have no idea where I got this “skill”. I combine this with both my analysis of the hand and the physical tells, and usually it gives a good outcome ☺

– Which has been your worst downswing, since you started playing poker?

It’s hard to pinpoint one particular downswing, I’ve had a couple where I’ve lost a couple hundred thousands.

– Which online player you never want on your left? And who’s your favourite all-around poker player, both live and online?

Well for some weird reason I can´t play poker when Sorel (Mizzi, ndr) is at my table, I have no idea why but the guy just freaks me out ☺ Other than that Daniel N was my biggest fear live, but after playing with him in the EPT CPH and EPT San Remo, I have the feeling that I can play with pretty much anyone live, I didn’t outplay him or anything, but sitting at the table with your poker “idol” and not getting outplayed, is something there is boosting your confidence ☺

– Now down to serious stuff: who’s your favourite poker babe and why? Please care to explain

Uhh pokerbabe. Hmm that´s a tough one. I don’t have one actually. I don´t know that many. But Shannon Elisabeth isn´t a bad bet ☺ Only looking at the poker skills, Jennifer Herman is without a doubt the greatest female player followed up by Annette.

– Last question: now you’re one of the best young talented online MTT players (like Annette, Westmenlo, Sorel, Timex, Jeff, Dario, etc… ), but where will you be in 5 years from now? Do you foresee yourself in Vegas winning WSOP bracelets or you have other plans for the future?

As said before, I kind of plan on being a police officer. But I definitely wanna give myself the chance to win a bracelet an EPT title and a WPT title. When that´s done I can sleep firmly again ☺


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